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Our Homeland, Beloved Ealdormere: Fascinating Facts and Firsts

Fascinating Facts and Firsts

The first feast ever held in Ealdorrnere was hosted by Eoforwic at the International Student Centre of the University of Toronto on Friday, February 6, A.S. X.

The geography which is now Ealdormere was originally encompassed by the Barony of Septentria (with the northern portions given by King Finnvarr de Taahe to a Viking mercenary, Sylard of Eagleshaven).

The first Canton of Ealdorrnere which never existed independently as a shire, was Skraeling Althing (specifically, Caldrithig).

During the period of the Proscription, references were made to 'The Two Baronies and the Shire'. These were the Baronies of Septentria and Skraeling Althing, with the shire being Noergate I (Sault Ste. Marie).

The first Barony founded within the Principality was Rising Waters, in A.S. XXIII.

First Peers: Duke Finnvarr de Taahe, who arrived in Ealdormere as a Count (having sat the Eastern Throne with Caellyn FitzHugh), was Ealdormere's first Knight. Technically Gillian d'Uriel was the first Laurel from Ealdorrnere (Septentria), but she had earned her Laurel primarily in Northwoods Barony, and is no longer resident in Ealdormere.

The first home-grown Peers were:
~ First Knight: Hugo von Feuerklippe
~ First Laurel: Caitlin Stuart
~ First Pelican: Finnvarr de Taahe

First woman to fight in Ealdorrnere: Baroness ]ehanne l'Enragee, of Eoforwic (now living in Ruantallon) .

First female to be knighted in Ealdormere: Syr Elizabeth Mortimer, Viscountess by right of arms.

The first region of the Middle Kingdom to go from Principality to Kingdom was Calontir. Their  animal is the stooping falcon (about to strike). Their colours are Or and Purpure, and their Kingdom Arms feature the Calon Cross as its major charge.

In the spring of A.S. XIX the region mundanely known as the Province of Ontario took Ealdormere as its name. Ealdormere no longer includes the territory encompassing Starleaf Gate, (W. Essex county including Windsor, Ontario), Hawk's Point (E. Essex county), or the region I around Mare Amethystinium (Thunder Bay, Ontario).

In July A.S. XX the first Champion's Tourney of Ealdorrnere was fought during Eoforwic's Decennial. Approximately twenty fighters took the field, including the ladies Ciara and Seam Dracwyn, the only two women to fight in the tournament. That evening during court, Baron Aedan with Baronesses Caffa, Enid Aurelia, and Founding Baroness of Septentria Gillian, invested Yog the Undefeated and Hannorah O'Neill as Champion and Consort of Ealdormere.

 First Award of Ealdormere:

The first award given in Ealdormere was a REGIONAL award, which holds no precedence. It was the Wolfs-head Ring, fashioned out of copper and pewter by Master Sylard of Eagleshaven, O.L. Approximately a dozen of these were given out to worthies.

The first Prince and Princess of the Crown Principality were their Midrealm Majesties Corwin and Shana. The first Prince and Princess by RIGHT OF ARMS were David and Tangwystl.

The first Harper to hold a Court position in Ealdorrnere was Master Naon na Cruiture, O.L., as Harper to both the Baronies of Septentria and Skraeling Althing, The position in Septentria was subsequently filled by Mistress Rhiannon of Wye, O.L.

The first Bard to the Court of Ealdormere was Hector of the Black Height, O.L., O.P., serving David and Tangwystl.

Founding Groups: Ealdorrnere became a Crown Principality with ten branches. In Barony Skraeling Althing: Skraeling Althing (now Caldrithig), and Greyfells (then incipient). In Barony Septentria: Ben Dunfirth, Eoforwic, Rising Waters, Trinovantia, del' Welfengau, Vest Yorvik, Petrea Thule (then incipient), and the incipient shire of Noergate.

OOPS Department

The Collars of Ealdorrnere, worn during Principality days by the Prince's and Princess's Champions, were fashioned by Mistress Mortraeth Llanelli Colwyn with some aid from Master Sylard of Eagleshaven, for the Regional Champion and Consort positions. The Consort's Collar went mysteriously missing before the reign of HSH Kaellyn, and was missing for approximately five full years. Apparently the collar was WALLED into a house during some renovations, and not seen again until further renovations were done years later! How's that for I amazing Ealdormere facts? (Source: Visakona Ragnheithr Thorjarnardottir, Baroness Ramshaven)

Words to Inspire

The text etched onto the Champions' collars of Ealdormere was written by Master Hector of the I Black Height, O.L., O.P., and reads as follows:

Look to the Northlands and follow their wandering,
Past forest and glen to the lakes big as seas.
Deride them or curse them, it makes little matter,
For wolves there remain and those wolves remain free.

Seeing Double

The Barony of Ramshaven, due to bureaucratic and timing difficulties, found itself with TWO sets of landed Barons and Baronesses for approximately two months! Founding Baron and Baroness Cordigan and Diane d'Arnot stepped down in October, but second Baron and Baroness Vali and Ragnheithr were invested as Baron and Baroness two months earlier.

Secrets of Ealdormere

During the time of the Proscription, the (then) non-Laurels of Ealdormere took it upon themselves to make various new pieces of Royal Regalia for the Middle Kingdom. However, if one examines each piece closely (e.g. the Sceptre, the Crowns, etc.) under linings and under fittings, I one will find a tiny wolf's- head etched, often with "Made in Ealdormere" inscribed next to it.

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