Tuesday, 22 October 2013

To Feast with the Hare (Feast of the Hare, 2002)

Lord Eirik Andersen

As the sun rose on a recent morning did Tarian verch Gadarn, Katerina du nord, Randy of Ardchreag and myself travel to Caldrathig to attend Feast of the Hare. Katerina and myself were tired as we had attended Lina Carville’s welcome back party the night previous.

Merry friends make for quick journeys, and before noon hour we were booked into our lodgings at the Lord Radisson’s Inn. As it turned out, the event site was across the street from where we were staying, which was a nice surprise.

For myself, the day’s activities consisted mainly of gaming with Lord Brian Goodheart (I was soundly defeated at 9 Men’s Morris) and catching up with friends I had not seen in a while

Randy spent most of the day off site catching up with old friends around the city of Ottawa. Tarian and Katerina spent a considerable time dancing, which was given quite some time in the main event hall in between the heavy weapons tournament and the feast.

We retired back to our lodgings for our meal as we had chosen not to sit feast. My meal at the Inn was not at all period for me, but quite good (pasta with sun dried tomatoes sauce, followed by fried ice cream). Tarian and Randy departed to a mundane function at this point, and Katerina and I returned to the event while feast was still being served. From what we gathered, it was quite good.

Kingdom and Skraeling Althing courts were fairly short. Alys de Sheppy and Anne le Gris were inducted unto the Orders of the Pelican and the Order of the Laurel respectively.

The event wound down quickly after court, and Katerina and myself attended the post rev at Sir Mordain and Mistress Aelflada’s home. We found a lift with Baron Valizan, Countess Rustique and Vicountess Morgan.

The party the night before, the long drive that morning and the day at the event caught up with me at the post rev and I started to nod off just before we took our leave, catching a ride back into the city of Caldrathig with Sir Cennidi, who returned us to our lodgings.

Katerina opted to travel back home with Lady Ivanna the Oblivious, as Randy, Tarian and I would be taking our time driving home to the lands on the high cliffs. We stopped in Greyfells so Randy could evaluate a job site. I attempted to attend a Greyfells meeting but alas when I tried the meeting room, no one was present. We ate a meal at a local dockside tavern, and though it was raining, made good time back to our keeps.

Feast of the Hare is one of the events that I have almost continually attended since I joined the SCA almost 11 years ago. I consider it one of the “must go to” events each year. If you have the chance, you should make the journey as well. Fine people reside in the lands to our north and east, and their hospitality is well worth a few hours travel by carriage.

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