Sunday, 27 October 2013

Cloth of Gold 2010

By Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton
Cloth of Gold this year moved into larger quarters at the Blue Springs Scout Camp (home of several past Melees, FOOL, and Crown Tourneys), but was once again hosted by Eoforwic. Six teams entered this year including four with Septentrian representation:  A large Eoforwic team, the “DARC Side” team which was partially Septentrian, and the two one-person teams of Master Martin and THL Liadin.  This year there were several additional activities happening on Saturday as the teams finished up their entries, including an unbelt practice (which went ahead despite snow flurries) and the vigil and elevation of Mistress Keja to the Order of the Laurel.
The organizers declared two first place winners:  Eoforwic in the Advanced category for their Mary of Hapsburg gown, and Anneke’s team (Ramshaven #2) for their Finnish ensemble. Ramshaven #1’s Byzantine clothing was recognized as second place overall.  THL Liadin’s Norse ensemble was chosen as the Autocrats’ choice, and Master Martin’s Norse child’s clothing (and Liam, its incredibly cute model) as the contestants’ choice. 

Court was then held in which Orlaith and Iosef from Eoforwic both received AoAs and Anneke the Furious (one of the autocrats) her Maiden’s Heart.  Keja’s elevation took place in Russian style, with a procession including an icon, incense, a bell, and a banner.  She was accompanied by members of her family supporting her on each side.  As she made her oath, the bell rang with each promise, and she then swore a Russian fealty oath.  The elevation concluded with the reading of the scroll, worded based on period documents and wonderfully calligraphed and illuminated by THL Berend. 

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