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Our Homeland, Beloved Ealdormere: What is a Crown Principality, and When Did Ealdormere Become One?

What is a Crown Principality, and When Did Ealdormere Become One?

For approximately three years, the Proscription reigned. Before long, the Midrealm and the Board of Directors realized that it was time for the "Geographic Construct" to truly become a Principality. However, being cantankerous souls, the people of the area decided to wait until they felt COMPLETELY ready to make this move, having been punished once for the Region status.

On the 20th day of August, A.S. XXIII, King Corwin, Sovereign of the Middle Kingdom, and Master of the Order of Chivalry, Ruler from the frozen banks of the Ottawa unto the mud of the Great River, and Shana, Queen of Love and Beauty, His Consort, declared the creation of the Crown Principality of Ealdormere. The Charter which created Ealdorrnere, as a legitimate member of the Middle Kingdom, heralded a time of great joy.

The first badge worn by the citizens of Ealdormere at a Pennsic War was this felt wolf-headed Trillium. The badge consisted of a red wolf's head atop a white trillium with green leaves. These were worn by everyone on baldrics, costumes, and tunics.

Charter Creating the Crown Principality of Ealdormere (transcription)

We, Corwin, by right of arms and law, the Sovereign of the Middle Kingdom, and Master of' the Order of Chivalry, Ruler from the frozen banks of the Ottawa unto the mud of the Great River; and Shana, our Queen of Love and Beauty, our Consort, and Patroness of the Arts and Sciences, sitting in court and council, and upon the considered advice of our Heirs, Prince Reynard and Princess Brunhildr, our noble peers Duke Talymar, Duchess Eislin, Duke Eliahu and Duchess Elen, and our Great Officers of State, do issue by these presents, a Charter of command and consent:

Recognizing the unity of purpose and contributions that the people of these Northern Reaches have given to our Kingdom, by our command and consent do we create the land comprising the Barony of Septentria, the Barony of Skraeling Althing, and the Shire of Noergate, and any baronies, shires and colleges that may in future be created within those boundaries, as the Crown Principality of Ealdormere. They shall stand in fealty and hommage to the Crown of the Middle.

By our command and consent do We as King and Queen of the Midrealm recognize Ourselves as Sovereigns of the Crown Principality of Ealdormere. By our command and consent do we assign by courtesy, the title of Prince and Princess of Ealdormere to our heirs, the Crown Prince and Princess of the Middle Kingdom.

By our command and grant will we create a Lord and Lady Lieutenant to administer Ealdormere in our name, at the Crown's pleasure. Upon completion of their service, at the discretion of the Crown, we shall award unto them a Grant of Arms.

By our command will the Lord and Lady Lieutenant, in consultation with our Officers of State, create a Council of the Crown in Ealdormere, to include those deputies of Kingdom officers whose purview includes Ealdormere, and our Barons and Baronesses and Peers who reside within its boundaries.

Done to the greater glory of the Middle Kingdom and the Society, in the name of chivalry, courtesy, and the ideals we hold dear, in this our court and council, this twentieth day of August, in this the twenty-third year of the Society, in testimony whereof we have affixed our seal.

(signed by their Majesties of the Midrealm)

What is a Crown Principality? It is a training period where an area proves its readiness to become a full Principality under the laws of its Kingdom and the Board of Directors. For Ealdorrnere, this was set as a two-year period. During this period, a Lord and a Lady Lieutenant were put in place to serve partially as Royal Representatives, and partially as administrative officers. Baron Aedan na Kincorra of Septentria, and Baroness Enid Aurelia of the Tin Isles, took these positions for the duration of the two year period.

Three of the First Few of Ealdormere: Lord Wulfram Wulfscilding, founding Seneschal of Ben Dunfirth; Lord Teneen Wahid al-Karim of Ben Dunfirth; Lady Gillian Olafsdottir (Mistress Gillian d'Uriel), founder of Eoforwic and founding Baroness of Septentria. A.S. XI

Duke Finnvarr de Taahe, O.P., K.S.C.A., during a tournament. He is the co-founder of Eoforwic (along with Baroness Gillian d'Uriel, O.L.), having moved from the Barony of the North Woods in A.S. IX or so.

