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War of the Trillium IV 2008

By Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton

This year’s War of the Trillium had a timely theme:  Ealdormere’s first-ever Olympic Games.  A variety of competitions were held in all of the martial arts and in the arts and sciences, with incredibly spiffy gold, silver, and bronze medals going to the victors.  Each Barony was asked to provide a “national anthem” that could be played while the baronial banner of the gold medal winners was raised.  Septentria opted for her traditional battle song (written by Mistress Rhiannon).  The anthem was heard many times, as Septentria triumphed in the overall competition.  The complete list of scores and medal winners follows this report.

A short Baronial Court was held before TRM Rustique and Aaron held their court.  Baron Percival and Baroness Christiana first recognized the cooperation between the Baronies in the armoured combat melees that had taken place earlier in the day which had ensured that all the baronies could field teams. The next order of business was to formally invest Lord Bjarn Thorolfsson with his tabard as Baronial Warlord at Pennsic this year.  Finally, Eoforwic presented 150 Septentrian bear badges to Their Excellencies in payment of the “extra” tax revolt taxes.

In Kingdom Court, Eoforwic presented 50 Trillium tabards  in response to Queen Rustique’s Ealdormere beautification challenge.  Lord Michael of Brentwood was commended by the Chirurgeonate for his emergency services.  Mistress Keja presented rings to Baroness Cennedl and THL Jhone of Woodcote for their inspiration.  Master Gaerred, at his last Ealdormerian event, presented the profits from the Raven Pub at Crown Tourney, as well as a collection of CDs by Marian and Hector, all to benefit the travel fund.

Many Septentrians were recognized with awards in Court. Lady Marasali and Lady Tarian both received Maiden’s Hearts, as did former Septentrian Lord Wulfgang Donnerfaust.  Lady Anneke the Furious was given the Orion for her embroidery work while Lord Grom of Eoforwic was given the Scarlet Banner for his skill in thrown weapons. Also receiving a Scarlet Banner, for his skill and enthusiasm in promoting archery, was Lord Michael of Brentwood.  Finally, Lady Medb ingen Dungaile was made a Companion of the Order of the Crucible for her many skills, including research, cookery, sprang, needlework, and beadwork.

Sunday saw the semi-annual Kingdom Moot take place.  There was a great deal of discussion around awards for children in Ealdormere and whether or not more were needed. There were a wide variety of opinions on all sides of the issue, but consensus was reached that encouraging Ealdormere’s young people to form a council and discuss what they would like to see would be an excellent next step.  The second major topic was around whether or not there should be authorizations for archery.  The archery marshals attending were of the opinion that these were not needed as they control the line and are responsible for shooters.  The topic of award recommendations was also raised, partially as a result of the discussion on children’s awards. 

Several who had sat the thrones previously or who were currently reigning emphasized that they do not get enough award recommendations and that anyone can recommend anyone for any award, including Peerages.

Baronial Scores

Septentria                             53
Ben Dun­rth                           34
Skraeling Althing                  20
Rising Waters                        18
Ramshaven                            17
Shires                                     10

Categories and Medal Winners

Gold - Nicolaa - Septentria
Silver - Baudoin - Ben Dun­rth
Bronze - Roak - Ben Dun­rth


Torchlight Tournament
Gold - Baldric - Skraeling Althing
Silver - Sir Evander - Shires
Bronze - Sir Nigel - Septentria

Newbie Tournament
Gold - Quilliam - Septentria
Silver - Adelle - Rising Waters
Bronze - Algar - Rising Waters

Gold - Wat of Sarum - Septentria

Silver - Tarquin - Ben Dunfrith
Bronze - Baldric - Skraeling Althing

Bridge Battle
Gold - Skraeling Althing
Silver - Shires
Bronze - Septentria

Melee 3 Man
Gold - Team Berus - Septentria
Silver - Team Ard Chreag - Septentria
Bronze - Team Roak - Ben Dun­rth

Melee 6 Man
Gold - Team Ramshaven
Silver - Team Septentria
Bronze - Team Rising Waters

Melee 9 Man
Gold - Hrogn - Septentria
Silver - Rising Waters
Bronze - Team Roak - Ben Dun­rth

Martial Pentathalon
Gold - Roak
Silver - Naga


Gold - Giovanni d'Ezinas - Skraeling Althing
Silver - Albrecht Stampfer - Ramshaven
Bronze - Baudoin - Ben Dun­rth

Gold - Rising Waters
Silver - Ramshaven
Bronze - Ben Dunfrith

Thrown Weapons

Gold - Septentria
Silver - Ben Dunfrith
Bronze - Ramshaven

Gold - Caitriona - Septentria
Silver - Daniel of Whitby - Septentria
Bronze - HRM Sir Aaron - Ealdormere
Gold - Raithe - Rising Waters
Silver - Nicolaa - Septentria
Bronze - Brendon Huntersea - Septentria

Gold - Septentria
Silver - Ben Dun­rth
Bronze - Rising Waters

Youth Combat

Dev 1
Gold - Gareth - Rising Waters
Silver - Miranda - Septentria

Dev 2
Gold - Ellie - Shires
Silver - Simeon - Rising Waters

Dev 3
Gold - Athena - Shires
Silver - Ivor - Skraeling Althing
Bronze - Anwyn - Septentria

Arts and Sciences

Studio Crafts
Gold - Nicolaa - Septentria
Silver - Nicolaa - Septentria
Bronze - Marion - Ben Dun­rth

Technical Sciences
Gold - Marion - Ben Dun­rth
Silver - Whithe - Skraeling Althing
Bronze - Godfredy - Ben Dun­rth

Domestic Sciences
Gold - Baudoin - Ben Dun­rth
Silver - Eliened - Skraeling Althing
Bronze - Aelfgyva - Ramshaven

Gold - Nicolaa - Septentria
Silver - Baudoin - Ben Dun­rth
Bronze - Aelfgyva - Ramshaven

Performance Arts
Gold - Nicolaa/Tsivia
Silver - Aelfgyva - Ramshaven
Bronze - Mary Hannah - Septentria

Ulrich von den See
Mead Competition
Gold - Baudoin - Ben Dun­rth
Silver - Marion - Ben Dun­rth
Bronze - Murt - Skraeling Althing

A&S Pentathalon
Gold - Nicolaa - Septentria
Silver - Baudoin - Ben Dun­rth

Bronze - Marion - Ben Dun­rth

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