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The Storm at Glyndemere Hall

By Fáelán Ruadh ua Aodha [See the original post on her blog, complete with pictures.]

This is a song I had wrote to commemorate a great storm that had swept through The Baron’s Brouhaha event in Anno Societatis 49 / 12014 H.E. (2014 A.D.) Presented the following year at Brouhaha.

The Storm at Glyndmere Hall
Lyrics by “Rua”, Fáelán Ruadh ua Aodha of The Whitstone Isle of The Lake Seas

The fire was burning, and songs we’re sung.
The people gathered were having such fun.
Rain drops fell upon us so we moved to…

The Hall of Glynd.mere,
In-the-Hall of Glynd.mere.

The Hall did echo of songs through the night.
but as we sung, the winds grew in might.
All the while the rains fell hard.
Echoing louder
in the

Hall of Glynd.mere,
In-the-Hall of Glynd.mere.

As the night grew late more people had left
their heads growing heavy and so they had slept
in the tents they made to shelter themselves—
Little did they know what havoc would fall at

The Hall of Glynd.mere,
In-the-Hall of Glynd.mere.

The few that stayed within the Great Hall
Had talked and enjoyed playing games with cards
But as the night grew, they grew more concerned
The Hall began shaking with Great Winds.

At The Hall of Glynd.mere,
In-the-Hall of Glynd.mere.

The few in hall then had sealed the gates
to shelter themselves from the great galing winds
The moment it was shut a new sound arose

Rang the Great HALL!


Rang The Great HALL!


Rang The Great Hall!


The Hall of Glynd.mere,
Around The Hall of Glynd.mere.

The Herald and Wrangler of Children went out
To fetch our dear Baron & Baroness of clout
Who then supplied to our great surprise
A stock pile mattresses beneath the…

Hall of Glynd.mere,
Beneath the Hall of Glynd.mere.

A few had decided to remain up late
to play a last hand that got delayed
Only to find that Dawn had ariiiiiived

At The Hall of Glynd.mere

When the night began we were starting our bardic circle around the fire, but it started to rain, so we moved into the hall. As the night went on the rain and wind increased, the singing had to pick up volume just to hear the songs. Later, when younger ears weren’t around, and when we were no longer sticking to the SCA theme, we had some particularly adult level songs.

Honestly, I normally love my sleep, but at SCA events I have a habit of not wanting to miss anything – the naughty songs being one such example. But this time I had an extra reason, I had gotten into “The Blood of the Land”, a home brew that their excellencies had, being a mix of spiced wine and mead. I found it very tasty, and got pretty drunk on it. And because I have a personal rule of not going to bed hammered, I drink water for the last hour or so until the buzz fades and so won’t wake up hung over the next day. But, this stuff was different, the buzz wouldn’t fade, so I stayed up later than planned just to shake off the drunk.

Once the bardic circle disbanded the rain was coming down really hard – and a leak in the roof was drenching one area – ALL OVER THE WAIVERS! So I removed them from the wet and set the few dry ones aside and laid the others out to dry properly.

Now earlier that night I had promised a game of cards with a group who planned on playing through the night – so I could join them at any time. So after all this I finally was ready to play until the drunk wore off then saunter off to bed. Then this storm hit full force and we shut the gates to keep the storm out. Then chaos happened (which I wouldn’t have been able to write a song about had I not stayed up in the first place).

At the time this was only my second event, so I felt a little out of place trying to organize the situation – being available as I didn’t have my belongings damaged, wet or blown away. And as mentioned in the song, a person had been blown away as well – fortunately they came away physically in one piece, but understandably shaken up. I think they’ll be pegging their tent down from now on. But this wasn’t my first storm rodeo so I wasn’t as daunted to go out and help.

When people started showing up because their tents blew down we tried to make them comfortable in the hall. Some were cold and everything they had was soaked, so we repurposed the table cloths as blankets. A few of us then decided to check everyone, which was a bit challenging for me as I didn’t know everyone yet. Some were alright in their tents and gave them updates on the situation outside – and they also helped by checking their “magic boxes” for the weather report for the area. It looked like there were swirling clouds above our area – sketchy!

We tried to help some with fixing / resetting up their tents, some worked, most were lost causes. In my rounds I found a couple of fallen tents that had all their sleeping bags and various other belongings being drenched, so I grabbed them and brought everything that wasn’t tent into the hall and laid them out to dry. I still don’t know whose they were, but I hope that they were dry enough the next day (the packing up day) so that they’d have dry clothes to put on and their stuff wouldn’t be packed drenched.

It was around this point that the barony herald and the “child wrangler” who knew their excellencies well (they were hosting the event on their property known as Glyndmere) went to their house and informed them of the situation (Honestly, my first version of this song had mistakenly thought that the bard was the one who did this – as I’ve said, everyone was new to me, including who owned what titles, and it was pretty darn chaotic. Fortunately I found the truth of that portion of this story and fixed the song accordingly). The storm had lessened its strength at this point, but still bad. So they surveyed the situation and brought mattresses that were stored in the basement and laid them out for everyone who needed them. There were a surprising number too – which was awesome! The cool thing is that this is exactly what would happen historically – that the populace would take refuge in their lord’s hall, so we really were recreating that scenario – living the experience!

After everyone was settled, the night owl gamers and I finally got to have our game, remarking how its not even late anymore as we’re now seeing the first light of day. But then everyone sort of drifted off during the game. I briefly woke after, found an unattended mattress and promptly claimed it. Woke again to find some nice person had put a cloak on me – if you are reading this Thanks! And when I got up I found that my spouse had already packed all our stuff! They said that they felt I needed more sleep with how heavy I was sleeping and had found me with the cloak so it wasn’t them who placed it on me. I did feel out of it, I was so strung out that when we arrived at my in-law’s place a few hours later – having planned to visit since we were in the area – my father-in-law took one look at me and strongly recommended that I get more sleep. Which I did, and felt all the better for it. Still very hung over though.

Now be warned. The Blood of the Land is quite aptly named, not only because it was made through the blood and sweat of our dear host’s working the land to make it (their own honey, berries, and even the spices if I’m not mistaken), but because if you’re not careful, you’ll be a sacrifice to the land!

During the storm and surveying it after, it was noted that the square, the low, and the “lawn pimples” (aka modern tents) fared best in the storm. The prism shaped tents only worked if the short side was facing the winds, otherwise the long side was blown down (see before and after pictures).

Lets hope that this year’s Brouhaha is less… eventful.

War of the Trillium, 2016

By Fáelán Ruadh ua Aodha [See the original post on her blog, complete with pictures.]

I’ve been back a few days from having gone to Trillium War – the biggest event the Kingdom of Ealdormere holds.

That is where I tested the Faux woad and faux lime wash hair with my Pictish persona. I didn’t have Trews (plaid trousers) for my persona so I opted for using a plaid wool blanket I had as a Belted Plaid / Greater Kilt – apparently there are pictish stones that show belted plaids or robes of deeply pleated material (source: ‘Pictish Warrior AD 297-841’, by Paul Wagner, Illustrated by Wayne Reynolds), so I didn’t see a problem using it, let alone it expanding the amount of canvas to test the faux woad.

The day before I had gathered the kids in camp who wanted to try the faux woad (blue coloring pencils with tips soaked in water). They really enjoyed drawing on themselves and eventually ended up having a blast drawing all over me – sorry I don’t have a photo of that (I’m usually the one behind the camera). To keep in theme of my Pictish persona I ended up washing a lot off, though I did enjoy the hearts and dragons that were contributed while I had them

Though this image I had taken of my post faux lime washed and spiked hair didn’t do justice to how white it actually came out. But this following photo taken by Master Eirik Andersen really did show how pale it turned out.

Throughout the days of the event I had several people mention that they thought I looked like Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians – which I take as a compliment as I am a fan of said Jack Frost

When it came to washing it out it just needed to two washes (I typically use dove soap). I’ll sure be using it again

It was a weekend filled with great activities and comradery to which I’ll share with what photos and videos I’ve captured of the event. Feel free to keep and share, just credit Rua Lupa when you do use it

Hunker Hausen is a game we played at Trillium War in the Kingdom of Ealdormere. It is played by two players, each standing on a log almost two meters apart from one another. They begin by holding onto the end of a rope that is about triple the distance between them. Once ready to begin we counted down 3-2-1 and began to pull the rope until taught. That is when the fun begins. You can either try to pull your opponent off or let off some slack so they fall back. With this in mind it is ideal to avoid being left with the end of the rope, because you are really stuck at that point. That is why you try to pull in as much as possible when you start.

Staff / Pole Wrestling (don’t know the original name) is a two player game – standing side by side with your inner most feet being right against each other and hands placed alternatively with the inner hands in front of your opponent. When ready you try to either have your opponent move their feet (they must stay planted where you began) or let go of the staff / pole.

The Rose Tourney is where teams of unbelted fighters (non-Knights) are sponsored by a member of the Order of the Rose. The Order of the Rose is an order of current and former Royal consorts – the person in the royal couple who did NOT win the crown by right of arms.

In the video that follows the related photos you will see when two members are left standing where they mutually are uncertain who got the last blow and end up fighting one on one. Jóbjorn leðrblaka from the Barony of Ramshaven, the Kingdom of Ealdormere, representing her grace Rylyn Buchanan; and Darius from the Kingdom of the East representing her grace Dagmar Halvdan.

On the Saturday night those in attendance of Trillium War had the honor of witnessing The Legends Party – a bardic circle showcasing our Legendary Bards and our Legendary Songs and Tales

Baron's Howe, 2016

By Fáelán Ruadh ua Aodha [See the original post on her blog, complete with pictures.]