Unto the People of the Crown Principality of Ealdormere:


The Crown and Curia of the Niddle Kingdom have placed in our hands the gift for which we have longed and striven: We have the right to be Ealdormere, and the privilege of drawing up our own principality laws, ceremonies and institutions. As we do these things, the guiding hand and the support of the Midrealm will be with us.

Two years may seem like a long time, but there is much work to be done. The Charter defines a Council--that Council must meet soon and begin to map a workplan for the coming months. We predict there will be enough work (and more) for all who want a say and a part in the building of Ealdormere.

Good communication will be essential. The Kingdom Seneschal has advised us that a Principality newsletter should be a first priority. This will allow all of us to share news and developments on a regular and timely basis.

We believe that together we can build an administrative task force as strong and effective in peace as are our fighting forces in War. We can meet our goal, with good will, cooperation, and hard work.


 Aedan o'Kincora, Lord Lieutenant of Ealdormere

Enid Aurelia of the Tin Isles, Lady Lieutenant of Ealdormere


There will be a meeting of the Council of Ealdormere at the Decennial of Septentria event in Der Welfengau September 24, 1988 at 12 noon. This will be a short (one hour) organizational meeting. If necessary, this meeting will continue at Lady Katrine's and Lord Ricard's Sunday morning at 11 am. Please refer to page 3 for the meeting agenda.

Currently, the Council, as defined, consists of some two dozen members. Since not all groups will be represented, we invite any group seneschal who wishes to be present as an OBSERVER at the organizational meeting, September 24/88. PLEASE BRING THIS LETTER WITH YOU TO THE MEETING!


As a Crown Principality, our Territorial Prince and Princess were the Royal King and Queen of the Kingdom. As a result, the Midrealm King and Queen would be heralded into court as "Their Royal Majesties, King X and Queen Y, King and Queen of the Middle Kingdom and Prince and Princess of Ealdorrnere" (alternatively caIled "Their Lupine Highnesses"). All awards given during this two year period were Midrealrn awards only.

The last Crown Principality Royalty of Ealdorrnere were Tadashi and Ariake, long-time supporters of the S.C.A. in Ealdorrnere, who proclaimed the change in status from Crown to fuIl Principality of Ealdormere.

In the November A.S. XXIII issue of the PALE, the Lord and Lady Lieutenants of Ealdormere reported on the first meeting of the Crown Council's work. The Council was clearly defined as accessible to any citizen of the Crown Principality who wished to attend meetings.

"From the Lieutenants of Ealdormere: We are pleased to announce that the Council of the Crown in Ealdorrnere has met for the first time, and all matters of their concern are well in hand. So that every voice may be heard, the Council is expanded to include the seneschals of all Ealdorrnere groups, the deputies of the lesser Officers of State, and Lord Byron, the Baron-elect of RisingWaters. The Council invites any to attend and observe its sittings.

The Council calls for interested parties to apply for the positions of secretary and archivist.

The Lieutenants call for applicants for the position of Exchequer of Ealdormere. We also call for proposals for the Arms of the Crown Principality. Please submit these to Trillium Herald, Lord Brennain. Our friends in other parts of the Midrealm are invited to send their ideas, which will be gladly received. The newsletter for Ealdorrnere will be available in November. Both the newsletter and the minutes of Council sittings will be available by subscription from the Crown Principality Chronicler, Lady Amyfelyse. Our thanks to all the people in the Midrealm who continue to offer us advice and support.


Aden o'Kincorra, Lord Lieutenant
Enid Aurelia of the Tin Isles, Lady Lieutenant."

The first Barony to be formed within the Crown Principality of Ealdorrnere was that of Rising Waters, whose elevation was announced joyously in the second issue of the new (then-unnamed) Principality newsletter by editor Amyfelyse Alexandra Ivez de Mintestede:

" …I would like to congratulate the Canton of Rising Waters in its elevation to the BARONY OF RISING WATERS! Now the Principality is graced with three Baronies. For those of you who are unaware: the Baron and Baroness of Rising Waters are Bryan Michail Woodroff and Fiona Averylle O'Connor of Maidenhead; and the Canton of Ben Dunfirth and the incipient Canton of Stienbach are a part of the new Barony." THE EALDORMERE NEWSLETTER (later TIDINGS), V. I No.2, December A.S. XXIII 

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