Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Our Homeland, Beloved Ealdormere: The Groups of Ealdormere

The Groups of Ealdormere

Here are the groups which comprised Ealdorrnere as of the date of her first Crown Tournament, Saturday, April 4, A.SXXXII (1998 C.E.).

The Barony of Septentria
Canton of Ardchreag (Scarborough)
• Incipient Canton of Caer Draeth (Barrie)
Canton of Carreg y Blaidd (Northumberland county)
Canton of Eoforwic (Toronto)
• Proto-Incipient Canton of Greenhite (Oshawa/Whitby)
• Proto-Incipient Canton of Loch Kodiak (Campbell ford)
Canton of Monadh (Orangeville)
Canton of Petrea Thule (Peterborough)
• Incipient College of Skeldergate (York University/North York)
Canton of Vest Yorvi k (Mississa uga)

The Barony of Skraeling Althing
Canton of Caldrithig (Ottawa)
Canton of Greyfells (Kingston)
Canton of Tor Brant (Renfrew county/Petawawa& Pembroke)

The Barony of Rising Waters
Canton of Dinas Gardd (St. Catharines)
• Incipient Canton of Dragon's Gate (Welland/Ft. Erie)
Canton of Drachenfaust (Stoney Creek)
Canton of Pont Y Saeth (Burlington)

The Barony of Ramshaven
Canton of Ashford-On-Avon (Stratford)
Canton of Bryniau Tywynnog (Kitchener- Waterloo/Cambridge)
 • College of Der Welfengau (Guelph)
Canton of Trinovantia Nova (London)
• Incipient Canton of Wessex Mere (Elgin county)

The Barony of Ben Duntirth (Hamilton)
• (no cantons at present)

Independent Shires of Ealdormere
• Shire of Brennisteinnvatn (Sudbury)
• Shire of Flaming Skies (North Bay area)
• Incipient Shire of Owlshaven (Terniskaming district/Timmins)
• March of st. Martin (Sarnia)

List courtesy of the Ealdorrnere web pages ( and The Pale

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