Sunday, 27 October 2013

War of the Trillium 2010

By Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton
For the second time, War of the Trillium featured an Olympics competition, complete with gold, silver, and bronze medals for the winners.  A wide variety of competitions took place in armoured and rapier combat, archery, thrown weapons, and the arts and sciences.  This year the weather was outstanding for the entire event.
Several pieces of business were transacted in Septentrian Court.  First, Lord Thorolfr inn Smithr stepped down as Baronial A&S minister and his replacement, Lady Mahhild de Valognes, officially began her term. Lord William of Otterton (aka Griffin), the Baronial Pursuivant, passed on his tabard to Lady Bethoc.  As he had promised at Pikeman’s, he then took up the sword as Their Excellencies’ Rapier Champion.  Finally, the White Bear Fian was called forward.  His Excellency Percival pointed out that there had been no challenges since Lord Rattanicus’ successful challenge some time ago, and that since a challenger was needed he would step forward to challenge into the Fian.  The date and location of the challenge has not yet been set, but the challenge received a hearty cheer from the crowd.

The weekend concluded with a toga party, where Senex Crepitus set up the altar of Jupiter Optimus Maximus for various initiation rituals involving flaming Sambuco. For those not inclined towards burning alcohol, the podium from the Olympics was set alight in the field outside the pavilion and many gathered around it to hear stories and tales. 

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