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Duchess Caitlin Stuart

Duchess 1997-03-01 Kingdom of the Middle
Countess 1981-10-03 Kingdom of the Middle
Order of the Laurel 1982-05-30 Kingdom of the Middle
ODH Order of the Dragon's Heart 1996-04-20 Kingdom of the Middle
GOA Grant of Arms 1999-08-19 Kingdom of the Middle
OWMK Order of the Willow 1979-01-13 Kingdom of the Middle
APF Award of the Purple Fret 1980-10-15 Kingdom of the Middle
OTCK Order of the Torse 1981-09-26 Kingdom of Calontir
ADG Award of the Doe's Grace 1994-05-14 Kingdom of the Middle
AQFMK Award of the Queen's Favour 2000-04-29 Kingdom of the Middle, Queen Tamara
AOA Award of Arms 1978-01-14 Kingdom of the Middle
Order of the Rose 1997-03-01 Kingdom of the Middle
AQF Award of the Queen's Favour 2000-04-29 Queen Josephine
OGO Order of the Golden Otter 1995-03-25 Principality of Ealdormere
OB Order of the Bee 1996-04-20 Principality of Ealdormere
FT Fellowship of the Trillium 1998-10-17 Principality of Ealdormere
AG Award of the Guidon d'Sang 1997-04-10 Barony of Ramshaven
(Resigned) (Honour Resigned) 1995-09-01 Resigned Rose originally awarded 1992-04-04 Kin...
(Retired) (Honour Retired) 1999-09-18 Retired Queen originally awarded 1999-04-10

For Duchess Caitlin
Written for the close of the reign of Thorbjorn Osis Brandsson and Caitlin Stuart, 01 March AS XXXI
Master Hector of the Black Height

And what more need be done?
I need no crown to strive and serve,
I need no throne to speak my mind.
I know my path, I shall not swerve,
And right shall not leave me behind.
And where can I best be?
I stand beside a grand, proud man
And where he stands I there shall stay.
The true and best our only plan:
There's glory left for other days.

In memory of Duchess Caitlin Stuart, here are all entries that mention her from Baron Colyne Stuart's The Wolf, the Wilds and the Wild.

[In Nov AS 11] Caitlin Stuart was first sighted in Eoforwic. Aedan na Kincora and Caffa Muirath were seen in December. Much more is written of these three good gentles elsewhere in this chronicle.


On the 30th day of May [AS 16], Caitlin Stuart was elevated to the Order of the Laurel for embroidery.


The first king of the Middle Kingdom to hail from the lands of Septentria was Sir Hugo von Feuerklippe, who reigned with Caitlin Stuart I from May until October. (Though Sir Finnvarr also held that same Crown, he had not been born in the Northlands). Caitlin Stuart then made history as she became the first Queen of the Middle to swear an oath upon accepting her crown. No other Queen of the Middle had done this before. Baron Torbin was named as the Royal Chamberlain and Caffa Muirath was made the King’s Champion.

At the coronation the people of Rising Waters made themselves first known. They were led by Aaron of the Black Mountain, who in later years would become a Master of the Laurel. Aaron had heard of the Society via a copy of the Pale which had been sent to him along with a number of volumes having to do with dungeons and monstrous serpents. Rising Waters would soon after be founded as a canton with Aaron as its first seneschal.

Hugo and Caitlin would later have the honour of crowning the first Prince and Princess of Calontir.


At this time Her Excellency Gillian d’Uriel relinquished the Ursine Thrones in favour of Aedan na Kincora and Caffa Muirath. This occurred in Afon Araf, in June at the Pacification of the North Woods. Earlier that day the armies of Septentria and North Woods had met to do battle but found a band of mercenaries in wait that threatened them both. Only together did the two armies defeat the mercenaries, and then only barely. When the battle was over peace was declared, and at court that night Gillian surrendered Septentria to the Crown. King Hugo and Queen Caitlin then invested Aedan and Caffa as Baron and Baroness.

