Sunday 27 October 2013

Septentrian-Skraeling Althing Twelfth Night 2009

 By Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton

The border shire of Bastille du Lac hosted a combined Twelfth Night for both Septentria and Skraeling Althing on  January 10.  This meant twice the number of foolish Royalty and  twice the amount of foolish fun.  Septentria offered Their Piscine Majesties Streonwold and Tarian, adorned with sushi coronets and other fishy accoutrements.   The day featured lots of games, including the traditional games of Twister and Tablero (both prominently featuring Baroness Adrielle) as well as “toss the Baron” and guessing games involving gummy bears.

Their Excellencies Septentria interrupted the foolish fun to hold their traditional Twelfth Night Court and collect taxes. This year’s taxes were each canton’s arms for inclusion in a kneeling pillow.  Both Eoforwic and Swan’s Keep had paid early at previous events.  After all remaining cantons (with the exception of Skeldergate) had paid their taxes, Vest Yorvik showed off one of the woven pieces that would become the kneeling pillow.  Wool for the pillow was processed from raw fleece, spun,  hand-dyed a brilliant red, and handwoven by members of the canton.

Their Excellencies also announced this year’s taxes:  Each canton is to provide an armoured fighter for the Baron’s personal guard at Pennsic.  Baron Cynred (for Monadh) and THL Seonag and Lord Streonwold (for Caer Draeth) immediately volunteered as their cantons’ representatives.

The final piece of business was the gifting of the Quaich of Artio, as is traditional at Twelfth Night. Their Excellencies called forward Lord Bjarn Thorolfsson, who had borne the Quaich during the past year, and then announced the Quaich would be carried this year by THL Dafydd ap Sion.  Lord Bjarn filled the Quaich with the new bearer’s drink of choice—Coke—and passed it to him. As stated in their letter this month, their Excellencies remind all Septentrians to keep the Quaich filled and allow the hospitality to be shared throughout the Barony.

Later that evening, the event was enlivened with an appearance by Black Peter, a Skraeling tradition. Black Peter had received letters from various people indicating who had done wrong and should be duly punished.  Much merriment ensued; the photos show how Baron Brand was punished for not displaying the symbols of his rank.

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