Sunday, 27 October 2013

Crown Tourney 2009

By Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton

The canton of Ardchreag hosted Crown Tourney on October 31 at the Sikorsky Hall in Oshawa.  This large site featured both ample indoor space and a lovely outdoor area including a small chapel that proved to be perfect for a tourney. Ardchreag had also paid attention to creating a period atmosphere by providing each combatant couple with their own seating area decorated by banners, as well as snacks for the tourney.  In addition, King Nigel and Queen Adrielle presented each combatant and consort with a hand-crafted box for equipment or feast gear.  Prince Radagasius of the Middle was in attendance, as well as a number of guests from far lands. 

Rain threatened throughout the day and cold winds whipped through the site, but the tourney itself went off without a hitch.  The semifinals included Duke Edouard, Viscount Mordain, Sir Wat, and THL Quilliam.  Both Wat and Quilliam had gone undefeated through the tourney and would ultimately meet in an all-Septentrian finals.   In an interesting twist, Quilliam’s consort, Baroness Dagmar, was Sir Wat’s squire.    The victor was THL Quilliam, and he and Baroness Dagmar were immediately invested as Prince and Princess.  His Highness will be the youngest to ever rule Ealdormere and is the first graduate of a youth combat program in the Known World to win a Crown Tourney.  (His fellow graduate Lord Gaijin also fought in Crown, his first, that day).

A sumptuous feast was served later in the day, prepared by Lord Ludwig and Lady Sofi’a.  Trick-or-treating between tables also took place, as did a continuation of a game to foist a set of zebra ears and tail on various unsuspecting guests.   A short Court also took place in which Baroness Nicolaa was presented with the Award of the Scarlet Banner for archery.

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