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Our Homeland, Beloved Ealdormere: Appendix 4

Appendix 4


INTRODUCTION: Even though there has been no decision as to the final design of the new principality arms as yet, time has come to start the process that will end in the creation of our new regalia. It will take about one year from the start of this process until the completion of the first pieces (based on the experience of producing the kingdom crowns). This process breaks down to three large areas:
1) determining the underlaying concepts that the regalia will be based upon.
2) soliciting designs for the individual pieces, and selecting those best suited.
3) engaging artisans for the actual production and providing the resources necessary.

COMMITTEE: The first task is to appoint a small group to act as a guiding committee for the process. Ideally such a group would be comprised of persons with the best possible combination of the following attributes:
well developed skills in design
background in historic styles
experience with SCA rituals
working artisan (to evaluate production problems)
To this end the following people are recommended as possible committee members (note that none of these people have volunteered for this task yet, others may also serve).
Duke Finnvarr
Baron Torbin
Master Thorgrimmir
Mistress Tamarra
Master Sylard
Mistress Mordreth
Mistress Kaffa
An ideal number of members for such a committee would be four or five people. This group should be formed as soon as possible.

CONCEPTS: The first, and in some ways most difficult, task of the committee, will be the determining of the underlaying concepts that the regalia must symbolize. A certain amount of polling amongst the general populace will be required, to determine the type of regalia that should be produced. Obviously there must be some kind of coronets created (or do we wish our leaders to wear collars?). Do we want some kind of 'weapon of state' (the traditional sword, the celtic spear, norse axe or even an archers kit?)? Will there be a principality champion (will he carry the weapon of state, or perhaps an ornamental shield as in the celtic tradition?)? Is the arts champion to be qiven a place of high honour (to become the bearer of an embellished chalice – again a celtic tradition?)? Are the designs for the regalia to form some kind of unified group of artifacts, as was the case of the kingdom crowns? What pieces of regalia should be created under strict commissions, which left up to the chance of donations? How are any commission pieces to be funded (the kingdom crowns clone cost over $150 for the stones end metal used)?

As with other aspects of our new principality, the creation of our regalia gives us a chance to borrow what ideas that have proved successful from the kingdom, and combine them with those new concepts that define Eldermere as an independent region.

Ps: Mistress Mordreth and myself do in fact uolunteer to serue on this committee. I

Master Sylard of Eagleshaven

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