Sunday, 27 October 2013

Snowed Inn 2008

 By Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton

Snowed Inn this year nearly didn’t happen. Septentrian Twelfth Night occurred in its usual time and place.  However, the Cantons of Petra Thule and Ardchreag, along with the Shire of Bastia du Lac, banded together to make the event happen at a new site in Cobourg.

The event was an intimate affair highlighted by the fundraising efforts of THL Baldric.  As some may have heard during Court at Winter War, Baldric has volunteered to be Ealdormere’s fundraising coordinator to raise funds to sponsor Sir Brand from An Tir in a race to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS).  If $5000 is raised, the SCA becomes a Gold Sponsor and our name and device will appear on jerseys, t-shirts, and other promotional material.  An Tir has pledged half of the amount, with the other kingdoms asked to donate the rest.  Two fundraisers were held.  The first was a bake sale featuring treats prepared by Baldric’s family.  The second was a chance to hit Baldric for a donation.  Many people availed themselves of the chance to whack one of the Kingdom’s best fighters without him hitting back.  Never let it be said that the Baron and Baroness of Septentria have not taken up arms in a good cause, as the photos at right clearly show.

Their Excellencies Percival and Christiana were given the opportunity to hold a Regency Court for Their Majesties in order to ensure that some backlog awards were delivered.  Septentrians Toki of Eoforwic and Sancho the Adequate received their Awards of Arms, and Lady Helena of Eoforwic received an Orion. Their Excellencies then conducted a Baronial Court, bestowing rings upon THL Baldric, Lady Brayla, and Christopher and Nicholas for their fundraising efforts. They then called forth Sir Evander and THL Melusine and presented them with Bear’s Hearts, although they currently live outside the Barony. Their Excellencies closed the court by thanking the groups that hosted the event.

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