Wednesday 2 October 2013

A Rising Sun and a Blooming Flower (The Coronation of Edouard Beausoliel and Genevieve de la Rosse, May 3, 2003)

By THLaird Colyne Stewart

The third day of May saw the accension of Edouard Beausoliel and Genevieve de Rosse to the lupine thrones of Ealdormere. The crowning ceremony took place in the Shire of Trinovantia Nova, and many gentles from across Septentria were present. The cantons of Ardchreag, Eoforwic and Vest Yorvik dominated one section of the hall in a vast array of chairs, rugs, carpets and consumables.

Septentrians were prominent at the event on the field, in court and around the hall. Master Hector of the Black Height announced processions for court and a bardic circle grew up around Mistress Marian of Heatherdale’s merchant table. Lord Thorolfr smithr of Eoforwic was on the field with Baroness Domhnail, both resplendant in scarlet tabards. Sir Evander MacLachlan was also on the field, the Septentrian favour hung about his neck swinging to and fro as his sword and shield flashed in the sun.

Though just recovering from a very bad cold, Baron Siegfried Brandbeorn still took part in an armoured combat tourney, where in the final two out of three bout he faced Count Sir Aaron Preslee Worgansson. Both fought well, and in the end Siegfried was victorious.

During morning court, Lady Isotta Gianglifiazzi was called to kneel before the king and queen, who bestowed upon her an Award of the Scarlet Banner. Baroness Adrielle Kerrec was called by the Order of the Pelican, and Their Majesties honoured their request that she be put on vigil for elevation to that honoured order.

I continued my recruitment of fighters to represent the Games Guild in the tournies to take place at the Guilds Day Festival in November. By the end of the day I had my team of three, consisting of THL Richard Larmer, Count Sir Aaron Preslee Worgansson and Sir Evander MacLachlan.

It has beenr eported to me that during the evening court, Rosalia dei Querini was awarded an Award of Arms for her efforts in organizing the Casa Loma demos held during February.

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