Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Son of Khan (Spring Crown Tourney, 2002)

Wulfgang Donnerfaust

My lady and I arrived a few minutes late for our shift, so it was a bit of a mad scramble to get registered at Troll, changed, and at the Khan's side in a handful of moments.  Thus began my day of attending a very intense Khan as his successor won the pewter crown.
We will be in good hands should the unthinkable happen and our Khan meet an untimely and no doubt gruesome end.  With Their Highnesses Roak and Arlette on the thrones, Ealdormere's ideals shall not remain unrealized.
Word from the south is that the situation is deteriorating rapidly.  What began as a discussion regarding how many chickens would be the equivalent of one goat has snowballed into border skirmishes, political maneuverings, and lawlessness.  I fear the worst, as our Khan has felt the blood frenzy that seems to have taken hold of our neighbors.  He may yet announce his intentions to ride Ealdormere to war.  The brief scuffle that almost led to tragedy at his coronation has been the precursor to other talks.  At this event, for example, I heard discussion regarding what His Majesty referred to as "playful border skirmishes" between our lands and the Midrealm.  Their new Prince was in attendance during the tournament, and seemed to laugh heartily at the new game put forth by His Majesty.  His Highness may learn soon enough what it is like to play with Ealdormere.  Investing in some more chirurgeons may prove fruitful for the Dragon.  The Wolf has very sharp teeth, and runs swift and quick.
Our Seneschal was impressed with my garb, and even said so!  Although I am surprised he noticed during his very quiet coup.  I happened past as he was trying on the Baron's throne for size.  Be warned, good Chreaggers.  He looked very comfortable.
Off duty was the time for this Firbolg to put his feet up, and I did so while sampling my first taste of an excellent and dangerous strawberry/cinnamon cordial.  Eirik discussed the merits of his surprisingly
compact camp shower.
There was a contest for gentles without their Award of Arms.  The goal was to identify as many Arms as they could among a selection of about 15.  I stayed very far away from that, but it looked like fun for those with more knowledge of Ealdormerean heraldry than I.
                Another auction was held to raise funds; later at Court it was revealed that over $300 had been collected!  Again, I did not get to participate, but there were a few bits and pieces that caught my eye.  Next time, perhaps.
The Chivalry meeting was interrupted by a mundane Highway Patrolman knocking on the Royal Room door and demanding to speak to Robert Holly.  When Her Majesty jumped out from behind and yelled "Gotcha!" the Khan's intention to chase down the officer was halted only after he learned that it was not a
man in costume.  They had been brought to the site in response to a rogue 911 call that had been traced there.  I'm sure the muttered death threats were made in jest.  That crazy Khan.  What a kidder!
Court took it's usual place after feast, and it was a rather condensed affair, and I do not refer to the time.  There was very little room around the thrones to maneuver, and I was sitting both beside the Khan as was proper, and in front of the visiting Prince, which was not.  I am not the smallest fellow in the world, those among you who know me can attest to that.  A better door than a window, I believe is an accurate description. Moving the thrones to the end of the hall rather than the side may have allowed for some breathing room, but of course it is the wish of the Khan and Khatun that must be obeyed.
Fealty was sworn, and the knight who had taken a knee did so with a voice as strong as the Khan's arm, and stature as proud as the Khatun.  I was very impressed, and felt that it was proper and right.

Lady Mauvreen was awarded her Maiden's Heart, Lord Normand Hauberkker received his Award of Arms, and Rylyn Buchanan was put on vigil as the last step before becoming a Pelican.  These are only some of the awards their Majesties were lucky enough to be able to hand out.

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