Sunday 27 October 2013

Volley of Arrows 2008

By Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton

The Canton of Vest Yorvik hosted what will hopefully be the first of many events at the Archers of Caledon site. As the name suggests, the site is dedicated archery club featuring multiple ranges, including a huge Olympic-length range and two woods ranges. Archery marshal Lord Michael of Brentwood also brought along some additional butts and Percival’s pendulum to tempt shooters.  The only complaint about the site was that the club bans all crossbows, which meant that shooters who had only brought a crossbow were restricted to Lord Michael’s range.

The size of the site and the multiple ranges allowed one group to shoot an IKAC on the Olympic butts while teaching and shorter shoots took place on the other range. A small but dedicated group of fighters also turned out to spar;  even though this was an archery-focused event there was plenty of room for other activities.  Inside, the Bow Shop had set up a booth and was doing a brisk business selling archery supplies.  They also donated a bow and other equipment to Vest Yorvik for a raffle.

The highlight of the day for most was the chance to shoot the 3D range.  Thirty full-sized 3D animal targets were placed throughout the woods in a variety of challenging scenarios, including a panther on a tree log and a bear that had knocked over a garbage can.  The range and the targets themselves were beautifully maintained and very challenging, but hugely entertaining.  The woods shoot was won by _____

A second IKAC was arranged later in the day in order to provide more scores for Ealdormere in this yearly competition.  The overall IKAC was won by THL Dafydd ap Sion, with Lord Gunther Wahlstadt finishing second and Lord Brendan in third.

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