Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Our Homeland, Beloved Ealdormere: The Line of the North

The Line of the North

Master Hector of the Black Height (with additions by Dame TSivia bas Tamara v'Amberview)

Hear,O Prince, the names of your line, and marvel at the glory of the North.

Seventeenth and last of the line of Lupine Highnesses sits Berus, bright of eye and brave of heart, with his beloved Marion, Midwife to a Kingdom's birth. From them, Royal Kings and Queens shall spring forth to sit upon the Wolfs Northern Throne.

Before him sat Prince Gunter the second, whose hall is famed and benches full, and Morgen of the radiant countenance.

Before him sat Prince Edward, with eyes like an eagle, beside Rylyn of the hundred treasures.

Before him sat Princess Elizabeth, first princess of the North by right of arms, she who ever sought and seeks, and Menken who knew the Northlands well.

Before her sat Prince Roak the third, drum dancer of distant fields, and Moria of the scarlet veils.

Before him sat Prince Mordain, wise in old war ways, and Ælflaeda the bountiful.

Before him sat Prince Roak the second, the mountain mighty, and Tarkwyn the second, the kind spoken.

Before him sat Prince David the second, the stag hearted, and Elina, sure shield princess.

Before him sat Prince Gunter the first, rich handed ring giver, and Joleicia, hopeful as the sunrise.

Before him sat Prince Cordigan, song swift swordsman, and Diane, patient as the blossoms of Spring.

Before him sat Prince Kildare the second, young wolf of olden wisdom, and Lella the dawn blued.

Before him sat Prince Belgar, hawk handed warrior, and Andrea of the silent smiles.

Before him sat Prince Kildare the first, silver wolf of golden Northlands, and Catherine, the fierce hearted.

Before him sat Prince Roak the first, thunderhead of the North storm, and Tarquin the first, welcome as the soft rains of April.

Before him sat Prince Osis, shield hewer, and Ragnheithr, the blaze of autumn.

Before him sat Prince Michel, iron lord of the Northlands, and Kaellyn, heart wide as the Inland Seas.

Before him sat Prince David the first, deer shanked regent, first of the Line of the North, and Tangwystl, warm as the spring winds and graceful as the snowflake.

Before him sat the Prince-King Tadashi, last of the Southron, old sea otter at play, and Ariake, the wild rose in bloom.

Before him sat the Prince-King Palymar, great brock of the Southland, and Katherine, soft as the heather.

Before him sat the Prince-King Reynard, strong as the distant thunders, and Brynhildr, warm as dew on down.

Before him sat the Prince-King Corwin, of whom bards are silent, first of the Southron, and Shana the distant.

Before him stood John the Oak hewed, who bore the Collar of Two Baronies and a Shire, and Dea, willowy and wistful, of the Nameless Place.

Before him stood Yog the granite cleft, and Hannora the moon gilt.

Before him was the wolf, and the wilds, and the will.

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