Sunday 27 October 2013

Pikeman's Pleasure 2010

By Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton

Pikeman’s Pleasure celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary this year, certainly one of the longest-established events in Ealdormere and most likely the one held the longest at the same site.  As usual, there was a full slate of activities for those who attended, including archery, rapier combat, thrown weapons, and armoured combat.  
Their Excellencies held Court and presented Lady Theodora of Petrea Thule with a Bear’s Heart and THL Mahault and THL Berend with the Award of the Golden Bear (their second).  Lady Rusalka announced her intention to step down as Rapier Champion and Lord William of Otterton (once known as Lord Griffin) as her successor;  however, he must first find a successor as Baronial Herald.
In Kingdom Court, TRM presented Freyjas Brynjarsdottir and Sandarr the Beardless with Awards of Arms.  They then asked Magistra Nicolaa to come forward. She then called Lord Thorolfr inn Smithr, who was heralding their court, forward to receive a Maiden’s Heart.

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