Baron’s Howe – an SCA event in Ealdormere that is near North Bay Ontario, Canada – has recently just passed by during the Labour Day Weekend here in Canada. It was another great event hosted by the Ubershire, BrennisteinVatn.

We had a Bardic Circle that was great fun – particularly when Her Majesty contributed one of her favorites that all present participated in, “Crúiscín Lán“… and Aethelbert had just filled his cup full (in this song you have to down your drink at the end)

There were friendly games of Hunker Hausen and Maide Leisg (pronunciation here);

Here is some better footage of the game that I took during Trillium War this year.

While I played the Hunker Hausen game, my spouse had made a remark that ended up in the Camp’s Notebook of Interesting Things Said at Camp; “This is the first time I’ve told me wife to yank another guy off”.

There was also axe throwing + a night throw (lots of fun hitting the glowsticks on the target and seeing the spurts of glowing ‘blood’ – even though you’re supposed to hit the center and miss the glowstick ring, which makes ‘losing’ a bit more fun); Along with archery, heavy fighting in “the bowl”, and a whole lot of personal crafting among participants that was a nice social in itself.

We also had the pleasure of having their Majesties of Ealdormere present, Queen Adrielle III & King Nigel III. I really enjoyed being able to get to know her majesty and hang out with fellow northern folk from the Shire.

At court Olaf Smeds was awarded the Scarlet Banner.
And there was a bit of a surprise for my spouse and I – we both were awarded Orions!

Thanks to TH Lady Catriona and Master Brand for this lovely scroll – and to those who thought what I was doing was worthy enough to put it to the royal’s ears for this honor!

I am impressed by the amount of attention there is to my persona with this scroll (600 AD [+/-200yrs] and earlier Dal Riata / Pict). Not only is there a beautiful Celtic stag, but the poem style is “Based on the 6th century poem ‘Pangur Pan’, one of the earliest examples of Irish Poetry” Simply Amazing.

This imagery of Aethelbert is well suited – as seen in this following photo of him at the event… as well as in the background of the first photo and the crafting social photo.

On the Saturday Morning I also had a different surprise…[picture of spider]

And one other funny thing happened that weekend. Their excellencies of Ramshaven had some gifted cherries soaked in vodka and orange peels that they cracked open to try and share on the Sunday Night. The verdict was it tasted of pin-sol. So we then decided to try to flambe them, and this is the result.

It was a fun and relaxing weekend with fabulous company (though Skrael was missed) and gorgeous setting – notably completely free of poison ivy. I recommend any in the great Kingdom of Ealdormere who haven’t been to try for next year.

Demo: Upper Canada Village, 2017

By Fáelán Ruadh ua Aodha [See the original post on her blog, complete with pictures.]

I have been quiet of late, and that is perhaps due to a lot of SCA (medieval living history) stuff that was going on. So without further delay, here is an overdue update on what exactly went on with this SCA stuff. Let us start in the order of events, so for this article we will focus on the weekend of June 9th – 11th where we demoed for the Medieval Festival at Upper Canada Village.

The weather was hot, the Festival was busy, the mood was congenial, the food phenomenal. It helps that we were hosted by Skrael – The SCA Barony of the Ottawa region, Ontario, Canada. Fantastic cookery goes on in Skrael, and open fire roasted meat is hard to beat. They were organized as the “14th Century Archers” located by the Eastfield on the map.

The role I played was wool comber and novice spinner, having had a lot of wool I had bought raw, cleaned, and needed to learn the next stage of the process – wanting to learn and do the process from sheep to cloth. The thought was that since I would be sitting in one place demoing this for a whole weekend there would be no better opportunity to work on this labour intensive stage.

That is when I learned that demoing means very little work actually gets done as you need to continually address an audience.

Among this fluxing audience was one notable family. A young man saw what I was doing and said he was familiar with combing, and his grandma – who did not speak the language, so I assume the young man was among the first generation Canadian in that family -showed us how it was done more properly. Damn she was good. And from that I now know how to card without straining my wrists – by holding the ‘anchoring comb’ with my palm upright, and the driving comb is moving either outward or inward. I am sure that there were more subtle layers to the technique that were lost in our language barrier. Even so, it was a fun and great experience to learn from those who breathe this sort of thing since childhood. If a member of that family happens to be reading this, I would like to say thank you for sharing your knowledge – because knowledge ever always is a wonderful gift.

Following that step in processing wool is spinning, and my goodness do I have a lot to learn on mastering Spinning. What I was able to demonstrate was how the fibers were twisted together and with a thick piece I had attendants pull on it as hard as they could and would not be able to break it. Wool is tough. But other than that, I am a complete newbie. So I ended up making attempts at showing spinning, failing horribly, then Dame Helen – a master spinner, would show how it should go. Being a great visual aid in demonstrating that it is not as easy as it looks. Though some people do take to it easily, many others, like me, struggle in accomplishing that skill.

In the Skrael “Medieval Daily Life” & “14th Century Archers” camp around me and my little corner of wool stuff, there was leather working – more specifically cordwaining (shoe-making), fiber crafts, wood carving, food preparation, Carnival Games, full sized siege engines (that I got to launch a few times), archery, axe throwing (did a bit of that as well), and armored combat demonstrations.

These Siege Engines are operating on their lightest possible setting so that the stones remain in the demonstration field. For the Trebuchet, it’s counter weight bin is literally empty.

So those big beautiful horses went on to do this,

Nearby our camp and the Jousting Field were other Living History Groups. The following images are of DARC – Dark Ages Re-Creation Company. Though these folks pictured are also involved in the SCA as well – as there is a lot of cross over between such groups.

Because I was demoing at this event, I did not get much opportunity to take photos of the other groups at this Festival. There were quite a few groups and performers that I did not get to see at all. So demonstrating Living History does have its draw backs. What I did see was still pretty awesome.
ESCAPE TO THE FUTURE – The Pioneering Future!

The Sunday, immediately after closing to the public, and within an hour before the village is completely closed off, a few of us decided to briefly check out what the future had in store in the Upper Canada Village proper.

“Cous” is Middle English spelling and pronunciation of Cows.

Next SCA installment will be Trillium War!

War of the Trillium, 2017

By Fáelán Ruadh ua Aodha [See the original post on her blog, complete with pictures.]

Trillium War, the largest SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) event held in the kingdom of Ealdormere (check out last year’s article here)

This year was hot with waves of rainstorms. But that did not stop the attendees from having a good time.

From my end of things, I mostly hung out at the thrown weapons range. Trying to take advantage of the few times of the year I actually can throw my axes at a target. What was pleasing was to see so many other people at the range and competing. Wanting to keep my competitive edge, I noticed my literal axe edge needed some attention if I wanted them to not bounce off of the target. So I took up a fair bit of the event just sharpening my axes (thank you Kaolin for letting me use your axe file – and since confirmed that I needed to sharpen the blade in a different fashion than what I had been doing. So I must give a nod to someone, whom I did not get the name of, who tried to point that out and I thought my memory served me on what was to be done, which I was mistaken. Axe Filing, It is not like a sharpening Stone!). While I was doing that I had a Thrown Weapons Range attendee check my progress,

Even at the Thrown Weapons Range I managed to learn some Arts & Science. Not many people know this, but SCAdian women love lifting up their skirts – for you to see their seams

It really helped me get a handle on how to accomplish Norse styled clothing stitches. To which I also later attended a class just on Inserting Gores Into Flat Fabric by Dame Helen. It had a great hands on segment that was a miniature example so you know how to apply the theory.

Another class I attended at Trillium War was on Bone Carving. Which had this lovely example showing what you can do with bone,

The following image is not all that great, but it shows the Trillium War Brew Tasting Competition. It included Beer, Cider, Mead, and Cordial, often with various sorts of brew in between. It, as usual, ended up being pretty fun which attracted the Queen who remarked on how loud our tent was with laughter and chatter. Needless to say, there is so much great brewing going on in Ealdormere and as they are almost entirely just home brews I definitely make sure I always am at this competition for the rare taste.

Even though these events typically have open alcohol, do not let that fool you. It has a very family reunion feel and kids are abound enjoying the Medieval camping to the max, as shown in this following image,

And her Majesty is so keen on making the Kids feel like they are a part of Events like this that she arranged a Hobby Horse Children’s Procession,

During this time I was attending a Woad Dying class, which is among the coolest dying methods to watch. The following image is an animated GIF attempt to show how the fiber changes color as it is exposed to oxygen,

Later we went to the garden to see what the Woad herb looked like and gathered some of it’s seeds so we could grow it ourselves.

Now, Trillium War annually falls on the Canada Day weekend, and since this was Canada’s 150th year, there was a special Axe Throwing Tourney to celebrate called “I AM SCANADIAN” hosted by Hexenhaus, to which the winners would be announced at Court.

I competed and at Court, I found out that I won!

Court also revealed the War Banner for that year, and it was themed on bacon – having the Trillium as Bacon strips and the Motto, “Bacon Brings Victory”

I should also mention that this Trillium War’s Theme was “The Silk Road”, and alas, I did not photograph the many wonderful people who were dressed in theme for this event. But the event did hold a wonderful “Silk Road Bazaar” at Merchant’s Row on the Saturday evening where participants were encouraged to bring items to barter.

I managed to bring raw Alpaca Fibers from The Great Whitestone Isle of the Lake Seas (Manitoulin – where I live), fossils I found on the island, the last of my glass stars, a couple of antique glass bottles I fitted with corks, rings – two of which were spinning rings, a bangle, and two bone carved pendants.

