Sunday 27 October 2013

Fall Coronation 2009

By Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton

Their Graces Roak and Jocea completed their reign and Their Majesties Nigel and Adrielle began theirs on a sunny, warm day in late September.  The final court of Roak and Jocea included the awarding of a Maiden’s Heart to Michael of Brentwood, the naming of many scribes to the Scroll of Honour for their work during the reign, and the elevation of Odette de St. Remy to the Order of the Laurel.  They then departed, leaving the Crowns on the thrones.  After Berus Jarl and Count Etian called the Chivalry forward to protect the thrones until an Heir stepped forward, Sir Nigel came forward to claim the throne, reciting his lineage.  After his right to reign was confirmed, he heard the duties of a King and took up the Crown. Her Majesty Adrielle was crowned by her King after hearing her own duties. Their Majesties then swore an oath based on a Coronation oath of Edward II and gave their fealty to the Kingdom.  Each of the Peerage orders invested Their Majesties with one of the symbols of power—the Chivalry with the Sword, the Laurels with the Sceptre, and the Pelicans with Cloaks—when they came forward to swear their fealties.  Count Etian was also offered, and accepted, the position of Queen’s Champion after the Chivalry had sworn their fealty.  The court then continued with the fealties of territorial barons, Royal peers and great officers of state before closing until evening;  the populace was instructed to think about the meaning of the oath before coming forward later that day.

A Pas d’Armes then took place at a crossroads on the site, near where Their Majesties had pitched a tent with a viewing gallery.  His Majesty held the field with his company of tenans (who ranged in age and experience from Duke Eliahu to Lord Bleddyn) accepting challenges from those present. Particularly notable were the two Dukes from Drachenwald in their finery.  The event was marked by visitors from the Middle and other kingdoms near and far, as Their Majesties are well-travelled.  During a break in the fighting, His Majesty Nigel offered Baron Tiberius the position of King’s Champion, and he accepted. Nearby, an enthusiastic rapier list was also enjoying the fine day.

The feast was particularly remarkable.  Prepared by Baron Oakhammer and Baroness Aibhilin and their household and friends, every dish was cooked from period recipes—and every dish was tasty and served at an appropriate temperature in a timely manner. Only the fried Mars bars offered to Head Table diverged from this devotion to authenticity.

A second court was held in the evening.  Duchess Genevieve stepped down as Kingdom Seneschal, her replacement being Baron Corwyn.  Mistress AElfwyn also stepped down as Earl Marshal and Count Edward the Red assumed her duties. Their Majesties also accepted the fealties of the populace, presenting those who had sworn with rings to mark their status. Next, a writ was read bestowing the King’s and Queen’s Favours on the Kingdom of Calontir, who had pledged their troops directly to Their Majesties Nigel and Adrielle at Pennsic (before they had stepped up). The writ was also read out in Calontir court the same day by Lord Rhodri, who visited Ealdromere this past summer. Their Majesties also recognized the petition to retain Ealdormere citizenship by Mistress Eleanor Fairchild, who was attending the event, and Master Gaerred, who could not be there.  

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