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Ealdormere Crown Tournament XIV (October 23, 2004)

By THLaird Colyne Stewart

It was a bright autumn day. Orange leaves dropped silently from drooping tree limbs to become a part of the vast mosaic over the grass. Lord and ladies from across the land walked through the crisp October air, their breath puffing slightly before them, leaves crunching under their feet. Amongst these lords and ladies walked the King and Queen, who were to hold a tournament that day. For Malik and Genevieve desired heirs to help protect the northern lands.

The assembled members of the populace gathered and sat in attendance upon Their Majesties as those who were to compete were presented before Them. The names proclaimed by the heralds were:

Hlafdige Aelfwyn et Langenwuda who fought for Baron James the Mercer
TH Lady Arwyn of Leicester who fought for Master Cerdic O’Cuileamhain
Lord Ceycil des Manches Argents who fought for Contessa Tangwsytl d'Courci
Laird Colyne Stewart who fought for Lady Thorfinna gra’feldr
Tighern Corrig 'Mor who fought for Banfili Emer Nic Aidan
Syr Edouard Beausoleil who fought for Contesse Genevieve de Rosse
Tiarna Eoin ua Beirne who fought for Al-Shariifa Zahra bint al-Nahr al-Ishbiiliyah
Sir Evander MacLachlan who fought for TH Lady Melusine De La Rose
Lord Geoffroi de Montreuil who fought for Lady Dubhease ingen Lavidheach
Lord Grimmroth Skullhammer who fought for Viscountess Moria the Black
Lord Gyric of Otershaghe who fought for Lady Joia de Noel
TH Lord Kasimir of Stargard who fought for Lady Tryphena von Stargard
TH Lady Kaylah the Cheerful who fought for Master Trumbrand the Wanderer
Lord Lothar the Gregarious who fought for Lady Katerina of Renfrewshire
Sir Nigel MacFarlane who fought for Baroness Adrielle Kerrec
Baron Phaidrig McNeil who fought for Mistress Etaoin O'Fearghail
TH Lord Phelan Gann who fought for Lady Maiwen Scarbrow
Count Sarnac Ba’adur who fought for Countess Joleicia of Litchfield
Master Trumbrand the Wanderer who fought for TH Lady Kaylah the Cheerful
TH Lord Tynne Duair Ap Beul who fought for Mistress Tabitha Dearval
Lord Wat of Sarum who fought for Lady Oksana z Moravy
Master Worgan MacGregor who fought for Baroness Anne Talstadt
Lord Yvon DuBois who fought for Lady Robyn O'Connor

Two lists were run simultaneously, and the worthy combatants fought for the glory of their consorts and to honour themselves and their kingdom. The battles were often long and hard, with four fighters to eventually be names the semi-finalists. These were TH Lord Kasimir of Stargard, Lord Ceycil des Manches Argents, Syr Edouard Beausoleil and Count Sarnac Ba’adur.

First, the Vendel Kasmir faced the lord from the Manches Argents. As Ceycil had not yet lost a
bout, and Kasmir had, the Vendel had to defeat Ceycil in two consecutive best-of-three bouts.
Their battle was long, as Ceycil tried to bait Kasmir by stomping, posing, and quipping. However,
these tactics did not work, and Kasmir was unflustered. With slow precision he whittled Ceycil
down, beating him two bouts straight to take the first round. He then beat Ceycil again, and then
took his first loss. It now came down to one fight. Whoever threw the one last good shot would
go to the finals. Again Ceycil tried to distract his opponent, and again it did not work. As Ceycil
hit the floor the hall exploded with cheers for the exhausted Vendel.

Kasmir then advanced to the finals, to face Sir Edouard, who had beaten Sir Sarnac—Kasmir’s knight—to advance. Edouard bested Kasmir in two best-of-three rounds to place the Crown of the Princess of Ealdormere upon the brow of Genevieve de Rosse. A happy Queen pronounced that it was a joyous day, as she had given birth to heirs. To mark the occasion, she decided to name her daughter after herself!

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