And from some of those items, and some cash I got through trade, I obtained two ridge pole hooks, a three legged cooking pot, herbs of Sage and Dill, Red Silk, Wool Tartan, A Children’s Hood, A bronze Pendant, a pair of Bronze Anglo-Saxon Fasteners (Their exact use is a mystery, specially made by Emer ingen Uí Áedán. I hope to do some experimental archaeology with them to find out how they could have been used), Two small cups (one was mysteriously gifted actually – Thank You!), and a large Icelandic styled drinking cup – now a favorite that I use all the time.

My kiddo managed to trade a fossil for a Silk Fan, and my spouse managed to trade a leather drinking vessel of his own making for two knives, and bought some trim.

During the weekend there was also a number of Moots, one of which was the Herald Moot, and the new Trillium Herald (Kingdom Level Herald) had sought out if I were interested in filling in the role of herald for the Ubershire (Shire Brennstein Vatn, that covers Sault Ste. Marie, Sudbury, and North Bay), and I said I am. So now that is in the works and I hope to be able to do some good service for the great shire of the north.

Next SCA Installment will be Brouhaha!

Baron's Brouhaha, 2017

By Fáelán Ruadh ua Aodha [See the original post on her blog, complete with pictures.]

Baron’s Brouhaha is annually held in the Canton of Northgeatham in the Barony of Ramshaven (see a previous article on this event here).

Brouhaha is one of the smallest events, but that also makes it one of the most relaxed events too. Even so, there is something for everyone. And this year had a special component, The Baron and Baroness of Ramshaven were going to select their Champions of Ramshaven at this event. So there was a Championship Tourney for each skilled art – and this year was the first time an Arts & Science Champion would be named. These champions will not be selected by a straight forward win in their respective tourneys, but “…to find Ambassadors to each of the disciplines, and those come at any and all levels of skill.”

The First Day

The site was opened on Friday and was the quietest and most relaxed day of the event as most were arriving on the Saturday when all the scheduled activities and tourneys would take place. So, I decided that this was the best time to make a traditional pottage with my recently acquired three legged cooking pot from the Silk Road Bazaar at Trillium War. This is because this kind of fireside cooking takes a lot of time – but well worth it.

Now, I am keen on becoming completely able to consistently start a fire with only the items and methods available in my persona’s time period (~600 AD or earlier). So I had brought my flint, Norse styled steel striker, and my gathered fire starters of chard linen, frayed strands of linen, thistle / milkweed fluff, and pine resin.

I was able to get heat and smoke consistently, but it was so windy that the flames never lasted. Eventually we caved and used a bunch of paper to keep the fire going. At least I was able to use this fire to make more charred cloth, which is made by putting your linen into a tin – having some air able to reach the interior but otherwise completely sealed away from the flame – and cook it in the fire until it stops smoking. Take out, let cool, and then you are done!

So with this fire, I took my three legged pot, and followed the instructions given to me from the maker – who had traveled from the Southern Kingdoms (USA) to sell their goods at Trillium War (the biggest SCA Event in Ontario, Canada). I was told that with such pots you Do Not put them directly into the fire, but beside it and drag the coals out and put them under and around the pot. This will bring your pot’s temperature high enough to boil, so add or remove the coals to reach your desired temperature. Once your pottage is satisfactory to your taste, Do Not remove it directly from the coals, but slowly remove the coals from around it and let it cool slowly. This whole process takes at least a couple of hours, but the longer you cook the better your pottage. Some people have it going all day to eat for dinner.

What I had put in this pot was first chopped bacon and leeks. I then let that simmer until all the fat was melted and spread around the pot. Then I added chopped carrots, sage, basil, rutabaga (closest thing to a turnip I could find), parsnip, and rolled oats (as a thickener). Followed by water poured until it was covering all the contents. As it was cooking I had been enjoying some Oat Stout that was made by our local brewery in Gore Bay, Manitoulin, Ontario, “Splitrail Brewing Company“. And promptly decided to liberally add that to the pottage as well.

In the end it came out DELICIOUS!

The Big Day

Throughout Saturday there was Archery, Axe Throwing, Armored Combat, Rapier, some Arts & Science classes, and many people socializing in the Hall while working on their own Arts & Science projects. For each activity you participated in, you were given a Settlers of The Ram card – which you can gather and ‘cash in’ sets of at the ‘gate’ to enter in a draw for a door prize of that set type. The cards were much like the Settlers of Catan resource cards, but a ramshead instead for the sheep. A set of wood cards would give you a draw for the Wood door prizes, a set of Ore cards would give you a draw for Metal themed door prizes, etc.

Like Trillium War, for Brouhaha I mostly hung out around the Axe Throwing Range as that was one of the last times I will have a target to throw at, and I wanted to practice for the Ramshaven Thrown Weapons Champion Tourney. And I definitely needed the practice as it took a little while before I was consistently able to hit the target as desired.

And because of that I did not take many photos of the rest of the event. But Thanks to Mic Cillian and R. M. Ridley, I have photos to fill in some image gaps of what went on.

I did later participate in the Arts & Science Championship Competition where I presented:

– Some Powder Douce (a 14th c. France spice mix) I mixed and had as a free sample jar for attendees to use throughout the event + a small bottle for their excellencies to use as they wished.

– A Diggy Diggy Hole Song Sheet that I did in Futhark (a Norse Alphabet). One side of the sheet was in English with the common Latin Alphabet we are familiar with. And the opposite side of the sheet had maintained the English lyrics but done with the Futhark alphabet. That way those who want to learn how to read Futhark can do so with this song.

– I showed and sang my “Storm At Glyndmere Hall” song

– And an in progress basket woven style hat, which was promptly donned by each of the judges,

There were entries from several others, A great woolen cloak beautifully embroidered for the owner’s geographical time period, a song from the same artisan, lots of tablet woven bands by a highly skilled newcomer to the craft, nalbinded bags and hats, a different song about the hosting land, and probably am forgetting an entry or two with this. It was a good showing regardless and healthy competition.

Shortly thereafter was court with a lot of well deserved acknowledgements of people receiving their Guidon, with silver and gold banded ones given as well. Great honors to be sure. Then the tourneys had their winners announced followed by the announcement of the Champions of Ramshaven:
Rapier Combat Champion: Lady Alienor la Fileuse
Armoured Combat Champion: Lord Bartholomäus Hespeler
Thrown Weapons Champion: The Honourable Lord Daniel of Whitby
Archery Champion: Helga
Arts and Sciences Champion: Lady Fáelán Ruadh ua Aodha

Fáelán Ruadh ua Aodha, That’s Me!

Now the funny thing with this honor is that since it is the very first one of the Barony, I am charged with designing the regalia and/or trophy of that station. And being an Arts & Science enthusiast makes this quite an exciting and daunting task. Primarily because, unlike book heraldry, I do not have easily recognized boundaries to work within and keep me in check.

So I can get crazy creative with this, and am thus mulling things over for a while, letting my mind calm down after all the excitement, and waiting until I can present some of my thoughts with the Baroness after Pennsic (if anybody knows anything about Pennsic, is that contact with attendees there is a write off and when people get back they will need some recuperating time – Pennsic Is A Big Deal). It helped a great deal to speak with many Arts & Science folk while I was at the event afterwards to get their ideas and thoughts on the subject.

So, that is very exciting news, and I look forward to presenting what comes of it here.

Potluck Feast & Door Prizes

Then there was the Potluck feast. As usual, there was plenty for everyone, and for thirds besides. I was pleased that this time I was able to recreate a couple of Norse styled pies,

So many dishes were made with an obvious passion for food, making it surprising that any was left. Everyone ended up feeling stuffed even before dessert.

This is when the door prizes were announced, and I somehow made off like a bandit – getting everything I entered for, and for my kiddo as well who got the shield they wanted that came with a red cap they came to love wearing. I got a clay spindle whorl and a beautifully tablet woven belt.

Funerary Ceremony

After door prizes, and when dusk was nigh, we had, for the first time, a special in-period Norse themed ceremony for remembering those that are no longer with us.

It began with a candle lit procession while carrying a wood and paper Norse ‘viking’ ship to a pyre.

During the procession we all sang “Life Blood” by Wyndreth Bergensdottir,

“Drink, for the wind blows cold and
Drink for The Wolf runs free.
Drink to the ships with sails like wings and
Drink to the storm-tossed seas.

Drink to the lasting nights
and those who warm our beds.
Drink to the mead that warms our hearts
and the cold that clears our head.

Drink to the Allfather’s Eye
for Odin’s sons are we.
Drink to the World-Tree where he hung
and the Runes of Mystery.

Drink to the truth of steel
and blood that falls like rain.
Drink to Valhalla’s golden walls
and to our kinsmen, slain.

Drink to the Glory-field
where a man embraces death, and
thank the gods that we live at all
with our joyous dying breath!

Drink for the wind blows cold and
Drink for the Wolf runs free
Drink to the ships with the sails like wings
for Odin’s sons are we!”

After the procession and song the Ship was laid onto the pyre as a commonly known poem was read aloud by all attending,

Then those attending who have lost and wish to remember someone help lit the fire with their candles while saying the name of their loved one.

Then a moment of silence in remembrance.

After this moment passed one of our talented bards sang Mead & Wine (Dusk & Dawn) that wrapped things up very nicely.

