Sunday, 27 October 2013

Ealdormere Twelfth Night and Tenth Anniversary Celebration 2009

By Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton

The Canton of Monadh played host to a combined Kingdom Twelfth Night and Ealdormere Tenth Anniversary celebration on January 31.  The event was held in a small but well-appointed site in the Monadh countryside.  Most unusually, the event afforded the opportunity to indulge in a number of winter activities, including tobogganing, skating, and horse-drawn carriage rides (all in medieval clothing).  Fighting took place in a downstairs room, with the upstairs area given over to merchants, games, and Ealdormere history.  Quite a crowd came out to the event—approximately twice the 150 that had been expected.

A relic table was set out for those who wished to display artefacts from Ealdormere’s history;  one of the more amusing was an authorization record showing that a certain Etain (now His Majesty and a knight) had not quite passed his greatsword attempt.  The canton of Monadh had also put together a timeline of history with space for people to add their memories.  This was completely surrounded by a huge collection of photographs of Ealdormerians dating back as far as the late 70s and continuing up through recent times.

The highlight of Septentrian court was the presentation of the completed kneeling pillow by the Canton of Vest Yorvik and of new pair of baronial coronets.  Photos of both are included later in this issue.  Their Excellencies also welcomed the newest Septentrian, Gareth (son of Hector and Sara) to his first event with the traditional gift of a stuffed bear.

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