Monday, 3 October 2016

Ulrich von der See

Award of the Maidens Heart2000-08-16 
Awards of Arms1998-06-06 MK 
Order of the Bear Heart1999-08-21 
Award of the Bear Claw2000-08-19 
Closed Principality Honours1998-08-13 MK Award of the Wolf's Tooth

Tynne Duair ap Beul

Court Baron/Baroness2005-04-16 
Order of Thorbjorns Hammer2002-11-23 
Order of the Crucible2004-08-19 
Award of Orion2001-09-15 
Award of the Scarlet Banner2002-05-25 
Awards of Rank (Foreign)1989-01-12 MK Order of the Willow
Awards of Arms1988-11-26 MK 
Scroll of Honour2001-10-13 scribal service
Scroll of Honour2006-04-08 Finalist Tournament of Renown Edward and Rylyn - Heavy Weapons
Scroll of Honour2009-09-19 Scribal Contributions throughout the Reign of Roak IV and Jocea II
Scroll of Honour2011-09-24 in memory of his life and contribution to Ealdormere
Award of the Chalice's Crystal1989-11-25 

Thorbjorn Osis Brandsson

Dukes & Duchesses1997-03-01 MK Jarl
Counts, Earls & Countesses1995-10-14 MK Jarl
Viscounts & Viscountesses1991-09-20 MK 
Knights of the Order of Chivalry1994-01-29 MK 
Awards of Rank (Foreign)1998-10-17 MK Order of the Dragon's Tooth
Awards of Arms1991-04-20 MK 
Scroll of Honour1996-08-14 MK 
Closed Principality Honours1991-11-02 MK Award of the Wolf's Tooth
Closed Principality Honours1992-08-13 MK Order of the Peregrine

Sarnac Kir

Counts, Earls & Countesses2002-09-28 
Knights of the Order of Chivalry2002-03-03 Bahadur
Order of Thorbjorns Hammer2001-04-14 
Award of the Scarlet Banner2000-06-17 
Award of Orion2003-06-14 
Awards of Arms1997-01-10 MK 
Award of the Kings Favour2005-04-16 
Scroll of Honour2006-04-08 Finalist Tournament of Renown Edward and Rylyn - Heavy Weapons
Citizenship1998-11-14 resides in MK
Award of the Boar Tusk2001-01-06 

Naon na Chruitire

Order of the Laurel1988-11-12 MK 
Awards of Rank (Foreign)1983-05-14 MK Order of the Willow
Awards of Rank (Foreign)1988-03-26 MK Award of the Purple Fret
Awards of Arms1981-06-27 MK 
Was0000-00-00 Nain d'Islandia
Award of the Bear Claw1990-09-22 
Order of the Black Hare1982-11-13 
Order of the Hare Salient1986-11-01 
Closed Principality Honours1990-09-22 MK Award of Tangwystl's Favour

Morgan le Moune

Awards of Arms1992-01-04 MK 
Award of the Chalice's Crystal1990-11-24 

Kaiza of Skraeling Althing

Court Baron/Baroness2004-02-21 
Award of Orion2006-08-17 
Awards of Arms1994-06-19 
Award of the Queens Favour2003-09-20 

Jane Greenhill

Order of the Crucible2015-10-03 
Award of Orion2010-04-24 
Awards of Arms2005-11-12 

Ida der Waffenschmidt

Awards of Arms1992-06-27 

Heldora Thorkillsdottir

Awards of Arms1993-06-20 MK 

Fruachan of Skye

Award of the Maidens Heart2003-11-15 
Awards of Arms2001-08-14 
Scroll of Honour2004-10-23 Providing gifts of art to the Kingdom of Northshield at their Coronation
Award of the Chalice's Crystal2000-01-20 

Fiona Averylle O'Connor of Maidenhead

Order of the Pelican1990-10-13 MK 
Court Baron/Baroness1987-09-19 MK also Founding Baroness Rising Waters 1988-11-25 to 1995-04-29
Grants of Arms1987-05-30 MK 
Grants of Rank (Foreign)1986-06-21 MK Order of the Dragon's Heart
Awards of Rank (Foreign)1985-04-13 MK Award of the Purple Fret
Awards of Rank (Foreign)1990-09-22 MK Award of the Doe's Grace
Foreign Honours1991-03-23 MK Royal Augmentation, a ring Or
Awards of Rank (Foreign)1991-07-06 MK Award of the Doe's Grace
Awards of Rank (Foreign)1992-09-19 MK Order of the Silver Oak
Awards of Rank (Foreign)1998-04-04 MK Order of the Dragon's Heart
Awards of Arms1984-04-28 MK 
Scroll of Honour1991-06-22 Cypher
Augmentation of Arms1994-10-01 MK quarterly w/MK herald's badge
Order of the Golden Chalice1995-11-18 
Order of the Golden Spider2000-11-11 
Closed Principality Honours1990-06-23 MK Award of Tangwystl's Favour
Closed Principality Honours1995-11-18 MK Friendship of the Trillium

