Thursday, 24 October 2013

The Line of the North Renewed (Coronation of Quilliam and Dagmar, 2010)

By Lady Thora Volundsdottir

This was my first Coronation event and I had a blast. The ceremony for the stepping down of King Nigel and Queen Adrielle was phenomenal. Their final court was exciting with many awards given out in recognition of great deeds having been done with too many to place all here (please see the Kingdom of Ealdor mere website for the correct list). Some truly exceptional gifts were given to the kingdom: Special note on the contribution by Swans Keep. And a wonderful surprise for Baroness Rozalynd of Thornabee on Tees, who was placed on vigil for her Laurel. The truly heartfelt speeches from both our King and Queen brought tears to my eyes and made my heart soar to see such chivalry being dis played. Days like this are why I love playing this game. The ceremony for our new King and Queen was both outstanding and fun. A sense of being at court in the tenth century was felt as our Highness, Prince Quilliam walked into court and laid claim to the throne that is rightfully his. There were many people who stood for our new King and Queen, giving true testament of their loyalty, honesty, bravery and ability to serve their people. As our new monarchs took their rightful places there was much rejoicing by the populace. The weather held out for a great day of outdoor fun for the armoured combatants, the boffer fighters and the fencers. Many enjoyed the warm weather and took time outside to welcome in the spring. Having so many fighters out was inspiring to see. The day went by so quickly too. Before we knew it, it was time for evening court. Our new Royal Majesties sat at their first court; giving credit where credit was due to both the young and not so young. A special surprise was given by the “Super Secret (Queen) Dagmar Fan Club”: a monetary donation to the Kingdom travel fund, received with a smile by Her Royal Majesty. The day was one of great fun had by all and a day I shall always remember.

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