Sunday, 27 October 2013

Fall Crown Tournament 2008

By Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton

Fall Crown was hosted by the Canton of Greyfells at what is now becoming a traditional event site, the Rideau Acres Campground.  The torrential rain forced the tourney indoors and somewhat restricted the size of the list field and the use of mass weapons forms, but the fighting was still of high quality and intriguing to watch. 

Several Septentrians distinguished themselves in the Tourney. Lord Quilliam, fighting in his first Crown, advanced far into the lists and just missed the final four, defeating Duke Edouard Beausoliel along the way.  Sir Siegfried is now a familiar sight in the final rounds;  he,  too, advanced to the final four. He was defeated by Sir Nigel, who then defeated Count Edward the Red to reach the finals against Duke Roak, who had gone undefeated.   The finals featured some of the most stylish fighting yet seen in a Crown final, with Sir Nigel at times appearing to have stepped out of a period fighting treatise.  A bout with six-foot spears was fought with a pair of weapons that had been finished to look nearly like the real thing.

In the end, Duke Roak, fighting for Countess Jocea, overcame Sir Nigel in an intense final, and thus became the new Prince of Ealdormere. Word has it that a creative Coronation ceremony is in the works for next April.

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