As The Night Went On And The Morning After

The night followed into relax jovial conversation, a goodly fire resulting in a great many s’mores, and a bardic circle where I was requested to sing my song about ‘The Storm At Glyndmere’. That was officially the fourth time I ever sang it, and probably the best I have ever sung it. The fireside singing and conversations lasted well into the night and virtually into dawn.

The next morning had only one scheduled activity for those interested, and that was to play with Smithing in Glyndmere’s Smith Shop.

Since we had a long day of travel ahead of us we did not partake in this activity. But as we were packing up to leave that day, I managed to snap a couple photos of the weather that had ended up lining up with the afternoon sun creating gorgeous rainbows over the grounds.

And during our good byes I saw an interesting critter that I had to at least photo document, whom I will leave you with to consider who this beastie is – seriously, fellow naturalists out there, help me out. I do not know what kind of beetle this bad boy is and would love identify it.

War of the Trillium, 2018

By Fáelán Ruadh ua Aodha [See the original post on her blog, complete with pictures.]

Trillium War, one of the largest SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) events held in the kingdom of Ealdormere (check out last year’s article here, and the year before here)

This year had a record breaking heat wave moving between highs of 31°C on Friday June 29th, 35°C on Saturday June 30th, 34°C on Sunday July 1st, and 32°C on Monday July 2nd. Humidex feeling more like the mid 40s°C throughout.

We arrived earlier this year, the evening of the Thursday and set up camp at the Ramshaven site at the very back of the field. A couple of fellow members were there to greet and host us that day.

That night was relaxed and we chatted for some hours in the dark, and a few of us stayed up into the wee hours before dawn. Going to bed, I was cold, and chilled my early to bed spouse. Wool blankets were actually useful that night.


The next day had a lot more scheduled activities than I expected, as this was also the time when the majority of campers were arriving. Not to mention being the first year I did not read, let alone register for, any of the activities before getting there. This ended up feeling a lot less jam packed for me with pressure to run around to do all the things. Instead I mostly mosied around and partook in things that interested me as I went by.

I first walked by The Lads With Lathes, just starting to set up (photos of them later on of the following day).

Then I ended up stumbling upon and getting involved with Rope Making that was organized and run by Duncan McLeod for his White Wolf Fion project. The purpose was to “first, make a machine that could have been built in the Middle ages to make rope and then, second, to use this machine to make a rope 100 ft long to be presented to Their Majesties.”

This is how that went down, [pictures follow]

After this was when most of our camp arrived, so I was mostly helping with camp organizing and setting up so everyone fit into our Ramshaven site. Unfortunately, most people were arriving peak heat of the day, so not only was it hot, but for safety’s sake, there were a lot of breaks taken to prevent Heat Exhaustion. But we got it done! Thank you Beathan for sharing your amazing Sekanjabin drink supplement to enjoy during set up!

It took so much out of everyone that most went to bed a few hours after dusk. Fortunately that night was cool enough to warrant blankets.


This day I remembered to take a photo of the Lads with Lathes,

This day was so hot, but that did not stop the children from playing. Fortunately there was a cedar tree line to take advantage of for their imaginations!

But then, to their delight, some creative adults organizing children’s activities developed a wet sponge version of a traditional Norse Game!

I am told that after this photo took place, his Majesty personally investigated this game, to which some children expressed wolfish grins and ambushed his Majesty with wet sponges! In response, some of the kingdom’s wolf cubs decided to protect their king from these Feral Beasts! Needless to say, shenanigans ensued to the delight of everyone involved.

All this unbeknownst to me, I had continued to Arts & Science tents, and saw that even the Fighters decided that they should FIGHT IN THE SHADE…

Well suited for the day, I had attended a class on Historical Refreshing Drinks – where I learned more about the Sekanjabin (10th Century Persian “honeyed vinegar” – honey mint being the most common version) I enjoyed the previous day, as well as more on Hippocras (5th Century BC Greek drink) – including a non-alcoholic version! This handout will be much used, Thank You!

On my way to the axe throwing tourney I had the pleasure of being misted down by the lovely folks at the Piehole food stand – they had a full on pressure tank and everything. It was glorious.

Unfortunately, there was no shade beyond the entry for the Ranged Martial Arts, but fortune favors the bold! I had placed 3rd at the Masked Murder Axe Throwing Tourney hosted by Hexenhaus, which resulted in some lovely beads, and this wonderfully in theme brew! Thank you Hexenhaus and Marshals for braving the heat for this tourney!

Annual Memorial Brewing Competition

Now, one thing I do not ever intend on missing at Trillium War, is the Annual Memorial Brewing Competition! Why? Because the brews you experience here may be the first and last time you will ever get to taste these lovelies, and each year I learn a little more on how I can make my own! I was a bad herald and even skipped the Herald Moot just to go to the brewing competition.

This year, with the heat, there were, understandably, far fewer entrants. I believe that this was because either A) It is very difficult to get motivation to leave camp – especially if your camp has shade, and/or B) The consumption of Alcohol is not ideal if you want to keep hydrated and avoid Heat Exhaustion. We had yet to crack into the beer we brought just for that reason.

With that in mind, I took a drink of water with every sip of brew. No regrets on my end! Though my spouse ended up a little worse for wear and headed to camp to rest.

This year’s brews had some really good meads that I wish I could share outside of this event – but alas, you had to have been there (though, I am told that Brouhaha will have some of brews they had here to share there!).

Congrats to Kaolin and Penda for winning this year! And a worthy mention to Sibylla who came in at a very close second in the meads! Both meads definitely came out as this year’s favorites!

That evening there was a brief court, in which Duke Edward was elevated as a Master of Defense (the equivalent of Knight for Rapier Martial Arts within the SCA). The induction ceremony concluded with all Masters of Defense present raising their swords together and exclaiming “Terminus acutus in illum!” (Pointy end in the other guy!).

Rose Tourney

Every year at Trillium War there is a Rose Tourney. This is a Tourney where teams of unbelted fighters (non-Knights) are sponsored by a member of the Order of the Rose as their Champions.

The Order of the Rose is an order of current and former Royal consorts – the person in the royal couple who did NOT win the crown by right of arms.

Here is a selection of photos I took of that event.

Following the image above, the fighters quickly shifted in my direction, which left me no choice but to back up into the tree line. Which resulted in the following image.

As you saw in the images of the Rose Tourney, there was no barrier between the combatants and spectators. Now, even though I ended up a little too close to the action. There was no serious threat to me the entire time, and the fighters simply moved over and continued in the center of their fighting area. Such things are expected when you attempt to get a great photo shot of the action.

I sincerely felt that this arrangement was far better than roped barriers of the past, since they are encumbersome as they were liable to cause tangles and falls for the fighters, and were a lot of work to set up and take down for the organizers. Given enough space, along with a couple of marshals with poles to direct any encroachment into the crowd or obstacles, both spectators and fighters are able to enjoy the event to the fullest extent.

At the end of this tourney, their majesties awarded Kungen Steinnarson and Wylie with the Scarlet Banner. Congratulations!

Mardi Gras Ball – Bal du Roi

Now, this is where the theme of this year’s Trillium War was to reach it’s climax. The theme being Mardi Gras, the gate tokens were Mardi Gras bead necklaces, and were able to be awarded / gifted, traded, nicked, bribed for etc. the person / krew (you can register teams) who had the most wins a grand prize at the Grand Ball Saturday Night.

This theme was not my kind of thing – especially for my persona, and had honestly refused the gate token as I personally did not want anything to do with modern plastic beads – mundanely, to say I am not a fan of plastic is an understatement.

Yet, I had somehow accumulated a fair number throughout that day via tokens of appreciation of assisting and for participating and placing in the axe tourney. I could not tell you how many that amounted to because as I was counting them in camp, people decided I was the horse to bet on for the Ball Prize and gave me theirs, and each time I went to count, more beads were presented.

In the end I ended up with 34 and was bestowed the representative of the Ramshaven Krew. I then went to the rose tourney with so many beads I did not know what to do with them, then figured out that I could just put them all on my ‘frog’ (mug strap on belt) which was handy in preventing nicking of said bead necklaces. When the ball itself started, I was given more beads in opposition to the other krew present during the ball. I think I had 45 beads by that point.

The ball had a lot of wonderful food to nibble on, a lot of really tasty cupcakes that had crowns hidden in two of them to determine the King and Queen of the Ball; live music, lively dancing, and a cheerful ambiance.

Sadly, the heat had meant that it was a small turnout, leaving a lot of food in want of a hungry mouth, and those that did show, were slowly beginning to show their weariness of the day. I myself had little energy and motivation to do much at that point, and simply wanted to finish with these beads so I could get back to camp where they were having a “Trillies Pairing and Sharing”, and we had brought some food and drink just for that.

The organizers decided that the bead swapping was pretty well completed and called for the entries. To which I promptly lost to Kaolin and her Krew of Septentria who had a whooping 78 bead necklaces!

I ain’t even mad. Their krew had fantastic Papier-mâché full head covering masks, danced about, and had a rousing song about how they loved hairy men (I wish my nice camera’s battery had not died so I could of had a recording of it all!). So I am glad there was a worthy winner of this event, well deserved and a far better representation of the ball than I could be. Cheers!

As I left I was encouraged to take some food with me, and I gratefully did – they were really tasty! And gave them out to my camp mates when I got there. I asked for where my spouse was and discovered that they were fast asleep in the tent. When they roused they were feeling much better and we then presented our Rhubarb Pie for the pairing and sharing. There was so much booze around that we did not even need to open what we brought. Especially since Sibylla had more of her wonderful “Ridiculously Sweet” Mead that filled many a cup. Thank you Beathan and Isabelle for hosting this event – the cheesecake defeated us.

