Sunday, 27 October 2013

Pikeman’s Pleasure 2008

By Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton

If you didn’t mind all the deaths, Pikeman’s Pleasure was an enjoyable late spring event.  People just kept dying all over the place.  Scores were kept.  And bodies were looted. It was all in good fun, however, as part of of a competition for best death.  While we did not see who won, we certainly had our favourite, as you will read below.

Archery is always a highlight at Pikeman’s, and this was no exception.  Both the IKAC shoot and the Exact 30 (in which participants had to score exactly 30 points on a target or be eliminated) shoots were won by Lord Gunther Wahlstadt.   At the thrown weapons range, Lord Grom was victorious.  Several individual armoured combat tourneys were held. King Aaron won the sword and shield tournament, Duke Edouard the short spear tourney, Lord Wulfric won the great sword tourney, and Lord Quilliam won the Warlord tourney

Their Excellencies also held a baronial court.  Lady Cecily Thatcher was given the Bear’s Heart for dedicated work at the gate at Petrea Thule events. THL Tiberius was given the Golden Bear for his contribution of prizes, particularly in leather, for the Late Winter Shoot.  Lord Griffin also received a Golden Bear for his gorgeous carved and painted leatherwork.  And in Their Majesties’ court, Lord Brendan Hunterson, one of Petrea Thule’s quieter but talented archers, received the Award of the Scarlet Banner.

It was noted at the end of Kingdom Court that Lord Streonwold had stepped in to herald Their Majesties’ court at the last minute, so Queen Rustique called him forward and presented him with a piece of cake. He had barely taken one bite when it was announced that he had been poisoned.  He proceeded to fall face first into the cake, which stuck to his face as he staggered about and ultimately succumbed. 

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