Wednesday 30 October 2013

Our Homeland, Beloved Ealdormere: What's the Wolf Got to do With Any of This?

What's the Wolf Got to do With Any of This?

It was during the times of the Proscription of Ealdorrnere, that the Wolf became firmly associated with the "E-Word". It is the recollection of this author that it was Master Sylard of Eagleshaven who first suggested the usage of a wolf's head to represent the area. Norse and Anglo-Saxon legends abound of men called "wolf's-heads", who were outlaws and folk heroes. Similarly, it seemed appropriate since the wolf is a native creature to Ealdorrnere, to embrace the wolf as a totem of the "Geographic Construct".

Once Ealdormere was recognized as a Crown Principality, many of the populace did not remember the times of the Proscription, and would ask about the meaning of the wolf's head. Baron Torbin of Amberhall was quoted as saying "the wolf is an ancient, honourable, and well- beloved symbol of Ealdorrnere, and is a protected species within our boundaries. The wolf has no official status in Ealdorrnere." (Quotation from 3rd Ealdorrnere Council Minutes, 1989.02.05, Nova Trinovantia)

The first use of the wolf's head as an official badge for Ealdorrnere, was at the Pennsic War of August, A.S. XXII, during the period of CROWN Principality. From the 3rd Ealdormere Council minutes:

Katrina (du Turenne, then Seneschale of the Crown Principality): asked for discussion of the use of Ealdorrnere markings at War. It was agreed that it would be a good idea to visibly promote the Ealdorrnere identity, especially at War.

Torbin (of Amberhall) suggested that baldrics should be used to show whatever symbol is used. This was generally agreed to. Aedan (na Kincorra) stated that we need a badge, albeit an unofficial one, and encourage people to wear it in some form. Ricard (of Sabletree) suggested the venerable wolf's head.

 So it is to this day that the Wolf is the symbol of Ealdormere as the Dragon represents the Midrealm, and the Falcon, Calontir.

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