I went to bed full and blanketless that night.

Those who had looked at the schedule I provided in this article may have noticed that I have no images of Court this day – That is because court was to be moved to the following morning due to the heat of when it was originally scheduled.


Court began with their Royal Majesties (TRM) announcing that they were to begin a custom of presenting medallions to the members of the Wolf’s Cub (Children recognized for their feats and service in the Kingdom of Ealdormere). To which all members of the Wolf’s Cub that were present were called forward and each presented a medallion.

TRM then invited all of the children present to come forward. Sir Gann had then taken the role of carrying a treasure chest, with which he made great haste his escape from court, only to be pursued by the young wolf pack who would catch him to earn the treasures within.

Lady Iolanda, Award of the Maiden’s Heart

Katla the Fiery, Award of Arms

THL Bjarn Aaronsson, aka “Emma’s dad” – Orion (for painting).

TRM called forward the Order of the Crucible, and inducted Lady Emelote of Calais, and John Moran.

TRM then called forward the Order of the Wain, and inducted Alais de Poitiers.

Their Majesties then sought out several who had been missed at earlier events,

Greite von Groenigen was thus given an Award of Orion.

Their Majesties called forward Baron Shahid and Baroness Catherine of Skraeling Althing, whom announced three couples as possible successors.

Their Majesties called forward Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton, who asked that her apprentice Sciath ingen Chaennaig be confirmed as an ollamh and incept within the University as a Companion of the Order of the Laurel.

Their Majesties concluded court with the announcement that all scheduled activities that day were to be cancelled due to the extreme heat, but all were welcome to stay for the rest of the event time period.

Martin, bard and wrangler of children, did Marshal for his planned activity of archery for the children – of which a very unfortunate Dragon Piniata was their target. Not even the royals could save it’s hide.

Back at the camping field, the majority of attendants were packing up and heading home. Many, who had a longer journey ahead, were packing up, but spending the night off site where the future held magic called air conditioning. Some decided to not wait to go to the wonders of the future, and instead brought it to camp, and enjoyed the air conditioning of their modern steel steeds. This was definitely a saving grace for a lot of people, so much so that those who did not have a vehicle with functioning air conditioning, were offered a seat in those that did. This, I am sure, prevented heat exhaustion from a number of our fellow camp mates.

In my case, I was grateful that I packed a large sea sponge that I liberally soaked and squeezed onto myself and others. Linen kerchiefs soaked and snapped a few times now and then and worn around the neck were highly effective for keeping cool. Others enjoyed foot baths in the shade.

Throughout the packing we took breaks in the shade. During these breaks we were able to find delightful treats of the wilderness along the tree line of plumb red Raspberries and Strawberries. Being in fruit at the same time was certainly peculiar to me. But most definitely did not stop me and others from enjoying these refreshments!

At peak heat, we were still helping pack camp. This was when our Baron decided to manifest his true form in this weather, and melted… (do not worry, he was fine – but is best picture depicting how we all felt that weekend)

After everyone who was leaving left, the camp was quite empty. Ramshaven had two tents, Skrael camp had a few personal sleeping tents, the Barbarians where mostly intact, those tenting in the far North Western edge of the field were mostly present, and the most thriving of us all was camp Rubber Boot.

Before dusk and sleeps, I took the time to hang out with Skrael and learned of these redesigned Bog Chairs by… Basketman at Pennsic? (this is liable to be updated later)

Then I learned of John’s Anachronistic Lanterns that used the faux fire LEDs that are becoming popular. He is pictured below holding this Lantern, which is solar powered and activated!

Post Dusk I wandered to where my spouse was, in the company of his Laurel, Lucrece de Montsoreau, and fellow apprentices at Camp Rubber Boot. (whom of which hosted us earlier that day as well, and where they shared bread, cheese, chicken wings (smoked on site!) and this wonderful food called AntiPesto – where have you been all my life?)

That night there was more food, including shenanigan causing sausages, and a whole slew of high end brew that I would not encounter anywhere else but here. Wowzers.

At camp they had this nifty fire box that was a “wood gas” design that burned off extra gas from the wood burning. Periodically there would be swirls of fire from the holes along the edge of the box. A very efficient design that requires a lot less wood for heat and light.

Bagpipes happened, and our hosts sang a number beautiful songs that lulled me to my bed.


We got up, packed camp quick and scurried home.

We survived. And I would do it again.

When finally settled at home it was still hot (30°C, Humidex 35°C), but compared to that weekend, a lot more bearable. So as I was working on this article I wore a T-shirt, soaked in cold water, trying to catch up on things, and wanting coffee while I work. So I made a Coffee Float.

It is still good to be home.

Thursday, 20 August 2020

Baron's Bruhaha, 2018

By Fáelán Ruadh ua Aodha [See the original post on her blog, complete with pictures.]

Baron’s Brouhaha is a weekend of medieval camping, combat, martial arts, drop in classes and festivities.

This year Brouhaha went from Friday July 13th to Sunday, July 15th.

(Here are the accounts of Baron’s Brouhaha the 3rd, and 4th)

‘Baron’s Brouhaha’ is hosted at Glyndmere (a 5 acre farm that is owned by Penda and Sibylla of Glyndmere), organized by the Canton of Northgeatham, in the Barony of Ramshaven, in the Kingdom of Ealdormere.

Martial Arts

The Armoured combat, rapier, and thrown weapons Fields!

I apologize that I have no photos of the Rapier Combatants – Very good bouts on their end too!

Arts & Science Classes

The Great Hall (barn in previous images) on-site is used for artisan activities and shelter from weather – later on for feast and court.


Their Excellencies had a couple of sheep in their entourage that needed names, which they held a naming competition for and announced the winning names at court. Sibylla of Glyndmere was the winning namer for both Sheep! Gaining the prize of the sheep candle holders.

Their Excellencies then began releasing their champions selected last year, and thanking them for their service with a token – Banners Marking The Champion’s Achievement and Year, made by His Excellency Penn of Ramshaven.

They also thanked their previous Rapier Champion, Lady Alienor la fileuse, and Archery Champion Lady Helga, all of whom could not make it to the event.

Their Excellencies then announced that the word for this year was (and is) “Song”, whether written, performed, requested, or otherwise supported.

As a result, there will be multiple Bardic Champions over the course of this year. With that they called forth Lady Hlaefdige Sibylla of Glyndmere in recognition of her service creating songbooks for their time on the High Seats, to be their first Bardic Champion, who would stand until Coronation.

Their Excellencies of Ramshaven then began to call forth their new Champions to fill in the place left by those before them.

Lord Wulfric of the Blackwoods, Armoured Combat Champion, presented with the tabard and shield.

Their Archery and Thrown Weapons champions had been selected from Tournaments at FOOL: Meistres Wencendl of Rokesburg for Archery, and Ivan syn Irina for Thrown Weapons.

Mic Cillian the Pirate was then called forth. Their Excellencies Penn and Lucia noted that Mic Cillian had been with us for a year now, and in celebrating his contributions to Bardic circles at Trillium War, their Excellencies presented Mic Cillian with his Guidon de Sang, and declared that, as lovely a people as the Norgoth Barbarians are, Mic Cillian the Pirate is claimed by Ramshaven. Huzzah! I mean, Wassail! ahem…

Their Excellencies then thanked their assembled nobility for attending, and closed their court.

Their Royal Highnesses, resuming their court, called forth His Excellency Ramshaven, Baron Penn de Moranza. In recognition of his skill in the arts of cookerie – specifically his “porcine pursuits” in creating sausages and bacon – Their Highnesses, on behalf of Their Majesties, presented him with his Award of the Orion.

Their Highnesses then called forth for the newcomers, and all delighted in four new gentles attending the Thrones. They were presented with gifts of newcomers’ cups, as is our Tradition.

Their Highness then called forth the Event Staff to attend them, and, lavishing praise on their Excellencies Penda and Sibylla for the generosity of opening their home to everyone, presented them with gifts to share amongst their staff – some of which included candles that had gone to Trillium War and were a touch… melty.

Finally, the Marshals of the various Tournaments were called forth. On the armoured combat list, Lord Wulfric reported two tournaments were held. The winner of the All-Day Bear Pit was His Excellency Penda, and the victor of the Speed Tourney was His Grace Sir Edward the Red.

On the Thrown Weapons Tournament, Lord Guoillauc filius Brancu noted that there were a record number of people trying thrown weapons for the first time – at least, in his experience. For the Blackjack Tournament, there were a number of winners, whom he asked to stand and be recognized. The Yeoman of the Wolf tournament was won by none other than himself.

Their Highnesses thanked the assembled nobility of the realm for joining them at the event, and let it be known that, being this their first time in attendance, they look forward to many years of future attendance. All business being complete, Court was then closed.

Thanks to Dietrich von Sachsen, Green Mantle (acting as herald for their Highnesses) for providing this account of court to accompany the images.


After court a pot-luck feast was held,

Settlers of the Ram continued again this year – a card based game where you gained a set of cards when you register at Gate, and earned more at each activity you participate in during the event, then use them to enter door prizes that were drawn after Feast.Regretfully I did not take photos of all the prizes available – there were many, the majority being handcrafted goods, from weavings, cups, bowls and beads to metalworkings, bags, lamps and mead, all made by members of the Society. All great prizes to be sure. I managed to win a wonderful trim made by the Blackwood sisters that may find its way onto a certain regalia.


