Sunday 27 October 2013

Cloth of Gold 2008

 By Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton

 There’s nothing quite like the accomplishment of going, in the space of nineteen hours, from a pile of fabric, findings, and ideas to complete, finished garments with multiple layers.  Held once again at the Lake Vista clubhouse in Oshawa and hosted by the Canton of Eoforwic, Cloth of Gold attracted six teams up to the challenge.  
Septentria fielded three teams.  The team consisting of Lady Violetta and Lady Brigit from Vest Yorvik managed to complete their 13th century man’s outfit, including undertunic, braies, hosen, coif, and outer tunic, despite having only two active sewers.  Another team, consisting of Lord Niall the Victualler and his family, recreated a tableau from the Manesse codex (bottom).  The lady’s garment, consisting of undertunic, stockings, shoes, pouch, tunic, surcote, and fillet (the final four items in gleaming silk colours) was finished to completion.  A team led by THLady Unnr Hringsdottir and consisting mainly of ladies from Eoforwic (top) completed an extensive, handsewn Norse women’s outfit, including undertunic, stockings, shoes, tunic, apron dress, mantle, cap, and accessories.
Three teams, including two from Starleaf Gate in the Middle Kingdom, rounded out the competitors.  Team Ramshaven completed a women’s Italian ensemble, including hairstyle (middle), despite having lost their Italian expert to illness. The Gluttons for Punishment completed an early Anglo-Saxon ensemble with multiple layers sewn by hand mostly with hand-spun thread, and Crystal Cat completed a women’s 16th century Spanish ensemble.
Throughout the night, Lord Ludwig and Lady Sophia kept the contestants awake with ever-available coffee and well-fed with nutritious food.  The event staff, including Lady Jocelyn, also stayed on-site to work on projects..

After each team presented their outfit and received tokens from Baron Percival and Baroness Christiana, the judges announced the winners. First place in Novice went to Ramshaven; first place in Advanced to Unnr’s team. Special commendations went to Gluttons for Punishment for fibre nuttiness and Lord Niall’s team for teamwork and sprit.

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