Sunday, 27 October 2013

Spring Coronation 2010

By Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton

The populace gathered on a beautiful spring day to witness the final court of Nigel and Adrielle and the coronation of their successors, Quilliam and Dagmar.   A number of Septentrians received honours in this final court. Rusalka Galbriath was given the Orion for her calligraphy and illumination. Jasmine of House Galbraith was presented with the scroll for the Wolf's Cub awarded to her at Gulf Wars. Augustine von Brixen received a Maiden's Heart.  Mahault of Swynford  was inducted into the Order of the Crucible and was also presented, along with her husband Berend van der Eych, with the King and Queen's Favour—and a token created from the mould used to cast the pommel of the Sword of State.  Finally, with Court seemingly complete, Their Majesties heard a petition from two Laurels of the East Kingdom, and thus placed Rozalynd of Thornaby-on-Tees on vigil for the Laurel.
Nigel and Adrielle then left the Thrones, leaving them guarded by the Chivalry.  The Lawspeaker then convened a Thing (in the tradition of Norse kingdoms) to proclaim a ruler. Prince Quilliam came forth to state his claim, supported by six speakers (including his parents and sister) to attest to his worthiness to rule.  Having been satisfied that the legal requirements were met and that this was the will of the great lords and ladies who spoke, the Lawspeaker then asked the people of Ealdormere whether it was their will that Quiliam rule. They responded with a resounding “aye!” and thus Quilliam took up the Crown and placed it upon his head, and Ealdormere cheered its King.  The Lawspeaker then pointed out that it was not right that he rule alone, and he thus called forth Princess Dagmar.  Once again, six nobles of great worth attested to her virtues, and once again, satisfied that all legal requirements were met, the Lawspeaker asked the will of the people of Ealdormere.  Having been assured of their support, King Quilliam placed the Crown upon Dagmar’s head and thus she took up her place as Queen.  After hearing the fealties of officers, peers, and landed nobility, TRM then recognized Nigel and Adrielle as Earl and Countess.
A number of gifts were given at Coronation, including a rather astounding amount of loot to be used as largess, gifted by House Galbraith and the Hrogn.  Most significantly, the Canton of Swan’s Keep presented the Kingdom with two new portable thrones that can be used upon the field.  

Many people also joined the Super Secret Dagmar Fan Club at Coronation, donating a small amount which will aid the Royal Travel Fund.

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