I may not have had photos of axe throwing that I thoroughly enjoyed that day, but I did document the many spear throws at Will after Feast. (The dummy was named Will)

After such fun throwing at Will, I decided it best that I start the fire for Bardic Circle before dark. Notably the day had been very humid, and thus was having trouble starting my charred cloth with my Chert and Steel. His Grace, Sir Edward the Red, noticing my struggle (and being the very person who taught me how to use chert and steel to begin with) came over and taught me a new method that is far easier to start chard cloth. But even then it was not starting. So, mentally tucking away that new trick for a future use, I took out my modern magnesium striker and file – which worked! Once I got the fire a goodly size *Sizes may appear larger if Rua is present* I filled my cup with the drinks that our hosts provided, and took out my djembe – playing out to bring forth the populace for Bardic Circle.

Bardic Circle

Bardic was a lot of fun that evening, and to much of our delight, our new guests were familiar with some of our songs – due to Lady Heather Dale’s prevalence as a modern day singer and song writer who had her beginnings in the SCA.

We also sang Diggy Diggy Hole – there was a large variety of songs.

Get our latest Ramshaven Song book here!

Our new comers were so impressive in their contributions to Bardic Circle – On Their Very First SCA Event! – They were each gifted a ring by our resident bards (as is our custom in Ealdormere in acknowledging those who inspire us in our Society). WASSAIL!

Sunday Smithing

Sunday, our host Penda of Glyndmere, started up his forge and taught smithing to those who were interested. This was our third Baron’s Brouhaha, but our first time being able to stay and participate in the Smithing!

Brouhaha was such a good time, I had to remind myself to make use of my camera to capture it! Thank you to our hosts, Penda and Sibylla for using your farm, and all of Northgeatham for their work in making this event possible. I hope to join you all here for many years to come!

Baron's Howe, 2019

By Fáelán Ruadh ua Aodha [See the original post on her blog, complete with pictures.]

Baron’s Howe is a Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) event in the Kingdom of Ealdormere (covers most of the Province of Ontario, Canada) in the Shire of Brennisteinn Vatn (covers the cities of Sault Ste. Marie, Sudbury and North Bay).

You can view previous coverage of this event here.

This year the event went from Friday August 31st to Monday September 3rd.

As far as events go, this is by far the most relaxed, most forested, and the only one with such a distinct landscape feature known as “The Bowl”.

The weather, however, tends towards rain this time of year and can become cold at night. Which, for the seasoned camper is not a problem. This year ended up with forecasts for most of Sunday into Monday being Thunderstorms. So attendance was down and most who did attend, stayed through Friday to Saturday. Myself and my family were unable to get the Friday off, so we wanted to stay for the rest of it.

Since I missed the previous day and following morning, I inquired how that went. I was thus informed that on Saturday morning there was loud clanging in the camp, which roused the King into investigating the source of the racket and inform them that such noise is not appropriate so early in camp, only to find out that the clanging was to and had just scared off a nearby bear.

I should be proactive in pointing out that since this is a well forested region of Ontario, bears and other wildlife are around. But with a large number of people and proper food making and storage practices (keep your site clean, and food in sealed containers – ideally placed in a vehicle, not in your tent) wildlife encounters are not a major concern. Many a northern folk are accustomed to seeing the odd bear and in this case I gathered that the bear was just as surprised to find humans suddenly occupying the area and then went on their way.

Shortly after arriving and finishing setting up our camp Court was called.

Court of King Baldric and Queen Breyla

Here is the account of Court as recorded by His Excellency, and Herald, Justinian Clarus,

This is the Report of the Court of King Baldric and Queen Breyla
Held on the First Day of September
in the 53rd Year of Our Society
at the Battle of Baron’s Howe.
The Court opened with singing, led by the Kingdom Bard.
Their Majesties awarded Arms to
Svana Lotharsdottir
Gaius Ulrich
Njáll Eriksson
Spana Otkaltasdottir
Their Majesties gave a welcome goblet to one lady who was at her first event.
Their Majesties thanked the event staff.
Court concluded with the singing of “Rise”
-Court report submitted by Baron The Honourable Justinian Clarus, Herald-At-Large

At the beginning of court there was the tradition of the Children’s Treasure Chase – a treasure box of toys is given to an appointed adult who then runs and the children chase them down to gain a treasure gift. This event happened to have the one child.


After court I set off on my task this weekend as new Shire Herald – gathering the signatures for the new Heraldry and Name we worked on online for the Shire!

The Shire has been waiting a long time for this change, having been left off many years ago when the three Shires of the north amalgamated into one and Brennistein Vatn being the place holder until a new Device and Name was done to represent the Shire’s new form.

I am glad to report that I gathered the signatures of all the Shire Folk present, submitted the forms and is now just a matter of time!


Soon after dusk His Majesty graced the presence of the nascent House Blackthorn who provided ample hospitality – namely in the form of homemade mead that Gaius Ulrich is known for.

In that time there was a question asked of King Baldric, to which his answer captivated this House and those accompanying them. The following is an account of what transpired,

I was there at Baron’s Howe, when King Baldric I of Ealdormere, spoke of his thoughts on inclusion in this, Our Beloved Society. 
To truly understand the words he spoke, one must know a bit of his own past- he was a paratrooper. An Infanteer. The Man’s Man of Soldiering. Not generally considered a haven for inclusion and tolerance. 
Yet, that is not Our King, Baldric Leeman. 
We were sitting around the campfire, songs were sung, and libations were drank, and a good time was being had by all. The issue of exclusion in the Society came up, and His Majesty spoke eloquently about certain events. I do not remember his exact verbiage, as I too were libated and sung! 
I turned to His Majesty, and said simply “What are your thoughts on inclusion in the Society, Your Majesty?” 
I did not know what to expect to hear, but after his expression of support for those who stood tall in the face of discrimination and hate, I knew I would be glad to hear it. 
As I said before, I was indeed libated; I do not remember the exact words, and more’s the pity for all who did not hear them. What I do remember, was the.. Love he felt towards the Society. He spoke of the stupidity of judging others on the colour of their skin, or their religious beliefs, or their gender or orientation. He spoke of accepting the people who we sometimes don’t get along with, because everyone had something of value to bring to the society. If someone behaves with Honour, and Courtesy, and Respect, how could anyone find honest fault with them? 
All of us have our burdens, so why add to them? Why not accept someone, and strive as hard as we can to make every SCAdian welcome at every fire. To bring together all of the people, no matter their identity, is what this Society was founded upon. 
King Baldric quoted Shakespeare to us. 
We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
For he to-day that sheds his blood with me
Shall be my brother; be he ne’er so vile, 
The Fire Crackled, Gentle Reader. Not a single sound could be heard over our King’s speech. Our breath was held as he continued, speaking of acceptance, and caring for each other as though we were all one happy family. No one standing outcast for being different.
I have not known King Baldric for long. I only met him a few months ago at Murder Melee. I shared my mead with him, and with all my heart that act has great meaning to me now. His Majesty has drank of my mead, and I am glad of it. An act which, historically, holds significance. A bond. 
I hope that one day, we will drink Mead, sing songs, and laugh together again. I am but a humble Roman, but I assure you of this, I am glad to have met King Baldric Leeman I. I am gladder still that a man such as He is my King. 
Long Live King Baldric! Long Live Queen Breyla! Long Live Ealdormere. 
-Gaius Ulrich, the Shire of Brennisteinn Vatn, Kingdom of Ealdormere

Alas, I was not present for this, as I only made my way to the camp of House Blackthorn after his Majesty bid those who he passed a good night. It was a merry camp with much song and libation. I had brought out my djembe and we played and sung deep into the night. The passing rains could not hinder the spirit of this house! Their fire roared ever on!


The next morning we chatted and crafted away in the shelter of Laura and Cesare’s canopy.

Come noon, many broke camp and headed home. Sadly this included the Axe Throwing Range that I had not got around to throwing at this year. NEXT TIME! Thanks Dan and Jo-ann for providing the range for the event!

On leaving an idea was proposed to help it be less rainy in the future, appeasing Baron – the Horse who once lived on these grounds and gave rides and is buried there. Hence the event’s name. One idea that got everyone most excited was making a Chalk Horse on the Ridge of The Bowl of Baron for Baron. And each year it can be maintained at the event of Baron’s Howe. We shall see if anything comes of this.

Those who stayed were willing to brave what storms to come.

In the end, the storms held off the whole of the day and into the night! Does Baron like the idea then???

In the last hours of the day Arnora busted out some Bubbles!

After everyone went to bed and began to sleep a fierce storm crashed through the area. Lightening was flashing almost every minute. The rain was so heavy that once you thought that it could not get heavier, it did. Counting the time from lightening flash to thunder rumble, the worst of it stayed a long way away. But it was flashing so much that I needed to cover my head with my cloak in order to get some shut eye.

Come morning the area was calm and cloudy. Our tent ended up being a lot less wet than expected and were able to pack up without much problem and managed to be off before the next predicted wave of weather came through.

I had a great time, caught up with old friends and made some new ones. I do not plan on missing this event come next year and I invite you to join me then!

Fruits of our Labours, 2019

By Fáelán Ruadh ua Aodha [See the original post on her blog, complete with pictures.]

‘Fruits Of Our Labours’ – FOOL – is an annual Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) event in the Kingdom of Ealdormere (covers most of the Province of Ontario, Canada)

In the Barony of Ramshaven (Kitchener/Waterloo, Guelph, Cambridge, Bruce and Grey County – West of Highway 6)

Organized by the Canton of Bryniau Tywynnog (Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge), FOOL is a whole weekend of classes on the making of pre-1600 things.

