Tuesday, 22 October 2013

A Day of Feasts, Fools and Friends (Rising Waters’ 12th Night, 2002)

Emma Shaw

The sun had barely risen when the Good Gentle Normand and I loaded the wagon and departed for our long journey to visit our cousins in the Barony of Rising Waters. This was my first 12th Night festival and I knew not what to expect but familiar faces of merchants and friends soon allayed my fears I would be alone and activities galore ensured I would not be bored.
            The moment we stepped into the hall, we were greeted warmly by the good gentles and made to feel a part of their family. While Normand spent some time talking to the Merchants and his friends, I found myself being asked if I was willing to partake in some of the games to be played. Unfamiliar with the games mentioned I signed up for Tablero (which I hear is a favourite game of Her Majesty) and also for the Indentured Servant Auction (proceeds of which went to the Barony of Rising Waters). I kindly declined the offer to partake in the Boffer Tournament for the King and Queen of Fools lest I end up with more than 2 broken ribs. While Normand and his companion talked chain mail, I did my best to promote Snowed Inn. Before we knew it, it was time for the Indentured Servant Auction. Being new and less than experienced at this, I was dismayed to be sold for a mere 5 coin of the realm, yet my Mistress was most kind and gentle and so I did her great service until such time as the tablero game started. While I was tending to my Mistress, Normand begged I take leave to assist in a matter of utmost urgency. The Son of His Excellency had taken ill and was in distress. With the help of the noblest Normand, we escorted his lordship into the chambers of Their Majesties and tended to his ailments. Their Excellencies were most relieved their heir would quickly recover and thanked us repeatedly for tending to the good sir.

            As the Gods smiled on us and our horse needed time to recover for the journey home, we did indeed stay for a most sumptuous feast, the likes of which I have never seen. Most at our table agreed it was one of the better feasts put on this year in our Kingdom. While attending Court, their Majesties bestowed upon the Baron of Rising Waters the title of Baron Lollipop, an obvious title to his affection for the sticky sweets. It was late in the eve as we finally returned home to our good Canton. We bring warm greetings from the Baron and Baroness of Rising Waters and hopes we will return to attend Coronation later this year.

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