Sunday 27 October 2013

Pennsic War XXXVII 2008

By Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton

Septentria had a very successful Pennsic this year. THL Wat, Lord Thorolf, Baron Luke, Lady (now Baroness) Dagmar, Lord Bjarn, and Lord Steonwold were all members of the Unbelted Champions’ Team.  Five Septentrians were selected for the Archer Champions’ Team:  THL Dafydd, Lady Mahhild, Baron Percival, Magistra Nicolaa, and Lord Brendan.  THL Gareth represented Ealdormere in the Fencing Champions’ tourney and won his bout, while THL Daniel of Whitby won the Knife competition at the Known World Thrown Weapons tourney and finished second overall.

Early on the week, two Septentrians were singled out for particular honours by Their Majesties:  Lady Dagmar was made a Baroness of the Court for her service during several reigns, and THL Wat of Sarum was put on vigil for the Order of the Chivalry.  His elevation will take place later in the fall.

As has become traditional, TE Percival and Christiana treated the Barony to a Barbeque, again hosted by the Canton of Eoforwic just below the Runestone.   They availed themselves of the opportunity to hold Court once everyone was well fed.  Lady Eithne Briansdottir passed her hereditary Osis ring to Lady Anneke, while Lord Grom passed his on to Bleddyn, one of Eoforwic’s newest fighters.  Lady Marsali was given the Golden Bear for her skill in needlework and costuming, while Lady Alof received a Golden Bear for her Norse clothing, especially its embroidery.  Lord Brendan was called forward, and Their Excellencies noted his excellent service as an Archer Champion - but for the final two shoots, he had shot for the wrong kingdom.  However, stated the Baron, he was only being called forward at this time to receive the Bronze Medal for archery that he had earned at Trillium War.

Master Hector conducted two pieces of business in Court.  The first was to recognize Baroness Cenedl as Heithr’s daughter (and thus his own granddaughter) for the spirit she has brought to Ramshaven.  The second was to take Lord Grom of Eoforwic as his protégé.  Lord Grom was presented with a yellow baldric. 

Their Excellencies then called forward Lord Hans Thovaldsson and thanked him and House Marchmount (as well as all of Eoforwic) for their hospitality in once again hosting and cooking for the barbeque.

Their Excellencies noted that there had not yet been any nominations for the Brass Balls of Septentria, and closed their Court.  However, Lord Brendan was commended vocally for that dubious honour by the audience, so Court was reopened so he could be duly recognized.

During Kingdom Court, several Septentrians were again singled out for honours.  The Cantons of Monadh and Eoforwic were given the honour of carrying their banners in the procession for their generous donations to kingdom beautification.  Countess Domhnail was part of a team added to the Scroll of Honour for “Squashing the Eastern Army like bugs” during the Bridge Battle.  Lady Mahhild de Valognes was given the Award of the Orion for her skills in making clothing, while Baron Cynred was given a Maiden’s Heart for his extensive service over many hears.  Lady Bethoc ingen MaelFechin Fynletyr, who was not present at Pennsic this year, was given the Maiden’s Heart for her service to the Chirugeonate, specifically at Pennsic.

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