This was the event’s 12th year and went from Friday May 17th to Monday May 20th.

Rua’s Wrangling Of The Arts & Sciences

My goals this year was to get more familiar with the Arts and Sciences of the materials I was already working with. Therefore it was with a focus on the Fiber Arts because I had local sheep wool that I had cleaned and was ready for the next steps, and I have been working with linen thread and cloth for clothing. On top of that I now have a bit of land of my own that allows more experimenting with these mediums – a lot of the wet messy side of these arts are only an option when you have a yard. Both of these materials are also a reflection of my growing up on a farm and desiring to know a life I could have lived in this time, as well as wanting to make some of my own sustainable ‘mundane’¹ clothing in fashions that I have yet to find.

With that I attended Flax Processing, Beginning Spinning, What to do with Raw Fleece, Alchemy 101 (with a focus on dying fibers), and Silk Painting.

I would have liked to have gotten into the sewing and embroidery classes but the scheduling worked out better this way and involved less running around. Besides it happened to be a great way learn the fiber crafts in the order of how things were made.

Flax Processing

The Flax Processing class was taught by Anne of Saffron Walden, who this past March at Kingdom Arts & Science, was made a Laurel for her work in making a tunic from scratch – like from the literal ground scratch (her documented journey can be found here). So if you are going to learn from anyone in Kingdom about this, this is the person to learn it from.

We began with an introduction covering how to grow flax, when to harvest, Rippling, Rivelling, Winnowing, Retting, Grassing, Drying and Storage (her own blog covers this well if you want details on those steps).

Then came the activity part of the class, first with Breaking:

Next came Scutching – a process to remove as much of the broken stalk/boon/shives from the fibre as possible using a wooden scutching knife and board, on the thigh, and held up in the air:

After Scutching comes Hackling, a series of combs the flax is brushed through where the remaining boon is removed from the fibers and the fibers are separated from each other:

And the last step in the process – Spinning! But there is something to keep in mind for that step to be successful – remembering which side was Top of the grass, and which side was Toe! With that you store your finished bundles the same direction so spinning is easier. One hint is that the fibers naturally twirl Earthwise (direction the earth spins) (widdershins / counter-clockwise).

The other hint is that the flax buds can be found on the Top.

The Other Fiber Arts Classes

I had not taken any photos of the Beginning Spinning class by Yngvildr Ádísardóttir or What To Do With Fleece class by Aibhilin. I feel sheepish about that.

Yngvildr was a very patient instructor who did a wonderful job helping me get a better handle on the spinning side of things and my confidence grew substantially from taking this class. Whenever Yngvildr is available she is open to sharing how to get your spin on beyond this class if you want to learn more.

Already being well past lunch hour without eating breakfast – I had slept in and ran for my first class of the day. I ended up nomming an apple during Aibhilin’s fleece class which was a poor choice in timing on my part as this was prewashed sheep fleece and most definitely not something to combine food with – so I observed, listened and asked what few questions I had for the pre washed side of things, having brought my own washed wool that I already learned the hard way from. I truly wish I had taken this class prior to my first forays into dealing with fleece because some otherwise fine projects have been wasted from not knowing it was better to toss a portion than trying to salvage the whole thing. I definitely got a better grasp on the combing side of wool and how to gather it for storage.

Outside The Fiber Forays And Into The Moots and Metals

Several of the guilds happened to have Moots scheduled during the event and I happened to be a member to most of these guilds and as someone who only manages to get to about 4 events a year, these are opportunities I should not miss. So I attended the Vexillology Moot, Bardic Moot, and the Heraldry Moots, which meant that there was little time for much else, but well used time none-the-less.

It was hard not to notice how the Moneyers scheduled coin making classes – it was for both days all weekend. Done so in a way that if you wanted to make your own to keep you could either attended all of them in order that one day, or the next, or spread it out between the two days of the weekend. This would enable so many people to complete that process that I felt that it was well planned and executed, which made me think that even I could manage to squeak it in. But alas, I committed myself thoroughly. Here is to hoping it happens again next year – and that I am able to attend that year!

The other class that I was keenly interested in was bronze casting – mostly because the persona I do for the SCA is Pictish / Dal Riata and earlier (generally Old Irish, Early Celtic studies) and bronze was the most common metal used in that time. Not to mention that Lost Wax Casting is so mesmerizing to me. That and Repousse. *drool*

Another art I have been eyeing for a long time now, but wanted to ensure I could fully commit before starting, was Scribal arts. I already do graphic design and tilted that toward armory in the Heraldry Guild and I want to get a more solid footing in that field and establish a proper work station to complete any scribing I start. Otherwise it is liable to get set aside somewhere and lost with my habits – I have come to know my limits.

Needless to say, I had to remind myself that I was already spreading my projects thin and needed to get current projects off of the table before I took on a new one. Otherwise I probably would die from a falling pile of projects.


Court began with their Excellencies of Ramshaven Penn and Lucia de Moranza calling forth their Baronial Champions with thanks for their year’s service and release from duty, and then summoned this year’s new Baronial Champions – Dawn Galbraith as Rapier Champion, Sibylla of Glyndmere as Armoured Champion, Guoillauc filius Brancu as Bardic Champion, and Catriona inghean Ragnaill as Ranged Champion.

Dorothea af Holm was recognized for their dedicated work and gifted a Guidon de Sang – Ramshaven’s official service award.

Then came Dietrich von Sachsen and Emer nic Aiden bearing a gift to aid in the Barony’s battle skills and tactics, a game of “Battle Sheep”.

Æthelbert of Whitstone Isle was then recognized for his long time… service… to the Barony as First Punnister.

Their Excellencies then announced that the year of Song has wrapped up and their 3rd Word of The Year is Hospitality – calling all within Ramshaven to look deeply into ourselves, and share generously and with kindness, to help strike back against the creeping push from the mundane world to close our hearts and doors.

Their Majesties Roak Khan and Hyrrokin Khan Begam then called court.

Summoning The Order of The Crucible, their majesties addressed that the order wanted a new member to join their ranks and called forth Æthelbert of Whitstone Isle, recognizing his leatherwork, in particular in shoe making:

“Rest your feet awhile, yet gentles good,
And hear the words of Roak Khan,
And those of Hyrokkin, Khan Begam.
The reputation of Æthelbert
Is not just a load of old cobblers.
Lets us thus wax eloquently in his praise.
For word-fame lasts; this sole of diligence –
No cowmouth’d vagabond is he.
But his works speak with a most supple tongue
Which ensure he does not get off the wrong foot.
Needles to say, and not put too fine a point on it,
Such works deserve swift reward, hell-for-leather!
For as the ancients say: “If the shoe fits,
“Then a Crucible we make for skill and wits!”
Done this 18th Day of May, Anno Societatis LIV, as we sit our thrones at the great faire of Fruits Of Our Labours, in our Canton of Bryniau Tywynnog.
wording by Dietrich von Sachsen. Leather Apron by Mjoll Ulfsdottir

Following this their majesties, as is customary of Ealdormere, summoned those who this was their first event and gifted them cups. And then acknowledged and thanked the event organizers for their work in making FOOL happen.

A Change In Weather

By the end of Sunday, when most people would be thinking about or preparing their evening meal, the winds had picked up drastically and the clouds looked ominous. Some of the tents had blown down and looking at the forecast revealed a hefty storm was imminent. News spread quickly and the entire encampment was packed up practically in an hour. Being far travellers ourselves, we would not set out on a 7 hour drive that evening and instead stayed that evening with those who were sticking around in the lodgings and crashed with family who lived in the nearby city.

While everyone was packing, their excellencies offered to cook what they had at the Anneke Kitchen and turn it into a potluck for those staying. It was lovely little gathering and I had the opportunity to present the current status of the Ramshaven Barony Arts & Science Regalia, which garnered some volunteers for the project and ideas forward. Hopefully this will be complete and ready to present this summer.

The evening then transitioned into bardic circle – the second of the weekend – and was gathered at the Tavern, away from the harsh weather. It was warm and full of song and merriment – as good as a bardic circle can be expected to be. Before long I had to part ways with my companions and venture back into the mundane¹ world. Until we meet again – Waes Hael!

[1] ‘Mundane’ is a colloquial term within the SCA that refers to regular modern day clothing as opposed to SCA – pre-1600 clothing.

Trillium War 2019

 By Fáelán Ruadh ua Aodha [See the original post on her blog, complete with pictures.]

Within the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA, A pre-1600’s European Contact Living History Society), the Kingdom of Ealdormere (most of the Province of Ontario, Canada) hosts one of it’s largest annual events during the Canada Day Long Weekend (The weekend closest to July 1st). TRILLIUM WAR. This year it ran from Thursday, June 27 to Monday, July 1.

Trillium War is annually hosted in the Barony of Septentria (South Central Ontario & Greater Toronto Area), organized by The Canton of Ard Chreag (Scarborough-Pickering-Ajax-Whitby-Oshawa-Markham).

Trillium War is a big gathering of all the kingdom filled with Heavy Combat, Rapier, Arts & Science classes, Ranged Field Martial Arts (axe / knife / spear throwing, and archery), Pageantry of Court, Merchant Market, Bardic Circles, and a fantastic atmosphere of comradery.

This year’s event was dedicated to Patrika Aurelia Gabriana who lost her battle with Cancer in March 2019. Trillium War would not exist without her as we are hosted on their lands, and as a Laurel (the highest order recognized in skill and education in Arts & Sciences in our society) has made a large impact on those around them that will inspire many for many years to come. The Celebration of the life of Patrika Aurelia Gabriana was hosted on Saturday 2-5pm where participants were encouraged to bring an item or items that she made to show off her incredible skill and share stories, as well as bring a project being worked on to share ideas and inspire each other.

