Sunday, 27 October 2013

Late Winter Shoot 2008

 By Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton

Just as Winter War is the traditional opening of the Melee Season, archers look to Late Winter Shoot to knock the rust off of their arrows and prepare for the upcoming archery season.  The event always attracts many archers from around Ealdormere as well as visitors from AEthelmearc. This year was no exception, with over 40 archers taking the line.  This year also saw the addition of a new activity, with thrown weapons enthusiasts bearing the chilly temperatures and the melting snow to toss a few knives and axes.
The tournament results had a distinctly southern flavour to them. The morning’s Winter Shot was won by Baron Caleb (the new Baron of the Rhydderich Hael) with 158 points, followed by Lord Robert Guerin with 135 points and Sir Evander with 118 points.  The afternoon Winter Shoot was won by Baron Connor Bowsplitter, also of the Rhydderich Hael, with 164 points, followed by Baron Caleb (despite a spectacular crossbow failure near the end of the shoot) with 147 points, and Lord Aodhan with 138 points.   Baron Connor also won the Novelty Shoot.

After the tournaments ended, a short Baronial Court was held on the range.  Prizes of leather satchels and pouches were awarded to the tourney winners.  Bohemond from Caer Draeth was awarded a Bear’s Heart for his efforts in securing an  archery site for regular practices.  Lady Mahhilde de Valonges was awarded a Golden Bear for her many skills. A brass arrowhead to recognize archery promotion in Petrea Thule was passed on to THL Dafydd ap Sion.  TE Percival and Christiana noted this was the first anniversary of the announcement of their succession as Baron and Baroness of Septentria and thanked all for a wonderful first year.

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