Event Reports

Adela of the Fiery Woods

Tor Brant Turns Twenty (Dandelion Festival, 2010)

Aelflaeda FitzAlain and Mordain Blackcloak

Colyne Stewart

A Pair of Newbies go to their First Event: Lady Mayor's Market Day, March 10, 2001

Event Report: Ealdormere War Practice 3, July 2001

Pennsic War: A First-timer's Perspective (Pennsic War 30, August 2001)

Who Made That?! (Kingdom A&S, Oct 19, 2002)

Fina MacGrioghair

Great Performances: An SCA Bardic Showcase, 2020

Iolanda de Albornoz

Bonfield Battle IX (2001)

Arrr mateys! (A Day of Piracy, 2002)

Time to Pluck Some Yew (Late Winter Shoot 2002)

Ivanna the Oblivious

The Sound of Singing and Utensils Ringing (Known World Bardic Congress and Cooks Collegium II, 2002)

Khadaajin Bayar

A Mongolian, a Norse and two Franks go into a bar...* (Berus’ Bar and Barroom Brawl, 2004)

Ludwig von Eisengrim

East Kingdom Winter War, Feb 26, 2005

Mahault of Swynford

Coronation of Aaron and Rustique (2001)

How Iolanda Got Her Groove Back Or How Not To Run An A&S Competition (Kingdom A&S 2001)

I’d Like my Khan Boiled, Please (Ealdormere War Practice, 2002)

Naja Kesali

How I Came to Spend A Day in the Country (A Day in the Country 2002)

My First Pent (Kingdom A&S 2002)

Nicolaa de Bracton


Dear Mom (Snowed Inn, 2002)

Thora Volundsdottir

The Line of the North Renewed (Coronation of Quilliam and Dagmar, 2010)

Tormod of Kirk Andreas

A Day at the Winter War (Winter War 2002)

TSivia bas Tamara v’Amberview
Þorfinna gráfeldr


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