Etaoin O'Fearghail

Order of the Laurel1995-02-04 MK 
Order of the Pelican1997-03-01 MK 
Court Baron/Baroness1999-05-01 
Grants of Rank (Foreign)1994-07-23 MK Order of the Dragons Heart
Awards of Rank (Foreign)1989-05-13 MK Order of the Willow
Awards of Rank (Foreign)1989-10-28 MK Award of the Purple Fret
Awards of Arms1986-06-21 MK 
Scroll of Honour1998-04-04 perfect attendance in Coronet
Order of the Bear Heart1995-01-14 
Order of the Friends of the Hare0000-00-00 
Closed Principality Honours1991-11-02 MK Order of the Golden Otter
Closed Principality Honours1993-03-20 MK Order of the Bee
Closed Principality Honours1995-09-30 MK Friendship of the Trillium
Closed Principality Honours1997-01-18 MK Award of the Princess' Favour

Elizabetta Venusta

Awards of Arms1995-09-30 MK 
Closed Principality Honours1997-03-22 MK Order of the Golden Otter

Elaina of Oaklawn

Counts, Earls & Countesses1990-04-07 East 
Order of the Wain2001-11-10 
Grants of Rank (Foreign)1996-10-05 MK Order of the Dragons Heart
Foreign Honours1980-10-00 East Queens Cypher
Awards of Rank (Foreign)1997-10-04 MK Order of the Willow
Awards of Arms1981-04-24 East 
Lady of the Rose1990-04-07 East 
Award of the Guidon de Sang1998-12-12 
Award of the Boar Tusk1995-06-17 
Closed Principality Honours1997-09-13 MK Order of the Bee

Edony DeLace

Awards of Arms2000-11-11 

Catherine Harcourt

Awards of Arms1990-06-16 MK 
Scroll of Honour1991-08-15 Cypher
Scroll of Honour1994-08-18 service during her life in Ealdormere
Closed Principality Honours1994-01-29 MK Order of the Bee

Bernadette of Lauren

Awards of Arms1997-09-13 MK 
Was0001-01-01 Lauren of Welfengau

Aldric of Skraeling Allthing

Awards of Arms1988-01-09 MK 

TSvetan Arinsson, OL

Order of the Laurel1990-01-20 MK 
Grants of Rank (Foreign)1988-06-25 Mk Order of the Dragon's Heart
Awards of Rank (Foreign)1984-10-27 MK Award of the Purple Fret
Awards of Rank (Foreign)1986-11-08 MK Order of the Willow
Awards of Arms1982-12-28 MK 
Award of the Bear Claw1987-08-16 
Order of the Friends of the Hare1984-06-08

Rhiannon of Wye, OL

Order of the Laurel1990-08-18 MK 
Awards of Rank (Foreign)1984-11-03 MK Order of the Willow
Awards of Rank (Foreign)1988-06-04 MK Order of the Silver Oak
Awards of Arms1983-03-26 MK 
Award of the Bear Claw1984-11-03 
Order of the Bear Heart1999-08-21 
Closed Principality Honours1990-07-14 MK Award of Tangwystl's Favour
Closed Principality Honours1991-08-15 MK Award of Tangwystl's Favour - during O&H
Closed Principality Honours1992-04-04 MK Award of Tangwystl's Favour

Tancred of Tanglewood

Court Baron/Baroness2005-11-26 Baron or Rising Waters 11/11/2000
Order of the Crucible2001-08-14 
Order of the Wain2006-07-15 
Award of the Maidens Heart1999-08-19 
Award of the Scarlet Banner2005-04-16 
Awards of Arms1997-04-12 MK 
Award of the Kings Favour2006-09-23 King Aaron Worgenson II
Award of the Spider1996-01-20 
Award of the Chalice's Crystal1998-01-24 
Award of the Warriors of the Chalice2000-10-14 

