Sunday, 27 October 2013

Fall Coronation 2010

By Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton
The canton of Petrea Thule hosted Coronation on a blustery late September Saturday at a new site in Lindsey.   Many gentles from around Ealdormere turned out to see Quilliam and Dagmar step down and the reign of TRM Etain and Valfreya begin, as well as the knighting ceremony of THL Baldric.  Their Majesties Quilliam and Dagmar began their last court by restating the addition to the Scroll of Honour for the youth combatants who represented Ealdormere at Pennsic.  Lady Rosalind Pax, who was not in attendance, was also added to the scroll of honour and gifted with a map on a hide of leather so that she might make her way back to Ealdormere.  An Award of Arms was given to Avelyn, a Scarlet Banner to Lord Bleddyn, and a Maiden’s Heart to Master Corwyn.  
At that point, the Order of the Chivalry was summoned to Court, and Earl Syr David restated the boon for his Squire Baldric. Baldric himself came into Court, led by his young sons and accompanied by his lady wife, to the sounds of “Born on the Listfield” (led by his squire brother Baron Cynred).  Many speakers spoke on his behalf, several noting his relationship with Baroness Fiona and how proud she would be on this day.  Earl Syr David held the sword with King Quilliam to dub Baldric a knight, and then his scroll—to the tune of “Born on the Listfield”, and beautifully limned by Baroness Rachael— was sung by Master Hector.
Queen Dagmar then bestowed her favour, a quill with runic inscriptions, on THL Liadin for her many skills; and King Quilliam likewise bestowed his favour on Countess Domhnail.  Their Majesties thanked many people, including the scribes of Ealdormere; Lady Ceridwyn, Duchess Rustique, and Lady Jocelyn (for their administrative/entourage help), Lord Thorolfr and Lord Grom for their heraldic assistance; and then finally released their Champions, THL Varenko and Berus Iarl.  
Finally the time came for Quilliam and Dagmar to depart in search of places to burn, things to pillage. As they did not wish to leave Ealdormere unprotected, they called forth Prince Etain and Princess Valfreya, who processed in together.   Quilliam was thus able to crown his “son” Etain, and then Dagmar presented the Queen’s crown to the new King, who crowned Queen Valfreya.
The day was full of fellowship and fun, including rapier and armoured tourneys, a largesse competition, and lots of good food. 

Evening court saw the recognition of County status for Quilliam and Dagmar.  Their scrolls were wrought in leather by Master Tarketai and Lady Lyda provided the text in Old Norse, which she read out in Court.  A few leftover fealties were taken care of (oathbreaking with the wrath of a thousand avenging angels), as well as some other pieces of business. Most noteworthy were the appointment of THL Bjarn as King’s Champion and Duke Aaron as Queen’s Champion.  As Sir Baldric is no longer qualified to head the Unbelt team, he passed those duties on to Baron Tiberius.   In all, an auspicious start to a new reign!

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