Sunday, 27 October 2013

Spring Tune-up and Septentrian Thirtieth Anniversary 2008

By Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton

Unusually cold weather (and rain on Sunday) could not dampen the enthusiasm at Spring Tune-up this year, with the commencement of celebrations of Septentria’s thirtieth year. Caer Draeth did a great deal of work to make the event special, including scheduling classes and erecting “Hadrian’s wall” inside the hall, greatly enhancing the atmosphere.  A relic table was made available in the upstairs hall and was filled with wonderful relics of Septentria’s history. The evening’s feast featured thirty dishes in honour of thirty years, as well as “birthday hats” for all in attendance.

A special competition was introduced on the archery range.  A thirty-sided target known as “Percival’s Pendulum” will be taken to events around the kingdom over the next year.  Participants will shoot thirty arrows—twelve through a castle window, twelve from “horseback”, and six in a regular standing posture.  The winner gets bragging rights and a bottle of maple syrup.  A special trophy will be given to a participant randomly drawn.

The day also featured tournaments to determine Queen Rustique’s champions.  These were Lady Rusalka in Rapier, THL Dafydd ap Sion in archery, and Lady Catriona in thrown weapons—another Septentrian sweep.

In Their Excellencies’ court after feast, Sir Nigel stepped down as Septentrial marshal, and Lord Streonwold was appointed in his place. In thanks, Sir Nigel was given both the Award of the Bear’s Claw and the Bear’s Heart.  Finally, Lord Bjarn Thorolfsson will take on the duties of Septentrian Warlord for this coming Pennsic.

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