Sunday 27 October 2013

Winter War 2008

 By Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton

Melee season officially opened with Winter War on March 1, held this year at a new site in St. Thomas that offered multiple rooms for various activities and the ever-popular hot showers.  Lots of good, clean fighting was observed as fighters knocked the rust off their melee armour. Rapier combatants also enjoyed a full day of combat, this time in a room that also featured the bar.  
Winter War has gained a reputation as a golden opportunity for the upcoming War Kings of the East and/or Middle to come to Ealdormere in search of allies.  This year both TRH of the East, Konrad and Brenwen, and TRH of the Middle, Lars and Tessa, were in attendance, and there was much exchanging of gifts.
A gathering of archers and thrown weapons participants was held in an effort to lay the ground work for a Kingdom Corps of missile weapon enthusiasts. Discussion included ideas on ranking systems, skill sets to be included in a ranking system and possible names and other details. More meetings and discussions will follow. A Yahoo group for archers (ealdormerearchery) has been created and is open for all to join.

Several pieces of business of note were conducted during Court.  First, the shires of Flaming Sky and Noergate were formally dissolved and their citizens incorporated into the Shire of Brennistein Vatn, the culmination of the “Ubershire” project to bring all Northern shires under one single banner.  Another high note was the naming of THLord Wat of Sarum as the captain of the Unbelt team for Pennsic.  Two Peers were made, as Rachael Catherine McLellan was added to the Order of the Laurel and Nadrah bint Valizan al-Garnitiyya was elevated to the order of the Pelican.  Both sat their vigils during the day.

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