Wednesday 23 October 2013

Event Report: The Golden Seamstress Competition, 2004

By Lady Corrina Van Rensealer

Her Majesty Susanna the Unyielding opened the competition at 11pm Friday night, then left site to have a good night’s sleep. Then we all went to work. There was much laughter and a lot of production. Thanks to the excellent service of the event staff, we had no worries of hunger or thirst, they brought out food and drink every hour. They also supplied us with a hot breakfast and lunch. There was also music playing in the background for our enjoyment.

After a long 18 hours the competition was closed at 5pm on Saturday evening, which was followed by a one-hour break, which was used to get the models ready for the fashion show and final judging at 6pm. After the fashion show there was another small break and then Royal and Baronial Court were held in wait for the judges to get their results worked out, in which time they came back into court to provide us all with their results.

First of all I would like to say that we had a lot of fun. This competition took place Friday, March 19, 2004 and Saturday, March 20, 2004. Here is a list of all the competitors

Vest Yorvik
C: Kaellyn mac Dermott
Gunnar Thorgrimmson
Elena ferch Rhys ap Gruffudd
Evelyn Karnat
Magnus Kjrr

The Wyrd Sisters

C: Lady Sof’ia Bardeva
Tarian verch Gadarn
Lady Jean-Margaret Donnerfaust
Lord Wulfgang Donnerfaust
Lady Naja Kesali

Skraddare och Skomakare
C: Caitlin inghean
Tomais ui Duibhir
Baroness Alyce do Sheppy
Medb ingen Dungaile
Thorolfr inn smithr
Eithne Briansdottir
William Meriic

Lame Ducks
C: Martin Buildner

C: Tarquin Bjornsson
Lady Mirilla Bellema du Province
THL Arwyn of Leicester
Lady Catherine Seaton
Rose of Ben Dunfirth
Eve of Ben Dunfirth

Talia Na Biene
C: THL Aislinne of Alainmoor
Christiana McNamara
Percival de la Rocque
William McDonald of Balnagown
Eleanor of Huntingdon

Las Mujeres do Matteo till Vilhelm
C: Cainnearinghean
Hui Chatharnaig
Gwendyon Casgudcath
Belaye de Merida
Eve the Just
Rylla von Grein

The Greenhithe Seamstress
C: Lady Corrina Van Rensealer

First place in the novice category was The Weird Sisters, followed close behind by The Greenhithe Seamstress. There was a 16-point difference in their scores.

First place in the advance early period category was Vest Yorvik.

First place in the advance late period category was Skr├Ąddare och Skomakare till Vilhelm, also known as the Bog Man group.

The People’s Choice award went to Vest Yorvik (this was the competitors choice).

The Baroness’ Choice award went to The Greenhithe Seamstress.

Congratulations to all the winners.

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