Lord Yusef of South Tower, October 8, 2014

FEDUN, William Edward (Bill)
Swordfighter, medieval armourer, airman, mentor and teacher. Died as he lived life, faithful and steadfast to all that is best in the chivalric ideal, worshipped God, defended his country, protected the weak, encouraged the faltering and honoured his wife, Brenda. (Brewer). Peacefully at Elisabeth Bruyere, on Oct. 8th, 2014 aged 58 after a short but determined battle with cancer. Son of the late Andrew Fedun and Joyce Lundeen. Brother of David, brother in law of Bill Brewer of B.C. Bill was an RCAF veteran, teacher of chivalrous swordhandling at Algonquin College and Plant Recreation Centre, co founder of the Armoured Company of the Sword. He was self taught in the art of medieval armour and generously gave of his skill and knowledge to many others. He believed in and lived by the virtues of Chivalry: Honour, Courtesy, Loyalty, Generosity, Prowess, Wisdom and Noblesse Oblige. Thanks to the staff at Elisabeth Bruyere and the Ottawa Cancer Centre at the General Campus and particularly Drs. Jonker and Sud and social worker, Krisann Dennis. Memorial Mass on Wednesday, October 15th, St. Catherine of Siena Church, Metcalfe at 11 am. A celebration of life to be held on Sunday, November 2nd at Russell House Pub from 4-8 pm. If desired memorial donations made to the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation would be appreciated.

Sunday, 2 October 2016


The Canton of Caer Draeth was inaugurated in approximately 1978 and was based at the Curling Club in Cookstown.  Events were held at least once a year, most notably a Spring event, to shake off the heavy dormancy of winter.  In 2008, the year that Ealdormere celebrated ten years as a kingdom, Caer Draeth celebrated its 30th anniversary with a Spring Tune Up event which included a feast of 30 dishes prepared for 90 feasters.

A group of members of Caer Draeth, who actually resided in the Penetanguishene-Midland area, decided to form their own group closer to home, so the Incipient Canton of Swans Keep was born at a Christmas pot luck in December 2002 with the first actual meeting being held in the Midland Library with long time SCAdian, Miriel (Yvonne Mitchell) as Seneschal. Meetings were subsequently moved to the Real Canadian Superstore (originally Zehrs) free kitchen teaching space and THL Augustyn (Nick West) became Seneschal. Work was done to get approval for the name of Swans Deep, which reflected the Trumpeter Swans that were indigenous to the area and were in the process of being reintroduced at Wye Marsh, as well as the deep harbours in the area. That didn't pass, so Swans Keep was subsequently submitted, and was approved in 2004.

Swans Keep grew and flourished, having regular A and S classes and annual demonstrations. We held our first event, a weekend camping event in June of 2009, sponsored by the Canton of Petrea Thule. Saturday's fighting activities were completely rained out but the archery activities took place and much fun was had, including celebrating the 40th birthday of its then Seneschal, THLord Augustyn, and a bardic circle after the rain ended late in the afternoon. Subsequently, events entitled St. Valentine's Day Massacre were held very successfully in February for four years, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013, until the vast warehouse space was no longer available to us.

In approximately, 2010, Swans Keep lost its free meeting space at the Real Canadian Superstore in Midland and began meeting in Barrie at a free warehouse location, being the workplace of one of its members.  Caer Draeth also lost its free space in Cookstown and was invited to share the free space in Barrie for their own meetings on alternate weeks to ours, as well as being invited to join in our fighting, archery, and thrown weapons practices. Subsequently, the two groups decided to combine forces as long as a new name and identity was chosen, with Caer Draeth being the name being used until replaced.

In 2013, the new combined group (awaiting its new name) also lost its free space in Barrie and began meeting regularly at the home of its then Seneschal, Lord Connal, until such time as an appropriate public meeting space could be secured. 

After four years of discussion, suggestions, submissionsand and returns, the new name of Beremere was submitted in 2014 and was subsequently approved by the College of Heralds. Time and effort have also been expended submitting and discussing new heraldry for our new name.

As of January 2015, we began meeting weekly at Grove Street Public School for fight practices and A&S classes alternating biweekly. (Some exceptions apply, please see calendar).

Our bid to hold Crown Tournament in October of 2015 was accepted and the event was held successfully in the small town of Ivy south west of Barrie.

Finally, in February 2016, with our new name and device approved, the name of The Canton of Beremere was revealed at the court of Winter War in London.

THLady Anne of Saffron Walden