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Our Homeland, Beloved Ealdormere: Appendix 1


Those of you who did not attend the event in West Yorvik will not be aware of the delicate status of our region's name. Though the administrative regions of Pentamer, Northshield etc, etc, seemed to give no problem, the Bod is not interested in smaller official regions. Therefore Ealdormere is NOT an official administrative region, but an unofficial one.

Duke Sir Finnvarr presented a beautifully worded petition to her Majesty during dinner (note: dinner, not court) which I hope will be published in Ursus, which asked if the region mundanely known as Ontario could call itself for the pur-poses of SCA correspondance itself -unofficially- Ealdormere. Her Majesty granted us the right to call ourselves Ealdormere under those circumstances, recognizing that we are not an official region, but that we needed a name to report under other than Ontario. (You really must look at the wording of the original, and you needed to be there to hear her Majesty's graciously worded acceptance. Neither transgressed SCA rulings, yet allow us to escape the embarassment of 'Ontario' and express some of our character.

The voting on the totem animal took place during dinner. It was by signature and no winner was announced. This may be because some signatures were indecipherable (and of course, it did not take into account those who could not write!). No results were announced at that time, though it seemed to me that the Wolf had more signatures. I expect the result will either be published in URSUS, or Duke Finnvarr will let us know.

Just before dinner, I joined Baron Aedan and Baroness Kaffa in Baronial Court at their request, so that the last declarations could be made for the Ealdormere Championship Tourney. Most of you will remember we had some concern about making a good case for Llewellyn (given that he had to declare BEFORE Royal Court) since he was not an armiger.

 As it turned out, fully half of those declaring either were not armigerous themselves, or were fighting for a non-armiger. Llewellyn and Lord Rheinald's lady were the only ones to be made armigerous that night, and it was nice to see that the exception procedure was justified—there were many worthy declarants and consorts who were not armigerous. The procedure followed was that the would be fighters came up to the front, knelt, and one after the other declared their intent. Some were fairly brief, others much more flowery. (anyone who thought I don't blush ...) If the person or his consort was not armigerous, he appealed to the populace, for 12 armigerous people (or more!) to stand to vouch for the non-armiger. looked quite dramatic, with beautifully dressed- people standing up all over the hall.

After most of the declarations had taken place, Lady Searu declared. No lack of people were found to stand up for David. I believe this makes two ladies fighting, Lady Ciara being the other.

There is a total of about 20 persons fighting, I believe, including Duke Finnvarr for Lady Ragni, Baron Torbin for Lady Aelflaeda, Lord Aescferth for Lady Jane, and Lord Llewellyn for Baroness Enid. Sir Hugo and Lady Rowena each had an entry in the Arts and Sciences competition as per the tourney rules; I do not know if they have declared for the Tourney or not--my understanding is that they will have to do so in Baronial court by May 1.

Unto Their Majesties:

For nearly ten years now, our region, mundanely known as Ontario, has been an active part of Your Majesties’ realm. In that time we have performed many deeds for the greater glory of the Middle Kingdom: we have supplied three monarchs to the Dragon Throne, added six worthy members to its Peerage; we have fought ably and loyally at the Pennsic War, in the Meridian Wars and against An Tir on the far prairies; we have laboured long and worthily in the arts and sciences, as you well know. We have built two baronies to enhance the dignity of Your Crown.

What worthy things we have done in the pursuits of war and peace, and in service, we have accomplished because we have worked together. Our shared labours and attainments in the Society unite us even more than the considerable ties of geography and nationality. This has in fact been long recognized by Your predecessors and the officers of the Crown, who have encouraged us to cooperate in this manner.

To this point, however, we have had no word to symbolize our community than the mundane designation of Ontario, which should have no place in our Current Middle Ages. Rather than use this, we have chosen the name Ealdormere. We realize that under the rules of the College of Arms that such a name cannot be official but we ask a favour of Your Majesties, that we be allowed to use Ealdormere in our communications with the Crown; for in our relations with You there should be nothing mundane. The people of Your loyal baronies and shires in this region would take it as a most welcome encouragement of our efforts to grow and mature within the Society whose ideals we all serve.

(no signature)

We are minded to grant this favor, in honor of the cooperation between the dual baronies and their service to the Middle Kingdom.

Fern R.

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