Thursday 24 October 2013

Tor Brant Turns Twenty (Dandelion Festival, 2010)

By Lady Adela of the Fiery Woods

On the 31st of March, A.S. XXV, the Stronghold of Tor Brant held its first official event at St. Mary’s school in Deep River. Present on that occasion were Lord Duncan Gabh MacLeod, Lady Adela of the Fiery Woods (now of Aethelmearc), Lady Anastasia of Tor Brant, and their Excellencies, Raimund Constable and Don net Drynkemylke (who, at that time, were known as Leofflaed and Cinneth). These same gentles participated in this year’s Dandelion event which was held on the fifteenth of May at the Lions’ hall in Chalk River. As expected, there were the usual outdoor combat activities (fighting, fencing, and archery) plus an out door throwing game. Indoor activities included Baronial council, a bad heraldry contest and a raffle to benefit the royal travel fund. A delicious lunch of soup, bread, cheese, vegetables and fruit was available for purchase. Before feast, Baronial and Royal courts were held. The highlight of royal court was, perhaps, the beheading of two royal sock puppet imposters. (They did look remark ably like our monarchs.) After court, a bountiful feast, which included elk, was served. The evening ended with a bit of dancing. Congratulations to the residents of Tor Brant on their twentieth. May this small but enthusiastic group continue to prosper.

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