Wednesday 2 October 2013

Homorri for Ealdormere (Coronation of Sarnac and Joliecia, April 27, 2002)

By THLaird Colyne Stewart

News had been coming for months that our King and Queen, brave Aaron and gentle Rustique, would have to leave us on a quest, and many of the people of Ardchreag traveled far to Rising Waters to see them set off. It was a glorious day for traveling, and it was good. Their Majesties held their final court where special awards were given and gifts received. Baron Foote, pushing before him a monstrous cart hung with bells, told all how Aaron must leave us to fulfill a wise woman’s predictions. For their true love to remain, Aaron and Rustique must abdicate the Thrones, and set off together to return the empties (handily strung on a string by the good Foote). Their was much cheering for the newly non-Royals, and they were pelted with many frogs (for Aaron was a Frog Prince when first he won Crown Tourney). As they left the keep Sir Has was heard to remark, “Preslee has left the building.”

Sarnac Ba’adur was then called to claim the Crown of Ealdormere and keep our lands safe from invaders. His Lady wife was heralded into court by drummers and dancers and much fanfare. Together they recited their pledge to protect Ealdormere and serve her people and it was well said. They then called forth the Great Officers, Barons, and the members of the three Great Peerage Orders: Chivalry, Laurel and Pelican.

When Baron Brand of Ben Dunfirth took his oath of fealty he presented Sarnac with a bag containing the heads of our enemies. Sarnac gave these heads to the keeping of Master Hector, biding him place them on pikes so that all the enemies of Ealdormere could see the fate that awaited them. Master Hector, the ever-subtle, then shook the bag at Caesar, King of the Middle Kingdom, who was in attendance with members of his Legions. The crowd chuckled as we realized that the whispers were likely true, that we would fight with the East this year, should peace between the Middle and east prove impossible.

And indeed, at the evening court, it was declared that there would be War, and that Ealdormere would fight for the East. So Chreaggers prepare thyselves. Weither you fight with Kingdom, Baronial or Household armies, patch your armour and sharpen your swords. Soon the Wolves of the North shall sweep South and devour all who would oppose us.

Generals were chosen to lead us, one of whom comes from our own lands, Her Grace, Duchess Eanor of Amberhall, who was also named as our new Khan’s Champion.

And so the Line of the North is secured.

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