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Our Homeland, Beloved Ealdormere: In The Beginning

In The Beginning:

Before time,  there   was  Ealdormere.     However,    until   Gentles   from   the Middle   Kingdom    sojourned here,  no  one  knew   her  name   or  her  beauty   of mind   and  heart.   This  list is dedicated    to the  first  few in  Ealdormere,     lest  their   names   be  lost  to  the  minds   and   hearts   of  our   Populace.    It is their   fine works   which   made   our   Kingdom    what   she  is today.   Let their   names   be known    near   and   far,  as those  who  were  the  founding    lights  of Ealdormere,

The  First  Shire  of Ealdorrnere,    was  Eoforwic.    Founded   by  Gillian   Olafsdottir,    Eoforwic's   First  Few included:        

~     Duke Sir Finnvarr  de Taahe, O.P.,  K.S.C.A.~    Mistress   Gillian  d'U riel  (formerly    Olafsdottir),    O.L.,  Founding   Baroness   of Septentria
~    Baroness Jehanne  l'Enragée
~    Master   Sylard  of Eagleshaven,  O.L.
~    Graf  Sir Hugo  von  Feuerklippe,  K.S.C.A.
~    Jowell   (Lorenzo)   Toledero
~    Pernberthy of the Heckhtough  Swamps

The Second   Shire  of  Ealdormere, was  Noerlanda.  Founded by  TSivia  ben Tamara  of Amberview, Noerlanda's descendants  live  in Skeldergate,  Noerlanda's    First Few included:

 ~    Baroness   TSivia  bas  Tamara   v'Amberview,     O.L.
~    Lady  Liladrel of Walstead
~    Lady Christina  of Castleglen
~    Lady  Letheodas  d'Racca, later  Lady Tieer  of the  Dark  Hoard
~    Lord Mord the Obscure  

The Third of Ealdormere  was  not  ashire.   Rather,   House   Fyvie'O  was  formed   by  two  cousins,   one
where   Starleaf    Gate    (founded     by   Caelwulf  Longstrider) now  stands,  and  the other in   Ben Dunfirth (founded    by Wulfram  Wulfscilding).  The First Few of House  Fyvie'O  included:

~    Lord  Wulfram  Wulfscilding (Ben  Dunfirth) and  his cousin
~    Lord  Caelwulf   Longstrider  (Starleaf Gate)
~    Lady Morgan of Lindesfarne    (Starleaf  Gate)
~     Lord  Ciaran  (Starleaf   Gate)
~    Lord  Redbeard Lonewolf   (Ben  Dunfirth)
~     Lady Aurielle   (Ben  Dunfirth)
~     Lord Teneen   Wahid   al- Karim (Ben Dunfirth

This comprised what became the First Three  Shires of Ealdormere.  When the shires  of Eoforwic, Noerlanda,   and  Ben Dunfirth   became  large  and  strong,  they  decided  to unite  under  one  name and one banner.  This created the Barony of Septentria,  the First Barony of Ealdormere.

The  arms  of  Septentria   feature   three   interlaced   chevronels   and  a  bear:  The  three  chevronels represent   the first Three  Shires, and  the  Bear recognizes  the Northerly  geography   of the Barony (Ursa Major).  The Arms of Septentria  were  designed  by Baroness Gillian, and  the symbolism  was described  by Duke Finnvarr:

"The name  of our  barony   is derived  from  the  Latin word  septentriones,   which   means  among other  things,  north,  the northern   regions,  or even the north  wind.  But there is more  to the name than  that.  Ever since  Homer, Europeans  have  called  the constellation   Ursa Major  both  the  bear and  the  wagon  or  plow.  The Romans  called  the  seven stars  of the  Big Dipper  the  "Seven Plow Oxen"; septem-triones.   The meaning  "North" is actually  secondary.  Thus the bear in our baronial arms and the name  of the barony  symbolize the same thing."
URSUS#63,  March  A.S. XVI.
New to the Barony  of Septentria  was  its first Canton  which  had  never  existed  as an independent Shire: The Canton  of Skraeling  Althing  (now the Canton  of Caldrithig  in the Barony of Skraeling Althing).   Founded   by  TSivia  bas  Tamara   v'Amberview,   the   First  Few  of  Skraeling   Althing included:

~    Baroness Enid Aurelia of the Tin Isles, O.L., O.P., Founding  Baroness of Skraeling Althing
~    Baroness TSivia bas Tamara  v'Arnberview,  O.L.
~    Lady Jorunn Sophia
~    Lord Theuderic  of Amberview
~    Cerdic Oakenshield

Ealdorrnere had  five Baronies as of the date of its first Crown  Tournament.   The founding order  of Ealdorrnere's  Baronies is as follows:

1.   Septentria   (A.S. XIII) Arms:  Gules, three  chevronels   braced   argent,   overall  a laurel  wreath vert,  and  in  chief  a bear  passant   argent.   Its symbol is the  Bear,  symbolizing   Ursa  Major. Founding  Baroness: Gillian d'Uriel.

2.   Skraeling  Althing  (A.S. XVI) Arms: Per chevron  argent  and gules,  in pale a laurel  wreath  vert and  a hare  salient  to sinister  argent.  Its symbol is the Hare,  originally  from  a humorous   tale told by its second  Seneschal,  Lord Thomas  of Linlithgow  of Atlantia.  Founding  Baroness: Enid Aurelia of the Tin Isles. First Baron: Henry of Linlithgow.

3.   Rising Waters   (A.S. XXIII)  Arms:  Gyronny  arrondi   gules  and  argent,   a goblet  Or,  its base environed  of a laurel  wreath  vert.  Its symbol is a golden chalice,  representing   the area's  fame for  vinting.   Founding  Baron and   Baroness:  Fiona  Averille  O'Connor   of  Maidenhead    and Byron Mikael  Woodroff.

4.   Ramshaven  (A.S. XXIX) Arms: Per fess embattled  gules and  argent,  two derni-rams   respectant argent  and  a laurel  wreath  vert.  Its symbol is the ram, representing   the fighting  spirit  of the Barony and  its ability  to respect  differing  opinions.  Founding  Baron and  Baroness:  Cordigan and  Diane d'Arnot.

5.   Ben Dunfirth   (A.S. XXIX) Arms: Barry wavy argent and  sable, a castle within  a laurel  wreath Or. Its symbol is the golden boar,  for its ferocity,  loyalty, and  protectiveness.   Founding  Baron and Baroness: Tarkatai  Bahadur  and Thyra Thorkillsdattir.

* NB: Enid Aurelia  of the Tin Isles sat alone as Baroness of Skraeling Althing  for some number  of years  until  the populace   requested   that  Baron  Henry   of  Linlithgow   be invested  as their Territorial Baron.




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