Saturday, 25 April 2020

Coronation in a Time of Plague

Today, April 25, 2020, was the Coronation of Their Majesties Rattanicus and Isabelle. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the actual event had to be cancelled. Instead, via a group Zoom chat with over 100 attendees, TRMs Kaylah and Trumbrand ceremonially removed the Crowns of the Queen and King of Ealdormere, and Rattanicus and Isabelle became the monarchs of the lupine realm. A variance was granted to extend Their reign by at least three months, with the expectation that they would have a Coronation then. Feeling that pledges of fealty should be made in person, they instead presented the following statement (scribed by Their Lawspeaker, Mistress Nicolaa de Bracton) which all who were watching could recite if so moved:

I here pledge unity and support
To the kingdom of Ealdormere
To uphold each other in dark days
And honour the laws and traditions
Giving hands and heart
To the health of the Kingdom
To ever follow the banner
And howl with the Wolf
I stand with Ealdormere
Apart, yet together in spirit
Until the day comes we can embrace again
Thus say I, (name).

Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Quarantine 2020 Dance

In a time that will become a focus of study for future historians, Covid-19 began spreading across the globe in late 2019. In the spring of 2020 it reached North America, causing a state of emergency across the continent. In an effort to slow the spread of the virus, large gatherings were cancelled and people put themselves into self isolation. This isolation was difficult to deal with, for many reasons, but perhaps greatest among them was the feeling of being alone. Many people could only leave their home to get groceries. Businesses closed their doors, parks were shut down, sporting events cancelled. People missed out on anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, and other important events in an effort to protect the most vulnerable among us, and to decrease the overwhelming demand this outbreak made on our already over burdened and underfunded health care systems.

Plagues have swept the earth before, but thanks to the internet and modern technology, though we could not meet with friends and loved ones in person, we were able to connect online. People recreated famous paintings and posted them online. Museums, galleries and conservatories offered free virtual tours. People from all walks of life (from everyday Jane and Joe to famous celebrities) recorded themselves reading, singing, and dancing.

In a show of comradery and community members of the SCA began to make videos of themselves dancing to popular music. Here then is the collaborative effort of the citizens of the Kingdom of Ealdormere, showing their resolve, their connection and their joy during a turbulent time. [Edited by Baron Alistair Kirk / Jordan Heron and posted to Vimeo on April 22, 2020.
Below is a low resolution version of the file. For the original go here.]