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Our Homeland, Beloved Ealdormere: Introductory Material

This is the first installment of 'Our Homeland, Beloved Ealdormere' by Dame TSivia. This material has been scanned from the hardcopy original which consisted of type-written pages with photocopied graphics. As each section is cleaned by our scribes it will be posted here.

Our Homeland Beloved Ealdormere
A History of the Early Years

Here be the Arms of the Most  Noble Principality  of Ealdormere
"Gules, a trillium  flower  affronty  argent,  barbed  vert, within  a Laurel wreath, in chief a coronet  argent."

Scanned by THL Þorfinna gráfeldr, cleaned by THLaird Colyne Stewart, in October/November 2013.

April A.S. XXXII (1998 C.E.)                                                                                                                                           

By way of introduction:             
This is a synopsis in short  form, of the highlights  of the foundation  of the Kingdom of Ealdormere.

I am one of the  few who  has  been  here  since  our  earliest  times, and  so it is that  I have  tried  to chronicle   some  of the  high  and  low  points  of our  glorious  history  in time  for our  First Crown Tournament.        I  have   tried   to   find   the   actual    documents    such   as   event   announcements, Council/Moot minutes,   articles   in  newsletters,   and  so on,  to  speak  for  me  where   speak  they might.

This collection  covers  much  of the growth  of the Midrealm's   second  Principality  from  Region to Kingdom. Some of the authors are still in the S.C.A. and others  have moved on to other  things.  We still owe them a great debt for their service over the years and this is one way to recognize  them.

I joined the Society in A.S. VI, and moved  to the Middle  Kingdom from Atenveldt  in A.S. IX or so. I have served this Kingdom in many ways over the decades,  as founding  Seneschale  of two groups and  in Baronial and  Principality  positions.  I am proud  of Ealdormere,  and as a bard,  I express  my joy in what  we have become  through   poems  and songs. This time, I offer my version of the story of Ealdormere's  early days, in prose.

Speak to the other Elders of the Kingdom, and you will be given slightly different  versions  of the stories I tell. This is no surprise, as we have all lived these experiences through different eyes. It is my  hope  that   this  collection   will  bring   back  great   memories   to  the  older   members   of  the Kingdom,  and  give  answers   to the  younger   members,   as  to where  our  customs  and  practices, originated.

On  the  occasion  of the  First Crown  Tournament    of Ealdormere,   this  collection   is dedicated   to Duke  Finnvarr  de Taahe,  O.P., K.S.C.A., and  Baroness  Gillian  d'Uriel,  O.L., founders  of Eoforwic, and  Prince  Berus  and  Princess  Marion   of  Ealdormere,   LAST of the  Lineage  of the  Wolf  to be known  as Serene Highnesses,  Kind Patron  and Patroness  of this Collection.

To all who dwell in the lands of Ealdormere  ...WAES HAEL!!

TSivia bas Tamara v'Amberview

TSivia bas Tamara v'Amberview,   Laurel; Baroness of the Court of Reynard  and Brynhildr, Dragon s Heart,  Willow, Purple Fret, Troubadour  (Eastrealm), Bears Heart  (Septentria), Black Hare and Hare Salient (Skraeiing Althing),  Master  Chirurgeon   (Retired); First Regional Seneschale of Ealdormere,   Chirurgeon  to the Crown Principality of Ealdormere

SPECIAL THANKS to the following  gentles  for information,   documents,   and  stories.

Master Aiden na Kincorra,  O.L., O.P., Baron; Lord Lieutenant  of Ealdormere  during  the days of the Crown  Principality
Dame Enid Aurelia of the Tin Isles, O.L., O.P., Baroness; Lady Lieutenant of Ealdormere  during  the days of the Crown  Principality 
Baroness Caffa Muiriath,   O.L., O.P.
Baron Henry of Linlithgow,  O.P.
Duke  Finnvarr  de Taahe,  K.S.C.A., O.P.
Mistress  Ragni Dzintara,  O.P.
Master Sylard of Eagleshaven, O.L.
Mistress  Mortraeth  Colwyn, O.L.
Visakona  Ragnheithr Thorbjarnardottir, Baroness Ramshaven
Lady Genevieve, Baroness  Rising Waters
Lady Thyra Thorkilsdattir,   Baroness Ben Dunfirth
Master  Hector of the Black Height, O.L., O.P.
Mistress  Rhiannon  of Wye, O.L.
Master Naon na Cruitre,  O.L.
Lord Brand Thorwaldsson
Lady Sonda Ghilabari, O. Otter
Lord Tempus  Peregrinator
Skraeling  Alrhing Chronicle
The Ealdormere  Tidings

Special thank yous go to my apprentices:

Lady Micaylah of Skye, for dinner, desktop publishing,  and long hours  in front of the computer and  photocopier.   Due to her expertise, this History is printed in a period  type-face and wi h professional  polish.

Lady Claricia  Nyetgale,  Black Hare and  Order  of the Grove  (Caldrithig  Singers), for her extremely  talented  scanner,  colour  printer,  and  roast beef,


to her husband,   Lord Gavin Hewlett,  master  of the scanner  and cover artist extraordinaire, who gave up precious  sleep to help with this project.

To them  all: Waes Hael!!!

This   is not an official  publication of the SCA, Inc. and does  not delineate   SCA policy.
© 1998  Shelley  Rabinovitch,   except  where   indicated. 

Table  of Contents

In The Beginning:  VI         
How Did Ealdormere   Come To Be?: VIII
What is "All-De- Beer" and  the  "E-Word"?: XIX 
What's the  Wolf  Got to do With  Any of This?: XXXV 
What is a Crown Principality,  and When  Did Ealdormere Become  One?: XXXVI 
And Now?: XLI
Guide to the Appendices: XLIII 
Appendix 1: XLIV                                                                             
Appendix 2: XLVI
Appendix 3: XLVII  
Appendix 4: L
Appendix 5: LII 
Appendix 6: LIII
Appendix 7: LXVI
Appendix 8: LXX 
Fascinating Facts and Firsts: LXXXIX
The Groups of Ealdormere: XCII
The Awards  and  Orders  of the  Principality of Ealdormere: XCIII
Music  and  Poetry  of Ealdormere's Early Years: XCIV
Lament  for  Ealdormere: XCV
The  Hunting   Of The  Wolf: XCVI
A Song  For The  Place  That  Cannot   Say Its Name: XCVII
The  Polestar:  A Song  For Ealdormere: XCVIII
A Tale Of The  Collars: XCIX
Ealdormere Battle  Song: C
The  "E" Song: CI
The  Field Battle,  Pennsic  XVII: CII
The Line of the  North: CIV

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