Sunday, 27 October 2013

Spring Coronation 2009

By Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton

Coronation took place in Ben Dunfirth on April 25. The entire event was put together on short notice, but other than  a lack of indoor fighting space, the site was quite pleasant and made more so by the presence of a balcony.

Etian and Valfreya ended their reign with grace, hugs, and a few tears, making way for the coronation of Roak and Jocea.  Wearing Irish-style clothing, their Majesties were crowned in the hall, amongst the people, and received their fealties while standing on a large “rock” brought in for the purpose.

Senex Crepitus ran a lunch counter with especially tasty food, as well as a fundraising raffle.  Several new members went “under the yoke” and were presented with their Roman military tunics as a token of their status.

One other Septentrian highlight was the squiring of Baroness Dagmar Halvdan to Sir Wat of Sarum. (A photo can be found elsewhere in this issue).

During evening Court, Baron Brand stepped down from the office of Trillium Herald just in time to be appointed Queen’s Champion.  Magistra Nicolaa stepped up as Trillium Herald. As his last piece of business, Baron Brand promoted THL Cainder and Lady Liadin to full-status Heralds in token of their long service to the College of Heralds. 

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