Sunday, 27 October 2013

Forecast for Hell: - 40 degrees (Huntsman’s Harvest 2008)

By Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton

Who, may you ask, is the unknown fighter in the picture on p. 5 whose arms are not shown? Well believe it or not that shield bears the arms of none other than the Baron of Septentria, Percival de la Rocque. The pictures were taken at Huntsman's Harvest in Ben Dunfirth over the Thanksgiving weekend and depict Baron Percival fighting his authorization bout against Count Trumbrand the Wanderer. His Excellency Percival scored a killing thrust to win not only the bout but his Authorization in Sword & Shield and Dagger (Thrusting).

Following the discovery of some magical armour that offers protection to his less than healthy back and with the approval of his Barber Surgeon, Percival sought out and travelled to a Top Secret training facility hidden in the mountains to the west of Septentria and over this past summer has struggled to learn the skills needed to accomplish this goal. Septentria, Our lands are safe in the hands of a Baron who can lift sword to defend them should the need arise and our King call forth our troops to war 

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