Sunday, 27 October 2013

Kingdom Arts and Sciences Faire 2009

By Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton

Septentria was well-represented at the Kingdom A&S fair. Lady Catherine Redewell from Eoforwic was a Pentathlon entrant.  Just a few of the highlights:  Lady Anne of Saffron Walden displayed a liturgical cloth woven from flax grown in a church garden, then processed and handspun. THL Liadin had a wonderful display of scribal resources and examples.  THL Medb, the outgoing Pent champion, displayed sugarpaste playing cards.  Lady Lucrece de Montsoreau displayed a comprehensive project on horned headdresses, including two completed hats.

The Ealdormere Academy of Defense also hosted the playing of four Provost prizes.  New preceptor Lady Jocelyn organized the event and invited Don Giovanni from Trimaris to visit and help give those playing their prizes a little good competition (as this was the first group to attempt the Provost prize, and part of the rules involves fighting others who already hold the rank).  Don Giovanni also presented a German longsword class to both rapier and armoured fighters before the tourney began.  Septentria’s THL Gareth Campbell was successful in playing his Provost prize and invested with a scarf making him one of Ealdormere’s first three Provosts in the Ealdormere Academy of Defense.

The victor in the Pentathlon was Lady Alais de Poitiers from Skraeling Althing. Lady Rilla then handed the reins of the A&S office over to Mistress Keja—who was then surprised by being placed on vigil by Their Majesties for the Order of the Laurel for her research into Romany culture.  Her elevation will take place at a future event still to be determined.

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