During the winter of Anno Societatis XXV two good gentles traveled from Ben Dunfirth to attend a university within the borders of Septentria. This was Osric Caertinn na Conchullain and his lady, Cualgne, and they rediscovered the ruins of Noerlanda. Perhaps not knowing that winter is not the best time of year for construction they nevertheless began to rebuild this long-dead canton. To aid them they found Ursula na Clan na Rath, now a Baroness of the Court, and a surviving member of doomed Noerlanda. When the construction was complete around November, they stood back and looked at their work and they knew it to be good. Rather than again calling the canton Noerlanda, the populace called it the College of Skeldergate (though now it is a canton). Since they could find no documentation to prove they did not fall within the Citie of Eoforwic’s domains, by calling themselves a college, they avoided any geographical disputes with their neighbours. This land of owls would become known for the strength of its fighters, and would give birth to the Hrogn fra Osis, the personal household of Duke Sir Thorbjorn Osis Brandson and Duchess Mistress Caitlin Stuart. At the time I scribe these words, one Midrealm, one Drachenwald and four Ealdormerean kings have come from the canton of Skeldergate. The first (of the Middle) was Osis, who ruled too briefly, and whose Queen, Caitlin Stuart reigned on alone; the second was BerusWolfsson Jarl who ruled twice with Countess Marion FitzWilliam; the third was Duke Aaron Preslee (now Worgonsson) and Rustique du Sorde (who reigned four times). The fourth was Duke Etain au Naval and Duchess Valfreya Greenspeare (who reigned twice). The fifth was Duke Quilliam and Duchess Dagmar Halvdan (who reigned twice). In far off Drachenwald, Duke Leif reigned twice with Duchess Morrigan.


On April 4th [AS 26] the Coronet Tourney was again held, this time in Greyfells. On this day Killdare Silverwolf Thorkillsen of Ben Dunfirth and his consort Catherine Dupres became the new Prince and Princess of Ealdormere. Also at this event, Duke Finnvarr begged a boon from King Comar and Queen Lisa of the Middle Kingdom, namely, to induct Countess Caitlin Stuart into the Order of the Rose, an honour that had been denied her in the past. Comar and Lisa agreed to this, and Caitlin was finally a Lady of the Rose.


The first Guild day was held in March [AS 30]. The Argent Wolf Fian (now known as the White Wolf Fian) was founded by Princess AElflaeda. This group was conceived by Dame Elizabeth Cadfan, and then realized by Dame Elizabeth with the input and assistance of Moria the Black, Caitlin Stuart and other Laurels whom Dame Elizabeth had recruited. It was for artisans of Ealdormere, and could only be entered through an A&S challenge.


From October [AS 31] until March another kingdom found itself under the rule of Ealdormereans for Sir Thorbjorn Osis Brandson won the Crown of the Middle Kingdom for himself and his lady Caitlin Stuart.


Near the end of this year [AS 33], in April, Thorbjorn Osis Brandson and Caitlin Stuart succeeded their parents David and Elina to the Lupine thrones.


Tragedy then struck the Kingdom [in AS 34], as word came that two Ealdormereans had died in a terrible accident. Lady Bernadette of Lauren (also called Laureen of Der Welfengeu) and His Majesty Sir Thorbjorn Osis Brandson of Skeldergate, had died, leaving our lands bereft of two truly noble gentles. Luckily, the third individual involved in the accident, Worgan McGregor, now a Master-of-Arms, and also of Skeldergate, survived. The three had been returning from Baron Wars in the Middle Kingdom when their vehicle rolled over on the highway.

This left our lands without a King, but his Queen, the indomitable Caitlin Stuart, continued the reign in his memory. Osis had been king for but a month.

To commemorate these two gentles, an award was instituted in each of their memories. The Award of the Maiden’s Heart, an award for service, was dedicated to Bernadette while Osis was named patron of the martial Order of Thornbjorn’s Hammer. Osis was buried with, amongst other things, the token Queen Eislinn of the Middle had given him twelve years before.