Sunday, 27 October 2013

Spring Coronation 2008

By Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton

The coronation of TRM Aaron and Rustique took place on a late April day with storms threatening—but never actually materializing—for most of the day.  After King Trumbrand and Queen Kaylah left the thrones (having gifted THL Naga with a favour “or small orang-utan,” among other parting awards), Aaron appeared in Roman clothing, setting the theme for the reign. Having taken the crown, he then crowned Rustique, dressed in Persion clothing, as his Queen. 

The day saw several tourneys to determine King’s Champions, all of which were won by Septentrians. On the rapier lists, THL Gareth triumphed, and in thrown weapons, THL Daniel of Whitby won the day.  On the archery field, Baron Percival and Magistra Nicolaa ended the tourney in a tie. It was determined that Magistra Nicolaa would become the champion, as HE Percival has other duties guarding the King’s lands already.  However, a shootoff was held at a devilishly evil smiley face, which Baron Percival won after Magistra Nicolaa shot one arrow that was missing a tip . (ed.  That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.)

Besides the appointment of the three champions determined by tourney, King Aaron appointed Kellen as his armoured combat champion and Queen Rustique appointed Baron Cynred as her armoured combat champion.  THL Eirik was added to the Scroll of Honour for his work on the Ealdormere website.  After the Canton of Monadh presented the Kingdom with new gates for the Ealdormere encampment at Pennsic, the Queen challenged all cantons, households, and groups to help beautify Ealdormere.

It was also announced that Ealdormere will be fighting with the Middle Kingdom this year at Pennsic, and to that end Sir Evander was appointed as War General. Queen Rustique requested that once again a Sea of Red appear on the field, with all fighters wearing the Trillium of Ealdormere.

A subtlety competition also took place at the event, which attracted several enthusiastic entries.  It was won by Lady Medb ingen Dungaile.

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