Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Showing Some Leg (A Day in Scotland 2002)

David of Ardchreag

            It was a bonny, bright day in Mount Pleasant for the grand gathering of A Day in Scotland.  The fog had a lovely glow to it as the mist rolled of the dank grass of the moors.  Wanting to support their companaich in the incipient Canton of Bellford Keep as they held their first ever event, half-a-dozen lads and lasses from Ardchreag put on some winsome wee frocks (lasses an’ lads alike) and made their way to the furthest corner of the Barony of Ben Dunfirth.
            After a detour through Cambridge in search a of little Timmy MacHorton the bedraggled group from Ardchreag made their way into the aptly named hamlet of Mount Pleasant.  It was a pleasant sort ‘o place, one where you could see yourself settling down with a nice lass, maybe the girl next door, and raising a many a little kipper.  Maybe even having children.   That being said, once at the Event site we were made right at home after we all put the finishing touches on our plaids and frothy frocks and began mingling with the good people of Bellford Keep.
            After a hearty luncheon of clove and cinnamon beef stew the people gathered round to see the finest in Scottish fencing.  The crowd gasped in awe as the gallow glasses fought with sword, shield, and kilt (or was that a cloak?), showing much daring do and buckling of swashes.  For those of genteel spirit, there were many fine Arts and Science seminars, with instruction on the making of circle cloaks, and masks to name but a few.  Indeed, it will be no surprise if Ardchreag does not soon see a cloak explosion in its midst, in green, or navy blue velveteen perhaps? For those with a sense of humour the mask making held many opportunities for japes as good gentles smeared plaster upon the lovely faces of other good gentles.  Normand was by far was the finest of the Ardchreag canton to undergo that particular ordeal as his canton mates chuckled on the sidelines.  Not chivalrous perhaps, but a good bit of fun nonetheless.

            Graced by the presence of her majesty, the good Queen Rustique de Sorde and the most benevolent Baron Brand Thorwaldsen of Ben Dunfirth, court had a jocular air, which is the only air permitted near the good Baron.  In a token of our esteem for the good Baron and her Royal Highness, the good lady Emma Shaw presented the honoured dignitaries with a gift of homemade hard candy.  The Baron was well pleased, but her Royal Majesty found the gift a troubling one, as the Baron is easily excitable even without the assistance of sugary sweets.  Later in recognition of those same sweets the lady Emma was awarded recognition in the Arts and Sciences competition.  The grand winner of the competition was a local lass, in recognition of her yet-unfinished (though still magnificent) tapestry commemorating the granting of a County to Count Roak   As court was closing the Baron Brand, looking more bold than benevolent, called upon Hoshi Kishi MacKirhou.  The wee lad’s knees were all a -knackered as he stepped forward to the glowering Baron of Ben Dunfirth.  It was there that the Baron awarded that bonny lad a Boar’s Tusk in recognition of his work both in organizing A Day in Scotland and throughout his time in the Barony of Ben Dunfirth.  All things being told it was a fine day in Scotland, though the next time I may wear something beneath my kilt unless they turn the heat up a bit.

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