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Coronation of Malik and Genevieve (Sep 18, 2004)

By THLaird Colyne Stewart

Thorfinna and I drove up to Ashford-on-Avon with Sir Evander MacLachlan, and arrived early. Duchess Eanor of Amberhall (visiting fromt he Middle Kingdom) had a table and asked us to sit with her, which we gladly did. Eander and I dumped our armour in the fighting area and found out that for the day's tournament you had to be sponsored by a Lady of the Rose or a Viscountess. Eanor said she would be my sponsor, so I was set, but with only five Ladies present, and 32 fighters signing up, they dumped that qualifier for the tourney.

In morning court I was Viking #6. When Berus and Marion stepped down, it was to assist Harold Hardrada in Norway. Thirteen brave souls were called and the King, Queen, their Champions and eight others went with them. Malik, who had been the first to say he would go, was entreated to instead stay and claim the thrones of Ealdormere. Which of course he did!

For me the highlights of the two courts held that day was seeing Oxana getting her AoA, and seeing Berus and Marion made a Duke and Duchess.

Ah, then the fighting...

In the first round I drew Kasimir. I was so worried about his slot shot that I left my head open. I never even threw a shot.

In the second round I drew Baron Konrad. At least he had to work to get me, but I still can't figure him out. Someday!!

So just like that I was out of the tournament. Eanor was very gracious when I returned her token and said that I had brought her much honour. She also gave me a token to keep. It was very nice. (Especially since I didn't feel that I *had* brought her honour.)

I then fought pick ups with Wat and with Wulfgang and did much better. I think I have a mental block fighting when it counts. When I know I'm being watched or when I really want to win (like my White Bear Fian fights) I seem to fight poorly. I'm going to have to work on that.

Hung out for the rest of the afternoon with various friends. Totally forgot about the seneschal's meeting so didn't go.

Saw Wat become Cennedi's man-of-arms. Happy for him, but my plans of making him a MacLachlan are dashed! Curses! Foiled again!

Went out to dinner which was terrible. The Galbraiths were going out to eat at Crabby Joe's, the same restuarant that Thorfinna and I wanted take Evander to. So they graciously expanded their reservartion by ten people (since other people had asked to come with us). When we arrived it took twenty minutes to get menus, another twenty to place our orders, and at least twenty to get our bills at the end. Many people were not happy with their food. My gravy smelled like puke, portions for some people were small, etc. I mean, Berus didn't finish his steak!! That's unheard of. At least four people got sick from the food.

When I paid my bill, the clerk asked me how everything was. I said it could have been better. He pretended not to have heard me.

A bad end to what otherwise has been an excellent day.

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