Sunday, 27 October 2013

Pennsic XXXIX 2010

By Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton
Just a few highlights from a hot, muggy, yet successful war for Septentria and Ealdormere:
For the first time ever, the Ealdormerian Unbelt team did not have a losing record in the Unbelt tourney, winning 3 and losing 3.  This was in part due to the leadership of THL Baldric, who was surprised after the tourney to be placed on vigil for the Order of Chivalry.  Earl Syr David, his knight, had made the trip especially to do this deed and had been stealthily avoiding his squire up until that point lest he catch on that something was afoot. 
Once again, Septentria provided all the archers for the Archer Champions’ team for Ealdormere. THL Dafydd, Lord Brendan, Baroness Anne, Lady Mahhild, and Magistra Nicolaa all braved the long walk out in the early morning and the oppressive heat to represent their Kingdom.  It should also be mentioned that Her Majesty Dagmar shot the best-ever War Point shoot by a sitting Ealdormerian monarch.  Wassail to Her Majesty!
Besides the Septentrian honours distributed in Baronial Court, Septentrian Lord Breka fra Etain was awarded a Scarlet Banner in Kingdom court. 
Note:  We apologize for the brevity of these reports—seems like everyone’s recovering from the Pennsic ick (including us).  

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