With each year of Trillium War there is a theme, and this year’s theme is “A Monster Among Us: Beowulf and Grendel”. The following scheduled activities were set to the theme,

Children’s Schedule

“Quest For Grendl’s Kin”
(a youth combat quest through the Trillium Village to hunt and defeat Grendl’s Kin before they can raid the village) organized by Baroness Seonag

“Beowulf Show” (a play performed by the Children, organized by Mistress Emma Dansmeyla, Master Martin Bidner & Lady Ellaire de Troyes)

“Sew Yourself A Monster” (children’s craft) by Ellaire de Troyes

Along with the themed events, the Children had water games, assorted Arts & Science – including Shield Painting – aslo by Ellaire de Troyes, youth rapier, youth archery (bean bag and night shoot), and youth bardic circle.

Marshalled Activities

Armoured Combat

“Ambush of Beowulf” (Beowulf’s team in a square building attacked from large door. Last man standing (3 Times) 1 pt per win);

“Assassination of Beowulf” (Assassination of Beowulf – Beowulf single sword or greatsword – must be protected by their team. If Beowulf dies, Beowulf’s side loses. (3 times) 1 pt per win)

“Grand Melee – Beowulf vs Grendel” (Last fighter standing 1 pt per surviving team – 3 pts for other side if Grendel or Beowulf die (Grendel needs to lose ALL body parts to die (arm, arm, leg, leg, body, head))

“Hunt for Grendel”(Grendel must die (Grendel needs to lose ALL body parts to die (arm, arm, leg, leg, body, head))

Thanks to the Marshal in Charge, Count Sir Baldric for running the field

Rapier Combat

“The Might of Beowulf” (There can be only one Beowulf to lead them. Are you Beowulf? Test your self in this warlord melee tournament)

“Grendel Attacks: Valhalla circle of death” (Each combatant for themselves, death puts you on the sidelines, resurrection comes at the death of the one who killed you. The circle of life continues till one stands alone, Grendel.)

“Beowulf vs Grendel” (Combatants are grouped int team Beowulf vs team Grendel ( captains decided the previous day’s melees may negotiate their teams the night before). Final teams at the discretion of the MIC..gotta be fair. Last man standing 1 pt per surviving team – 3 pts for other side if Grendel or Beowulf die (Grendel needs to lose ALL body parts to die (arm, arm, leg, leg, body, head))

Thanks to the Marshal in Charge, Maestra Jocelyn Cranewell for running the field


“Monster Mash Shoot”

“Night shoot (maybe with monsters!)”

Thanks to the Marshal in Charge, Master Gunther Walstadt of Bremen for running the field

Thrown Weapons

“Coin Toss” (Throw knives and coins to score points. The more coins you get the better chance you will be hired to defend against the monster)

“Window Slot” (Throw axes between the bars of a window to hit the monster outside)

“Flying spear” (Can you throw a spear and hit the flying monsters?)

Thanks to the Marshal in Charge, The Honourable Lord Ulvar van der Nederlanden for running the field

Annual Marshall Events

Close Combat had their annual “Tournament of the Roses”

The Order of the Rose is an order of current and former Royal consorts – the person in the royal couple who did not win the crown by right of arms. The Tournament of the Roses is where each member of the Order of the Rose sponsors a teams of unbelted fighters (non-Knights) as their Champions.

“O’Dark- Torchlight Tournament(s)” (torches light the field and all participating combatants follow the given fighting theme). This year had an Atlantian Speed Tournament Format, and Great Weapon Torchlight.

For the Ranged Combat (Archery and Thrown Weapons) the Yeoman of the Wolf (a ranged weapon martial company within the Kingdom of Ealdormere) hosted “Royal Rounds” (6 arrows at 20, 30 and 40 yds and a speed round of unlimited arrows at 20 yds in 30 sec.), “Seasonal Archery Shoot” (The seasonal in archery is a shoot that changes quarterly and is run Society wide. This summer it is a castle window-type shoot), and “Yeoman of the Wolf Shoot / Throw” (slot shoot/throw with varying slot angles)

The Aurelia Gabriana Trillium War School

For Classes we had

“Kick Wheel Pottery Throwing” – a drop in that ran all weekend ran by Keja,


“Intro To Spoon Carving” ran by John Spooner, “Kursi (Curonian) Head Wrap” by Lucia de Enzinas

“Roman Hairstyles (that you don’t need a slave for!)” by Kaisa Haapalainen

“Stylin’ Series: Florentine Stitch Embroidery” by Constance of Caldrithig

“Tassels: finish your accessories with style” by Amelye Merriman

“Teaching in the SCA” by Xristina Viacheslavova

“Camping with CPAP” by Brendan Hunterson


“Making Glass Beads” by Rufus of Stamford

“Medieval Embroidery 101” by Anne of Saffron Walden

“Open Scriptorium” (An informal Calligraphy and Illumination gathering) with teachers Mistress Marioun Golightly, The Honorable Lord Adnar, Maistresse Alais, and The Honorable Lord Elsebeth Ffarberyn.

“2nd Annual Dyers Roundtable” Led by Anne Tinker and Orlaith of Bearhall

“Herald’s Meeting” (Annual Meeting of the College of Heralds) led by Trillium Herald Rylan Buchanan

“Basic Kumihimo for Beginners” by Aoibheann MacEwan

“Axe Sheath & Knife Sheath Making” by Æthelbert of Whitstone Isle and Henry Foster

“Basics of Wet Felting” by Maegwynn Skrautibrok

“Persona Development – Camping Edition” by Scaith ingen Chaennaig

“The 19th Annual Trillium Wars Memorial Brewing Competition” hosted by Lady Kaolin of Ard Chreag

“Basic Rope Making” by His Excellency Duncan Gabh MacLeod, this class is the same as the year before which I documented thoroughly and can be viewed here.


“Medieval Embroidery 201, Prerequisite Medieval Embroidery 101” once again taught by Anne de Saffron Walden

“Alchemy 201: Saponification” taught by Her Excellency Lucia de Moranza

“White Wolf Fian Meeting” (An Ealdormere Arts & Science Challenge Club) led by Laura Battista

“Styln’ Series: Opus Anglicanum Embroidery” by Constance of Caldrithig

Classes I attended this year were Teaching in the SCA, Herald’s Meeting, Basics of Wet Felting, and Alchemy 201: Saponification.

The Teaching in the SCA class was probably the one I got the most out of since what was taught applied far beyond just SCA teaching and is easily applicable to all teaching and learning scenarios. Other than that the lessons from that class really did help give me confidence to consider and plan to run classes in the future. Just having the layout available to write up and practice from allows for creating a number of prepared classes that can be quickly referenced and updated when there is an opportunity to teach, especially if there is a call for what you can teach.

The Herald’s Meeting was productive and I managed to note and forward all the topics of interest / feedback / concern in hard copy so that we can advance on those areas and avoid these issues from being lost or forgotten and rehashed as often happens in animated discussions such as what we had. Lots of learning and room to grow. To which I intend to run a intro into Heraldry class at Baron’s Howe this year – combining the call for expanding populace familiarity with heraldry from the Heraldry Meeting and teaching my first class from being inspired by ‘Teaching in the SCA’!

The last class I took was Basics of Wet Felting, which is an area that I wanted to get a better grasp on and expand on for a number of personal projects as Wool is an easily accessible product that fits well with my historical persona (Early Celtic / Dal Riata / Pictish). Along with the fact that I love felt for winter clothing and decor, most of which is not my persona’s realm but Mongolian and so I will either create a Mongolian Persona or incorporate it into my mundane life. This class was really good for getting a handle on 3D objects such as mittens. We Felted a Rock! I was playing with the idea of turning this felted paper weight into a cat toy, via removing the rock inside and putting treats in, but with this Heraldry class, I have dry erase markers and the felt works great as a dry eraser on top of keeping materials from blowing away during the outdoor class. So it turns out all three of these classes had a direct connection to each other!


Court was held Saturday Evening. Being a far away member, I do not get to participate in many SCA events, and therefore a lot of people are unfamiliar to me still. So I am going make this section a wall of photos and a couple of animated gifs for your viewing pleasure.


As for the Merchants present, we had
Augustyn, Medieval Inspired Furniture – wood furniture
Cellar’s Hoard & Mythical Merchant
Katrina Bates – potter
Seonag & Strenwold – The Pie Hole
Selwyn’s Pottery – potter
Dea Flemming – Preserves
Breanna Hopkins – Embroidery and wood bowls
Valkyrie UnderWares – Shifts and Braes

Camp & Bardic

The whole weekend had lovely weather and bardic night was as good as you could expect, starting the night with the Children’s Bardic Circle filled with joy and fun, followed with many talented bards contributing songs and a few new songs were learned that surely will make another appearance. I personally hope to hear “To The Tune Of Army” again. I am reminded that I really should get more familiar with some songs in order to sing them by heart, close to doing that for a few, and once I have several down, then I would feel confident in flying the Bard Banner at campfires at night as an invitation for Bardic Circle. Perhaps the next event I attend that will happen

Trillium War was once again a fabulous event and as usual I never have enough time to visit all my friends and there are always new ones to visit every year. In many ways it is a good problem to have. If I missed you this year, I will try to catch you next time!

Thank you to the event staff for pulling off this great annual favorite once again! Wassail!