Wednesday 30 October 2013

Our Homeland, Beloved Ealdormere: And Now?...

And Now?...

The first Prince and Princess of Ealdorrnere by RIGHT OF ARMS, were David and Tangwystl, It was a glorious reign, and a good thing for the new Principality. Others will chronicle the growth of the Principality of Ealdorrnere as she took the sure and straight path to Kingdom status. It is not the task of this chronicler.

The Wolf is the animal of the Kingdom. The arms of the Principality feature the white trillium on the red field, but the crown atop the trillium changes from silver (principality) to gold (Kingdom) when the first King and Queen of Ealdorrnere are crowned. Of the Regalia of the Principality, the Collars of Prince's and Princess's Champion are the oldest pieces still in use. The Crowns worn by the Serene Lupine Highnesses of Ealdorrnere were designed and executed by Lady Breanaidh ni Naomin. Casts of the interlaced panels she designed for the Crowns were made in bronze and sold to the populace in order to raise funds for the sterling casts now on the Crowns. Many of the citizens of Ealdorrnere wore these castings as necklaces, and those few which are still around are highly-prized souvenirs of the early years of Ealdorrnere.

Without a doubt, the period of the Proscription was Ealdormere's darkest time. In some ways it was also the best thing that could have happened to the Principality. Why so? What the Proscription period did, was unite the people of Ealdormere into a unified cohesive unit. It was Master Hector of the Black Height who penned the phrase "We Wear the Scarlet Proudly". The passions and talents which have always marked Ealdormere since its inception in A.S. XX, were focused into expressions of magnificence on and off the fields of battle and artistry. The name might have been banned, but her Secret Heart continued to beat strongly.

Ealdorrnere leaves the cradle of the Middle Kingdom happily. We are proud to be the offspring of the Dragon, and we are joyous to be the Children of the Wolf, and younger sister of the Calontir Falcon. Once we howled for joy. Now we cry "Waes Hael"! We have our feet firmly set upon a great path, and a proud destiny lies ahead for the children of Ealdormere.

 It is therefore, with joy that these documents have been brought together. There are times when documents tell a story far more clearly than a chronicler could. Wherever possible and wherever required, releases for these documents have been obtained. It is with a heart full of gladness that I have penned this history of Ealdormere from the early times to her recognition as a Principality of the Middle Kingdom. I trust and pray that others will carryon where I have left off. There are great tales yet to be told, of Ealdorrnere's bravery at Pennsic Wars, of Princes magnificent to behold and Princesses glorious in their beauty and kindness. I have but scratched the surface of the annals of Ealdorrnere's history. Hopefully you, Gentle Reader, will be inspired to ask questions and share in the History that is Ealdormere. This story has been told by the years themselves and collected for our children's children to read. May it always remind us why we "Wear the Scarlet Proudly"!

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